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For Fashion to work online, it needs to be fun, engaging, and highly social say CEOs of JustFab Inc, and Fabletics Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg

What better way to connect lovers of fashion with celeb stylists and some of the hottest handbags and shoes than through JustFab, a VIP membership program that can help individuals disseminate their styles and get fashion recommendations. Based on personal style and preferences for fashion, JustFab helps customers on a global scale determine what their personal style is and equips them with top quality products.

Thanks to co-founders and CEOs Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, JustFab has increased subscriptions phenomenally over the years. As JustFab grew more and more fabulous, Ressler and Goldenberg eventually merged with Matrix, an organization that backs fashion companies with quite a long history of success. Merging with Matrix was viewed as the ideal match for JustFab.

Ressler and Goldenberg’s seemingly incredible success with JustFab and Fabletics, another fashion partner company, showcased their abilities to accomplish high goals to grow their businesses, leading them literally reshape the e-commerce atmosphere. But it has also been said about Ressler and Goldenberg that they have the pedigrees to grow their businesses aggressively. It’s because these entrepreneurs surround themselves with the right team to help them accomplish their goals.

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Both Ressler and Goldenberg developed their own passions for fashion. Learning how to spot changing trends and develop leading brands in the industry, both partners were entrepreneurs at early ages. Their blend of both seriousness and fun in fashion have made them icons in the industry. Both Ressler and Goldenberg began their joint venture to build an e-commerce fashion friendly company in 2005. Their goal was to take social interaction and merge it with fashion that was trendy but also cutting edge. Ressler and Goldenberg first platform in fashion was called ‘Intelligent Beauty.’ The business partners wanted to be cutting edge, but also offering affordable prices for their online clothing stores.

Both Ressler and Goldenberg had tapped in on an opportunity that not many others had. Their desire to make fashion online be “fun, engaging and highly social” has helped them to capitalize on an industry that is still just taking off. Making it fun and engaging meant hiring consultants to help the partners come up with an affordable yet attractive subscription model.

Both Goldenberg and Don Ressler have admitted that they were confident that they could start a transformational business by bringing in the best creative, design and style teams. The key to their success folks is having the right team. So check JustFab and Fabletics out to see more of these innovative and creative approaches to online fashion!

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Local Banking in Dallas

NexBank Capital Inc. is a well-known regional bank headquartered in Dallas, Texas. This company serves clients in the areas of investment banking, mortgage banking, and commercial banking. This is a financial institution that helps kick-start new businesses, and takes existing ones to the next level.

NexBank offers personal banking services, as well. With over 100 years of experience serving consumers, this bank has earned its reputation. NexBank has a track record of excellent service, and of helping account holders reach their goals. In Texas, NexBank is one of the institutions of choice for individuals and families. Whether they want to grow their savings, purchase a home, or simply need a checking account, this bank is there for them.

The past year has been a particularly exciting one for NexBank. In the first half of 2016, NexBank reported net income of $38.1 million. The return on average equity was also impressive, at a rate of 37.6 percent. A June capital raising effort returned great results. $24 million in common equity capital was raised due to this effort.

As the market turns upward, especially for the financial sector, NexBank is eagerly looking forward to the future. Consumers and industry professionals alike are excited to see what 2017 has in store for this bank.

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The Importance Of A Good Strategy For Online Reputation

When it comes to success in any field, it is important to have a good strategy. It is important for a business to take the time to come up with a strategy that is strong and creative before he gets started on his business. The whole point of his strategy should be to bring about growth and expansion. One must also be willing to get the community involved in the growth and success of the company beyond just buying the products. One thing that people like is to be a part of something that is big and positive. This could also help with the reputation of the individual.

Among the things that could help with online reputation is consistently releasing fresh content. For one thing, search engines love sites that are regularly updated. A site that is alive is going to attract more viewers than a dead site. Also, when one is in the habit of releasing content that has been optimized for the search results, he is going to have an easier time getting rid of any bad results that show up on the front page. This saves him a lot of trouble when it comes to keeping his business going.

One thing that online reputation management firms advise people is to make sure that they are doing everything to take care of their reputation from the beginning. This will actually save people a lot of money if they are proactive with their reputation management as opposed to just waiting until the next digital crisis or scandal in order to act. By then, it is too late, and people are stuck having to pay a lot more in order to get their reputation on track as opposed to just getting started from the beginning in order to make sure that they are prepared for a possible fall.

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Waiakea Helps Bring Awareness to Global Filtration Issues

Waiakea, North America’s most rapidly growing volcanic water producer, has recently become the topic of massive media attention because of the company’s focus on bringing awareness to global water filtration issues. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

Executives from Waiakea recently participated in an interview with the nation’s leading alternative health magazine where they discussed the current condition of public water filtration services and how water companies can work to improve these steadily declining systems.

According to Waikea’s executives, water companies that promote global health initiatives can encourage better water filtration practices through the use of social media oriented projects, the development of clean water campaigns, and a consistent use of education about sustainable water sources.

Social Media Campaigns and Projects

Executives of the Waiakea water company stated that the company would be implementing targeted social media campaigns and projects in an effort to increase the general public’s awareness of declining water filtration issues. The executives discussed social media’s growing impact on important issues to the global population.

A Crunchbase article said that Waiakea executives hope to relay the importance of creating sustainable and clean water filtration standards for the entire world. By creating social media campaigns, the company is hoping to influence members of the younger demographic who have a higher chance of participating in the implementation of safe and healthy water filtration practices.

Clean Water Campaigns

According to Ladisco, the executives from Waiakea water  also discussed the implementation of clean water campaigns that did not involve social media platforms. The executives stated that the company was in the process of developing several on-the-ground initiates in an effort to promote a more active engagement in the clean-water revolution among working adults.

Waiakea company heads are hopeful that these campaigns will increase awareness in areas that have been traditionally difficult to reach. By conducting these targeting campaigns, Waiakea can gradually sustain enough support to begin to actively oppose laws that promote the development and sustentation of harmful water filtration practices.

Education on Sustainable Water Practices

Executives at Waiakea believe that the most important method of affecting change in the way water filtration systems are manufactured is education. One representative of the company stated that Waiakea was conducting several discussion-oriented sessions among targeted groups of individuals in an effort to better educate the general public regarding haphazard water practices.

Through the development of volcanic water from Hawaii, Waiakea water has already created a beneficial step towards building sustainable water practices. Company representatives have stated that the company’s water supplier, Waiakea Spring, has become an example to the modern world.

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Markus Rothkranz: a rock star health advocate

When one looks at Markus Rothkranz, she or he does not immediately realize he is in his 50’s. He is a healthy guy looking to share his message of how he rebuilt his health, from the inside out, with everyone possible.

His website is prime example of how he shares hi knowledge with all. Not only does he have links to order his books and supplements, but he also offers free information on everything from love, wealth attraction, health and physical fitness, and more.

Just one example of this eagerness to spread his message is the information he shared in his YouTube video entitled “What you probably don’t know about Vitamin B12”. In this short, concise video he talks about how B12 levels are tested by medical doctors. He explains how the they are simply testing the amount that is free flowing in the blood stream (serum levels). These tests so not even attempt to evaluate the B12 that may or may not be stored in the liver.

Rothkranz goes on to share his analogy of patching the holes in a sinking ship. He hypothesizes that when one takes supplements, like B12 for when blood tests show a serum deficiency, a person is merely patching holes. That person is not correcting the behaviors and/or conditions which landed them in that state. This is where he offers up his nutritional supplement line as one tool which may aid in the repair of the body.

Many YouTube videos show Rothkranz sharing all types of information, from using a netti pot, or healing your face utilizing foods, to “un-cooking” food as a part of his raw food movement.

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The Field of Investment Banking and Finance Professional Martin Lustgarten

Investment banking is one of the most well known fields in the business world. It is the area of finance that deals with raising capital. Oftentimes there are many companies that are looking to increase stock value. In order to accomplish this task, they will need to either merge with another company, increase their profits or introduce improved products and services. The most common way in which they look to increase their capital is to merge with another company. In order to do this, they often need the services of an investment banking firm. Such a firm is able to obtain information about industries and stock trends and help clients complete the process of making a successful merger.

During an investment banking deal, there are a number of steps that take place. First, a company inquires about making a merger. The investment banking firm will then gather information about the economy, the client’s industry and also trends in the stock market. A firm will then put together a pitchbook which is a proposal explaining how such a merger will benefit the client. After this is completed, the firm will then arrange for investment banking professionals to come visit the client in person. Professionals such as associates and vice presidents make the presentation and then finalize the deal upon approval of the client and the managing director. A new stock is then issued on the markets.

Most investment banking firms assist large companies but there are a few that work with smaller ones along with individuals. Martin Lustgarten is the current owner of a small investment banking firm based in Florida. He works with a number of small companies and start ups. Many of these companies need capital to either begin operations or to expand. Martin helps them by referring them to investors who are willing to provide the necessary capital. As well as helping them get the capital they need, Lustgarten provides consulting and advice on how to best manage their capital. He will often make recommendations on what the company should invest in so that they can increase their capital.

Martin also works with a number of individuals as well. He provides financial advice to those looking to save up for their retirement. With a combination of his work ethic and expertise, Martin helps people find ways to get the most out of their financial holdings. Lustgarten researches stocks, bonds and mutual funds and makes recommendations on which ones to invest in so that his clients can be in the best position to reach their financial goals.

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Markus Rothkranz on Why People Say His Program Doesn’t Work

One of Markus Rothkranz’s most recent videos seems to be motivated by his frustration at people who tell him that his program is not working for them. He vents some steam, in a positive way, but he clearly wants people to understand that they cannot just pick and choose what they want, and expect it to work.

When he talks to such people, he first of all asks if they have downloaded his book Heal Yourself 101, which is available as a free download from his website. Many people admit they downloaded it, but haven’t actually read it. Some people have read it, and implemented something in it, but only some parts. They ignore what they don’t want to do.

Rothkranz admits that’s human nature, but stresses that his program is complete, and he’s never said that it will work well if you do only the parts of it. It’s not a pick and choose program.

Many times people want to be healthy, but they continue to eat unhealthy foods. They say his stuff doesn’t work, but they’re still eating sugar, and processed and cooked foods. Sometimes they go vegan, but concentrate on the sweet fruit. When he asks them how much greens they’re eating, they’re not. They want to stick with what’s sweet. He says you need to a lot of greens, including ones that are bitter. Sweet foods make you feel bitter and bitter foods makes you feel sweet.

He makes the point that to be healthy, you’ve got to stop taking in the bad food that made you unhealthy in the food place. It’s like putting out an oil fire. When an oil rig catches fire, you can’t put it out by spraying fire retardant on top of it. You’ve got to cut off its supply of fuel, the oil it’s burned from within the ground. You’ve got to cut that off by capping it. That’s the only way to stop the fire. And your health is the same way. You cannot get healthy if you continue to eat processed, cooked foods. You’ve got to take the herbs even if they don’t taste good. He doesn’t make his formulas sweet as others do.

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