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Bruce Levenson helps to educate the next generation of philanthropists

Big businesses and their owners are often linked to major gestures of charitable donations, but UCG founder Bruce Levenson is taking a more long term approach to helping future generations by funding the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland. This center has been designed to educate and inform the leaders of tomorrow as they learn about establishing, operating and maintaining not for profit organizations in the future. Bruce Levenson hopes that the center will become a pinnacle of not for profit programs and future leaders through the many social programs the center is involved in around the Washington DC area and around the World.

Levenson was instrumental in creating the center along with his wife Karen, with both wanting to make sure the future of not for profit organizations in the Washington DC area was safe in the hands of a trained group of leaders. The center is designed to allow both undergraduate and graduate students the chance to explore the best options available to them in terms of learning the latest techniques in philanthropy and gaining experience through a variety of internships. Levenson has spent a large amount of his time and efforts funding social programs within the Washington DC area and throughout the US, his original hopes for the social programs of Washington to be equipped with highly skills leaders seems to have been met and surpassed.

The success of the programs offered in the early years of the center have led to the philanthropic focus being shifted away from just the students learning about nonprofit leadership to take in the whole University of Maryland campus. Students are offered cash rewards for their own nonprofit program or a deserving nonprofit organization brought to the attention of the center each semester. The expansion of the programs offered will also take in a high number of programs offered in developing nations in Africa and in the country of India, shifting the focus of the center to a global outreach organization.


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Studies Show Most Adults Will Experience The Flu Twice Every Decade

Nobody enjoys getting the flu. Think of the worst cold you have ever had and multiply that by about ten. That’s what it feels like the come face to face with the flu virus. Jaime Garcia Dias suggested that a new study published in PLOS Biology explains that your average adult will get the flu approximately twice every ten years. Many people think they get the flu on a yearly basis but it actually turns out to be a more basic cold virus or bacterial illness. People who have had the flu know how severe the illness can be with the fever, aches, pains, chills, nausea and sinus symptoms they experience.

The demographic of people most likely to get the flu are those who have small children living in the home. Children’s statistics are actually quite different and they commonly come down with the flu once every other year. The flu virus is much less common than people think and just because you have a runny nose and some chills does not mean you should head to the ER for treatment. Of course, the risk of flu is also related to a person’s overall immune health and whether or not they get the flu shot each year.

As time goes on adults become more and more immune to the flu. While it can still be caught, most middle aged adults will be able to fight off the flu with their previous immunities. Strains of flu do change as the years go on though and this can cause a person to become sick whether they have had the flu recently or not. It is always best to make sure you get enough rest, eat well and stay hydrated.

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Fatty Foods are Still Bad for Health

As the new dietary guidelines for 2015 from the government are being finalized, much controversy has arisen over the some of the changes. It seems that after decades of being told fatty foods should be limited in our diet, it’s now acceptable to eat fat. A few eggs and some bacon every morning won’t lead to fatty deposits clogging our arteries and causing heart disease as once was thought. Or will it?
Eating fatty foods have been proven to be connected with heart disease and obesity of years, Could it suddenly changed and now be alright to indulge in the foods we have long deprived ourselves so we can be healthy and live a longer life?
Folks at Anastasia Date know that low-fat foods which were developed to help us feel less deprived, but that led to other problems. The fat taken out was replaced by more sugar and salt, which in turn has fueled the problems with obesity, diabetes and a host of other diseases.
Dr. David Katz, director of the Yale University Prevention Research Centre and president of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, still promotes eating a low-fat diet. He recommends eating wholesome foods, like vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and fish.
Eating the good stuff will be good for you and note that fatty foods are still bad for you.

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Your Treadmill Workout Could Be An Indicator Of Your Mortality


There is a team of cardiologists that are located at John Hopkins University and they have recently come up with a formula that is designed to estimate a person’s risk of dying said BNY Mellon. This determination comes from how a person exercises on a treadmill with varying speeds and inclines stated Zeca Oliveira. Their results which were published in the March 2nd issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings showed that FIT Treadmill Scoring will help produce very useful information about a certain patient’s health.

If a person scores low on this specific treadmill test they are then going to be recommended to have a full stress test done along with some other cardiac testing that will rule out the risk of heart attack or stroke. Also it will show a person’s current state of health and potential narrowing of arteries. The purpose of this study was to show that we can make a very accurate prediction from somebody’s current physical state and their lifestyle choices.

A total of about 58,000 adults between the ages of 18 and 96 participated in a study that lasted from 1991 all the way to 2009. Fitness levels were documented and then doctors tracked how many people died during that time frame and took a look at what their fitness level had been. People who scored very low on the treadmill assessment had a higher risk of dying within the next 10 years.

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Wish Comes True for Hockey Player’s Daughter

Eleven year old Jordyn Leopold really missed her pro hockey player dad, defenseman Jordan Leopold. Following a series of trades, Leopold found himself moved from St. Louis to Columbus this season, while the family remained in his native Minnesota.

Leopold’s young daughter, and namesake, had a dream to see the family reunited. She had a new job all lined up for her dad, playing defense for the hometown team, the Minnesota Wild. All it would take for this wish to become reality would be some cooperation from the Wild’s front office. Jordyn took matters in her own hands, and decided to write a letter to the Wild, outlining her idea.

As the NHL trade deadline loomed, young Jordyn’s wish became reality when a deal was struck between the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Minnesota Wild.

Gianfrancesco Genoso has learned that Jordon Leopold back home to Minnesota, where his hockey career began. More importantly, it sent him back into the arms of a brave young girl, whose heartfelt letter has the hockey world taking a step back at the end of a busy trade deadline day to realize what really is the most important business after all.

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Pair Up With Skout

If you are looking to expand your social circle, consider Skout. This application allows you to find others that could turn out to be great online friends. (OF) It can also be used as you travel and want to meet up with those of similar interests, or as a dating service.

Do you have online friends? These are people you converse with online but have never met. If so you are not alone. Half of all adults have online friends. With Skout you can meet people from all over the world without ever leaving your home. No matter where you are you will have a friend with you.

Skout has a notification system that alerts you to what is going on. There are chat alerts for when someone is online and available to chat. You will be notified when someone sends you a message. When there is a new member you will have a chance to welcome them. If someone checks you out you will be notified.

Your safety is very important. Skout is designed for adults and teenagers 13 years and over. While it is important to have fun and make new friends, it is equally important to be safe. That is why there are built in tools to aid you in this. There are great resources available to view when you visit the Family Online Safety Institute website.

Skout is available on both iOS and Android operating systems. It uses the cellphone’s global positioning system to help find other users withing a certain radius. This is only enabled in the adult community. Though it does not use your exact location, users may opt out of this feature if they are uncomfortable with it.

Skout was founded in 2007 and is available in 14 languages. It spans more that 180 countries.

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Food Additives Pose Health Related Dangers

There is a new study that suggests that additives found in some foods can trigger weight gain and health problems. Additives main purpose is to stabilize food until it is ready for use, but this is not the case, according to a study performed with mice.

It seems that the additives disrupt the normal flow of the digestive system, and create additional health problems. The chemicals not only cause an increase in weight, it causes inflammation, intestinal problems and altered glucose levels.

This may explain why so many people visit their doctors with complaints of stomach cramps, headaches, and unexplained bloating. The chemicals that hold the compound together include a combination of water and fat. Water and fat often separate due to their chemical makeup. However, with the additives that are used in foods now, these two ingredients bond together and thicken.

Health-conscious people like Paul Mathieson have learned that the chemical additives are able to trigger a low grade inflammation, and metabolic changes in mice. Imagine what damage it is doing to human beings. The additives may also be responsible for promoting bacteria growth and damaging the protective lining found inside the intestines.

It pays to look at the labels on food products before bringing them home. Individuals want to avoid buying and eating foods with food additives. The best way to stay healthy is to eat wholesome foods, do more cooking at home, and avoid canned, processed, and carryout foods as much as possible.

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