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Jeffry Schneider Ironman Success

Jeffry Schneider is a CEO who has achieved success in the corporate world. Apart from being a dedicated corporate leader, he has a special interest in staying fit. Some of the areas where he has worked as a corporate leader include the banking sector, investment, and securities management, among other sectors. He is a leader who knows it is necessary to maintain good health for maximum output at the business scene.

He has been a dedicated professional who has been able to climb ranks in the corporate world since 1992 when he joined Alex Brown. One of the things that sets him apart from most CEOs is his determination to stay fit. From time to time he has been heard encouraging his team members to work out and eat the right foods. He has also finished several triathlons, including:

New York City Marathon 2005
In a triathlon, your endurance is tested to the maximum. You will have to develop skills such as running a marathon, swimming and riding a bike. Very few people can master the three exercises. But, apart from running a successful business, Jeffry has participated in several triathlons. In the New York City Marathon of 2005, his overall race time was 04:27:24.

Ironman New Zealand 2009
He did not give up after finishing his first triathlon race. In 2005, Jeffry Schneider participated in the Ironman New Zealand competition. Some of the records he achieved include a swim time of 100:07:01 and bike time of 200:05:56. For the run time, he took 05:37:39.

Vineman 1/2 Ironman 2006 – Sonoma County, CA
It is also another triathlon where he participated and achieved great success. He is a living example a busy man who can get involved in workouts. He took swim time of 00:37:28.1, bike time of 03:05:27.6 and run 01:51:25.2 to finish within 05:44:22.8.

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The Mighty Fotress Church and Other Beautiful Churches

Minnesota, a Midwestern state in the U.S is a home to more than five million people, in the year 1858 it became a state and hosted many beautiful churches which include;

Church of the Holy Communion

It is located in St. Peter town, which has plenty of architecture and is very attractive. It is an A-frame gothic style church made of Kasota limestone and has transparent windows that are gable-eyed and doors made of red medieval-gothic style.

St. Mary’s Catholic Church

It’s in Waverly, made of Gothic revival construction, has sharp spires on each side and different colors of brick.

Christ the King Catholic church

Located in Browerville, it’s a tall building that stands out in town, showing the Baroque Revival construction style made of cooper onion together with ornate steeples.

First Unitarian Church

Unitarian Church was built in 1910. It was constructed using half-timber with stucco framework together with black granite. Its windows are stained glass with the square blocky turret.

Talking about what is unique about Mighty Fortress International(MFI), it is known for providing safety for Christians and allows them to understand the nature of Christ, binds the Christians to Christ, knowing what one needs to see the creator and also offers dynamic ways of worship.

What Christians expect from Gods word in MFI is; to have their lives changed positively, receive spiritual nourishment and inspiration and to feel Gods presence in their lives.

MFI accepts everyone in the community to be part and parcel of it irrespective of race, financial status, age, and culture.

Bishop Thomas Williams is a globally known prophet of this era, where he has been working for the past thirty years in different categories of the body of Christ. He has earned himself much respect in the ministry through emphasizing on the goodness of knowing God. Apart from being a senior pastor, he also founded MFI ministries and churches. He has a degree and Masters and leads a family life.

MFI is a church worth recognition due to its excellent infrastructure, proper leadership and its maintenance. Similarly, all the other twenty-five churches in Minnesota are equally beautifully constructed and offer good worship services.

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OSI Group Global Expansion Attracts Strong Entrepreneurial Partnerships

In business, global expansion calls for a lot of dedication. In fact, it is not a project for the faint hearted. This is a crucial business strategy that must be handled diligently. Global expansion extends the services of a business to international level. It is one of the best ways a business can grow its portfolio as well as the client base. That is the story of OSI Group, a private business that produces and supplies meat based products. OSI Group has been operating for over 40 years.


With a long history of growth and expansion, OSI Group has managed to delve into international markets with the aim of production. The company produces excellent goods that range from beef, vegetables as well as pizza and sauces. One defining factor for OSI Group is its ability to focus on producing healthy foods. With the head office in Illinois, OSI Group initiates excellent service provision through appropriate service delivery as well as leadership. Often, OSI Group has concentrated on expanding the business by reaching out to international markets.


Many would agree that a business flourishes upon excellent leadership. With excellent leadership, OSI Group has been able to achieve much. David McDonald and Sheldon Lavin are the two defining leaders who have reshaped the company and its structure. Through the duo, OSI Group is able to expand its operations to international markets. A good example of how OSI Group has expanded its operations is its services to international markets is Lavin’s explanation on how the company can thrive on successful resources to expand business.


Having established a plant in Beijing, OSI Group started supplying food to fast food restaurants. About 16 years into the establishment of this firm, OSI Group is now serving eateries with beef, pork, eggs as well as chicken. One of the events in which OSI Group managed to serve food is the Beijing Olympics. To make it better, there were no customer complaints in regards to the taste or quality of food.

Pushing For Growth

David McDonald is the president of OSI Group. He is a leader who understands the importance of growing the company to a huge capacity. Through his leadership skills, OSI Group receives developmental projects that pitch its services to the world. David initiates partnerships that massively contribute to the development of market niche across the world. With appropriate leadership as well as guidance, OSI Group is inclined towards progress and growth. Perhaps OSI Group is where it currently is because the leaders have reshaped the company’s structure to lead in business.

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Coconut Milk And Vanilla Mint: Two EOS Lip Balm Flavor Stand-Outs

Imagine the exotic flavors of coconut milk and vanilla mint. You can almost smell them and taste them.

Now, consider these nourishing your lips all day long because that’s what EOS lip balm is all about. Evolution of Smooth is not only famous for their fabulous choice of flavors but for their superior lip balm formulas that are petrolatum-free and paraben-free. These beautiful blends of jojoba oil, shea butter, Vitamin E and other botanical extracts have been developed to add excellent hydration and protection to the lips.

Let’s be honest; our lips are vulnerable because of their delicate lip tissue anatomy. It doesn’t matter how full or thin your lips are, they all lack adequate oil glands to provide nourishment. That means that your lips can easily dry out and even become sunburned.

Everyone needs a really good lip balm on a daily basis. EOS makes incredible formulas, and folks here are in love with EOS Visibly Soft lip balm in Coconut Milk and EOS Visibly Soft lip balm in Vanilla Mint.

Both balms smell like heaven on earth, and talk about the yummy flavors. EOS is brilliant at creating rich, hydrating formulas but also experts at achieving the perfect base of all-natural flavors. Hop over to to see more amazing products.

Best of all, the balm glides on easily and feels as smooth as butter. The flavor is highly addictive, according to many Vanilla Mint fans. It’s a soothing formula and provides long-lasting moisture for thirsty lips.

The Coconut Milk is another flavor that delivers an amazing quality whose texture is silky smooth and creamy, you may buy it here at It’s like a tropical delight, and for those many fans who are obsessed, no other balm will do.

EOS lip balm is well-made and approved by dermatologists for their healthy, natural formulas. Try their Visibly Soft lip balm, and notice the difference.

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EOS Offers A Vegan Lip Balm

EOS has earned a reputation as it offers its iconic lip-balm that comes in round shaped balms. Now they have done something that is helping them to make a name for themselves but in a unique and different way. They have created a lip product that everyone loves. This is the EOS Crystal Lip Balm. It is in the same shape that is loved by all. Now it is vegan and is clear too. This means that people can see through this lip product. Hence people are simply going mad over this new launch. There are many reasons for this, as has been detailed below.

This little ball balm has become innovative by having a new color that is clear! The Crystal Lip Balm from EOS is completely free of animal byproducts, order here. Till now the only thing that was keeping this all-natural lip balm from being considered as a vegan was its beeswax. This ingredient is gone now. This is why all can enjoy this new product.

The EOS Crystal Balms was launched on the EOS website and sold out on the very same day. It is available for $5.49 each. Such kind of pricing had to make this happen. This product is still available at Walmart, and Target, as well as CVS, along with Walgreens. Also available in The EOS Crystal Lip Balm is not available on the EOS site, but it should be available at these stores in the US.

It is available in only two scents right now. Still it is being considered as a small but strong collection. These scents are the Vanilla Orchid along with Hibiscus Peach. Find out more here on They are made with shea, and coconut, avocado, besides several other natural oils. Both of them are vegan as well as wax free. Just 17 ingredients are used here. These include a special shea butter that is transparent.

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Treat Your Skin To All-Natural Lip Care With EOS Lip Balm

Beauty is skin deep with the amazing EOS lip balm brand because it fortifies your skin with the rich ingredients of jojoba oil, and shea body butter. Why settle for anything less than the top brand for your delicate skin? EOS answers the call to affordable, and effective lip balm products, see products here at Thousands of busy professionals and young adults are choosing all-natural beauty care products for their skin. Build a beautiful skin type within 12 days of your initial use of their amazing lip balm. You can say goodbye to dry chapped skin once and for all with a clinically test proven to work lip balm.

They were one of the first of their kind to experiment with an aromatherapy to include amazing scents that are guaranteed to tantalize your lips. Enjoy rich scents that have become very popular in Canada, and you’ll have no problem finding their cute circular containers in the bottom of a cluttered purse. EOS has also branded a new Crystal line that is cuter than the original containers, if that were even possible. You can get the immediate glow you admire from your favorite celebrity at a price you can afford with the amazing EOS lip balm brand.

Head over to EOS’ official website,


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EOS Lip Balm Fan Base Improves

People are getting excited about resurgence of the Evolution of Smooth. This is a company that has gained a lot of attention over the years because the lip balm that is presented is so popular with celebrities, read more. Anytime a celebrity embraces the product it is only a matter of time before the rest of the consumers catch on. What has happened with the Evolution of Smooth is that it has been embraced by Miley Cyrus and other people like Katy Perry when it comes to lip balm. That has given this company the ability to connect with a wide assortment of consumers.

The is a company that has many different flavors of lip balm. This has made it a very popular item among young teenagers that are interested in trying out different flavors on a regular basis. Many people buy the bundle packs just for this reason alone. It has become something that is very interesting to see.

Most people are excited about the way this company is progressing because it does not look like anything else that has been out there in the past. It doesn’t resemble Chapstick even though it has taken over the lead from Chapstick. This company is one that has managed to grow because it actually has a user base that is comprised of people that wanted lip balm that actually looked and felt differently. This is exactly what people can get when they look at this type of lip balm. It is something that does not look like the typical tube that the lip balm comes in. This comes in a unique spear-shaped container. There is also a lot of praise for the long-lasting flavors that exist with this lip balm. These are things that have made it unique to consumers.

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