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Top 3 Tips for Successful Online Reputation Management

Keeping track of an online reputation is imperative for any business. Note that it only takes a short time for a bad client experience to go viral and affect the reputation of your business. Things will turn out to be worse if you don’t realize it is happening and you are not available to control the situation. Below are some of the things that can be done to improve your online reputation management.

  1. Understand what is going on with your brand

Understanding the things that are being said concerning your brand is the initial step to successful online management. You are supposed to know what is going on with your brand, and what clients are saying about it. Some tools such as Reputation Defender can be used to monitor your brand, as they can assist you in managing your brand and keeping it on top of your reputation. Another perfect concept is setting up Google alerts so that you can see what clients post.

  1. Updating your website and social media accounts

If your aim is to be ranked top on search engines, you need to remain relevant, and for you to achieve that you must keep your websites and social media up to date. It implies that you must keep your content fresh and concentrate on the strategies implemented on your social media. Hiring other service providers to create your content is a good idea since you will have time to focus on other issues of your business. Ensure that your content has freshest and most relevant information so that it will push other stuff down in the search engine results.

  1. Acknowledge mistakes and commit to rectify them

The next crucial step is admitting the mistake and doing your best to rectify them. In many occasions, individuals have a tendency of giving it second chances, which means you might have an opportunity to redeem yourself. It is important to be truthful about the mistake even if you don’t explain much. Apologize and describe the procedure you are implementing to fix the mistake since denying the problem will never help and instead it will make the situation worse.


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Helane L. Morrison Making A Safer World

Law enforcement is an important thing in our lives due to the safety that it supplies citizens. Without it, crime would thrive and general safety in the United States could get out of hand. When we think about law enforcement, however, we usually are imagining the police officers that catch the bad guys and omit the lawyers that put them behind bars. The lawyers that prosecute criminals and save the innocent are a very important part of the criminal prosecution system. They are the ones that make sure that an arrested criminal who has broken the law is not able to sneak their way out of punishment through some kind of loophole.


Helane L. Morrison is one of these lawyers who stands on the side of justice. In her career, she has done lots of good work with the law. Some of this includes being the clerk to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun and defending securities’ clients in class-action suits while also representing securities’ industry officers in SEC investigations. During this, she learned how to be a decisive lawyer that knows the law by heart. Recently all this hard work at the SEC has paid off with her recent promotion at her office in San Francisco. Helane L. Morrison was promoted to the office administrator of the San Francisco District Office. This new promotion will allow her to extend her reach into the enforcement and examination programs within the San Francisco office’s jurisdiction, which includes Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Montana, Idaho, and northern Nevada. This new well-earned promotion will allow her to continue her great work on a grander scale. As a response to this new promotion her attitude was she will continue the momentum the office has and gain a solid hold over her district area to prevent crime. Through this Helane L. Morrison is making our world a safer and legal place to live in.


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Nathaniel Ru’s Sweetgreen Dreams

There is a new chain of casual fast food restaurants that has people standing lines by the dozens. It is truly a restaurant embracing modern technology by offering an app to its patrons. The salads at Sweetgreen are both tasty and nourishing. The prices of their menu items are about the same as the prices of other fast-food chain restaurants.

The company started in 2007, in Washington, DC. Since then, there have over 40 sites in New York and California and are planning to open more in Boston and Chicago in the coming years. Nathaniel Ru believes that the store’s opening is one of the most important strategies to consider. Their first store opened in the NoMade neighborhood, a prime location. It was nowhere near any of the other new-tech companies, which usually cluster together.

By setting up shop in the middle of a bare neighborhood, Sweetgreen was setting itself apart. The chain soon opened stores in Tribeca, Nolita, and Williamsburg. They didn’t just want to have visitors for lunch, but for all meals of the day. They set their stores up to be very clean and having all their employees smiling to greet customers. The store feels that customers should want to come back and visit, not just for the food, but also because the atmosphere feels so welcoming.

Ordering food at Sweetgreen is a new experience in itself. Team members direct and explain the order process to customers in a one-on-one conversation instead of an assembly line. The entire process takes longer, but the order accuracy is better. The app offers the same technique when it comes to order.

Sweetgreen meets the farmers that will be providing their ingredients before opening a store in that location. They also find out what crop farmers are already growing rather than asking them to grow a particular crop. They find out about the crops in their entirety, meaning what’s edible and what’s not edible.

During his senior year at Georgetown University, Nathaniel noticed how difficult it was to find healthy places to eat. They also wanted the place to be fun and comfortable to visit. When they couldn’t find anything, Ru thought it might be easier to open their own place. Six years later, his new eatery started to become a success. Nathaniel began thinking of ways to expand his company.


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Amazing Things About Don Ressler That Will Motivate You To Work Harder

Don Ressler is an entrepreneur whose mastery at nurturing startups has gone a long way to making him a mentor and a renowned investor. He established several companies, some of which he sold along the way to finance new ideas and virtually all the ideas he came up with have matured to become big and successful businesses. His first startup was called, which offered fitness products through online retailing.

In 2001, he sold the company to Intermix Media so he could move to better ideas. It is during these developments that he met with Adam Goldenberg, who became a partner in business shortly after. When they joined effort, Adam and Don Ressler founded Alena Media, a company that offered marketing and brand management. In few years of operation, they earned millions in revenue and due to their spirit of development and innovation, they decided to sell the company. Therefore, in 2005, Alena Media was acquired by News Corp.

However, the new management that took over the company was not keen on their effort, so what they built through great dedication came down and lost its earlier vigor. Regardless, they moved on and held a brainstorming session on Bloomberg that would see the birth of their next business. After some consideration, they settled for Intelligent Beauty, which would come with several brands.

Under the new company, they established DERMSTORE, which offered skincare and cosmetic products. Intelligent Beauty also managed SENSA, the weight-loss division of the company. Sales were good and to expand their presence, Adam and Don Ressler decided to come up with a subscription retail for fashion items.

In 2010, JustFab was established all thanks to the effort of Adam Goldenberg and Ressler. The company on operates as a subscription online retail offering beauty products such as ornaments and shoes. JustFab has seen several rounds of funding with the first in 2011 amounting to $33 million issued by Matrix Ventures. This amount would help to expand the infrastructure of the company physically.

In 2012, JustFab sought another amount from several venture capitals among them Matrix Ventures, Intelligent Beauty and Rho Ventures. This time they worked on expanding the presence of the company in other regions like Canada and the UK. JustFab continued to develop and in 2013 they bought FabKids, a company that existed separately and independently. FabKids offers children fashion through a subscription system like the parent company JustFab but they work independently.

Learn more about Don Ressler:

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The Development of Kabbalah

Kabbalah is the classical Jewish system of mysticism reputedly dating all the way back to Biblical Adam. Kabbalah Center is a discipline aimed at self-transformation through study of the relationship between God and man.

The first known example of Kabbalistic literature is the Sepher Yetzirah, or Book of Formation. Tradition says it was written by the Hebrew patriarch Abraham, but its author is now thought to be the Rabbi Akiva. Another early Kabbalist of influence was Rabbi Abulafia, who in the late 13th century promoted the idea of meditation and written mantras to reach a higher state.

The most influential Kabbalist was Moshe (Moses) de Leon, who authored the book known as The Zohar. Written in Aramaic, he claimed it was actually the work of noted 2nd-century Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochba, but De Leon is widely viewed as the author.

Rabbi Joseph Della Reina of the mid-15th century was regarded as one of the masters of Kabbalistic magic, but his ultimate failure, and by some accounts suicide, later served as warning to other Kabbalists against misuse of the ancient knowledge. Kabbalah Center took root in England through Dr. John Dee (1527-1608), an accomplished mathematician who’d been a prominent student of Rabbi Luria.

A later Kabbalist was Rabbi Israel Ben Eliezer (1698-1760), known as “the Master of the Good Name”. He was the founder of the Hassidic sect which affected Kabbalism up to the present day.

One of the leading Kabbalistic schools in the modern world is the International Kabbalah Center based out of Los Angeles, California. Officially created in 1984, the origins of the Center date back to a Kabbalistic school of 1922 Jerusalem founded by Rav Yehuda Ashlag. His knowledge was passed on to his student Rav Yehuda Brandwein, and then to Rav Phillip Berg, who launched the American version in 1969.

Today, the non-profit Kabbalah Center is an international organization of thousands of students, built and operated by volunteers. Basing their teachings on the classic Zohar, more than 50 Kabbalah centers under the Centre’s direction spread the wisdom of Kabbalah to new generations in many countries.

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Protect Your Business From Internet Drama

The internet has changed the way small businesses do marketing. Anyone can review your business on yelp or other review sites like and give your company raving scores getting the word out about your business. There is a flip side to this success that many companies must be wary of. Dissatisfied customers, rivals, and trolls can trash your reputation. Your business could even potentially lose sails due to a nasty online reputation. To keep yourself going you’re going to need to protect your online reputation. This requires vigilance and commitment to keeping your name in good lighting in every corner of the internet.
The first thing you’ll need to do to protect your online reputation is surveillance of the internet. Keep track of any review sites or apps out there that might contain reviews of your business. If you have a restaurant keep an eye on yelp for any negative reviews of staff or cuisine. Once you have an eye on where your business is discussed on the internet the next thing to do is main a presence on the internet. Facebook, twitter, and snapchat are absolutely vital for any business looking to raise its reputation. This presence helps combat any attempts to diminish your reputation.

Online reputation management can be difficult to understand because it’s such a recent phenomena. Whether you are running a local pizzeria or a private investment firm you will need to manage your online reputation. Rival businesses could be trashing your business or there may even be random trolls who have decided to ruin the reputation of a complete stranger. In a matter of years the importance of the internet has changed rapidly and now occupies a central role in the daily ordeals of any business manager. By keeping a presence online your business stays strong.


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Jose Manuel Gonzalez Can Save Venezuela

Jose Manuel Gonzalez was chosen to be the President of FEDECAMARAS by his peers in the agriculture industry many years ago. He served in that position and was applauded for a job well done. In that time he promoted the interests of the agriculture business and developed it in a way that was of benefit to the entire nation. Now Jose Manuel Gonzales is the deputy to the Venezuelan senate for the province of Guarico. He is using his experience in agriculture as well as politics to help solve Venezuela’s national crisis.

The agricultural problem is a server one according to Jose. He sees that the situation is like a roller coaster and it is scary for everyone. There is a massive shortage of food because of inadequate yields of both rice and corn. There was a lack amounting to 800,000 tons in total of precious food that the people now need. The National Assembly of Venezuela has been incompetent in its approach to solving the problems.

For too many years the government did not listen to men like Jose Manuel Gonzalez. He warned them that their policies were bad but they made legislation behind closed doors because they had an elitist attitude. They should have consulted the experts before making laws governing the agriculture business and now the people are suffering because of it. Then when things got bad they tried to shift blame to others. Unfortunately, part of the problem is corruption. Many government officials are involved in manipulating the prices of goods for personal profit and smuggling contraband in that damages the local economy. If a man like Jose Manuel Gonzalez were in charge he could find these smugglers and uncover the corruption. Then things would go back to normal.

Things are desperate for many people across the nation, Jose says. There are kidnappings of dozens of people occurring each month because people are desperate. They cannot find food or medicine. It is even the case that politicians are selling vaccines to people at extortionate prices. For many people, there is no relief in sight other than Jose Manuel Gonzalez.

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