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Clean up Your Online Presence with Status Labs

To say that the internet is a vital part of our day to day lives would probably be a bit of an under statement. In some way we are attached to the digital domain whether it be with our work, our social life, or merely our leisure. Still, many people don’t realize just how open and vulnerable they are when they go onto the internet. You might not realize it but every time that you access a website and put your information in, you are leaving breadcrumbs behind that eventually form your digital presence. Status Labs is an online image management company that focuses on making sure your web reputation looks exactly how you want it to be. The company has released a list of ways that you can get ahead of your web presence.

Start moderating your social media.
Social media is, fortunately or unfortunately, a huge part of our lives. Whether you are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or some other website you have to be aware of what information you broadcast. Search crawlers, the little bits of code that pull web pages into the search engines, key in on your social media presence. If you Google your name you will probably head right to your social pages. So with this in mind you should make sure to lock down your social media accounts. Ensure that your privacy settings are at their most elevated level and be aware of what you are posting at all times.

Create new content for your presence.
If you are a business or a brand entity then you need to moderate what content is on the web and associated with your name. One way you can watch out for what people see regarding your business is by producing your own content. Create content that is relevant to your profession and make it something that will push your brand to a higher level. Eventually the content you create will push down irrelevant search results, thus making you look better on the engines.

Status Labs rose to fame recently thanks to their stepping in to aid victims of the Ashley Madison hack. CEO Darius Fisher is a firm believer in web privacy and he does everything he can to make sure his company backs those beliefs.

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The Benefits of Using the Skout Mobile Dating App

Online dating continues to change everyday. And one of the things that has helped mold the way people date is the Skout dating app. This app is a social networking app for Android users looking for an easy way to find people nearby who are looking to mingle and or chat.

Busy singles who have no time to step out on the dating scene can benefit from using mobile dating apps. And the great thing about them is that they are usually free to use!

This dual pane layout allows users access with swipe gestures, making it extremely easy to use. Users can flip through profiles, get notifications, and check direct messages. Users can also see who is checking for them, which makes connecting even easier.

Online dating is no longer stifled to desktop computers. Singles can now date right from the comfort of their phone. If you are a person who leads a fast paced lifestyle, mobile app dating might be the right option for you. Although there are cons associated with mobile app dating, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

The Pros of Mobile Dating App

Many people were afraid of the online dating scene, considering it to be an “unnatural” way to find love. But with the way the millennial generation is changing, mobile app dating seems to be the most convenient way to do things. Online dating has been seen as something the shy and lonely did.But now it has become the norm for anyone looking to meet new people.

If you are a person who works more than they socialize, then using a mobile dating app can help you accomplish your dating woes. The ability to access thousands of locals right from your phone can take away the frustrations associated with dating.

Apps are very convenient ways to access other singles. They allow users to utilize location tracking, and when it comes to sharing personal information, users can take advantage of photos and messaging software.

Over 91 million people are currently using mobile dating apps and the primary users are between the ages of 18 to 24 years old. Mobile dating apps are instantaneous matchmaking services that link singles together with a push of a button.

Skout isn’t just another mobile dating app. It’s an app that has been developed with the user in mind. Users can take advantage of a point system that lets users see which singles have marked them as favorite. Being able to see who is checking you out will allow you to comb through potential matches that you can eventually talk to. This also takes away the hassle of wasting time on people who don’t interest you.

The dating scene is changing right before our eyes. And with that change comes popular mobile dating apps like Skout. Finding the love of your life shouldn’t be difficult. And using traditional methods to find your soulmate doesn’t have to be your only option. Mobile dating apps were created to help people date in a laid back atmosphere. It also takes away the apprehension that comes along with dating.

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The Importance of Choosing the Right Dog Food

Food is an important part of most people’s lives. It’s hardly unusual for any group of people to spend hours discussing what they’ll eventually choose to have for dinner. But these same people will often forget about one of the most important members of the family, the dog. It’s easy to forget that dogs have the same desires for taste and variety in their meals that people do. It’s understandable why so many dinners are accompanied by the family pet gazing with longing at the various items.

No person would want to live on a bland and often unhealthy diet which was simply a continual repeat of what had been eaten the previous day. And at the same time, this holds true for dogs as well. But sadly it’s not at all uncommon for dogs to be in that position. Most dog owners simply never give much thought to what the family dog might actually want to eat for his meals. Thankfully some dog food companies on beneful.com are giving a lot of attention to that subject. In particular, there’s a few dog food companies which have devised special brands which combine great taste and great health benefits.

One of the most significant of these brands is known as Beneful. As the name suggests, it’s heavily focused on the idea of providing benefits to a dog’s health with every meal. What’s most impressive is how it manages to do so. Beneful dog food uses natural ingredients for every meal. It might surprise many dog owners to discover just how little real food is in other brands of dog food. Beneful on facebook forgoes use of artificial flavors and binding agents and instead derives flavor and texture from the various ingredients. When a dog enjoys a beef flavor, it’s because he’s tasting real beef. If he’s enjoying the feel of tender chicken in his mouth than it’s because he’s actually eating chicken. This philosophy has led Beneful to become one of the best choices for dog food. It’s not only something that will take care of a dog’s nutritional needs. It’s also something that will make him as happy when meal time comes around as people are when they sit down to a great meal.

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What You Should Know Regarding Choosing Lawyers in Brazil

While handling daily processes in life, some things happen make it necessary to seek legal assistance. This is something many will admit is not easy to execute unless you have some experience and skills to handle suits in a court of law. With this in mind, what comes next is hiring a professional to stand in place to ensure the case goes on as planned. Hiring a reliable lawyer in Brazil is something that needs more than just choosing someone who holds documents to prove their educational background. You need to take some time to search for a professional who has been serving in this arena for many years and quite well understands what you need to have your case concluded in time. Here are tips you need to have a look at if you need to hire a reliable lawyer in Brazil.

One of the things that are necessary while searching for a lawyer is the registration status of the professional. It is necessary to work with someone who is well registered and verified to work as a lawyer. This information can be found on government websites where you can verify the authenticity of the qualifications of your lawyer. Sometimes it is also necessary to check on the number of year the person has been working as a lawyer. Experience improves the conduct of a professional and helps one to make better decisions while handling a legal tuff.

In Brazil, getting advice from professionals is regarded as one of the steps towards the achievement of one’s goals. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalhos is among professionals in the legal arena who have been held dear and are able to offer guidance on various issues. When you need some information about certain professionals in the Brazilain legal market, you can approach some established professionals like Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is praised for the great support he has offered towards ensuring the Brazil law arena gets a complete transformation.

By this, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has mentored young and upcoming professionals on the right ways of handling cases to avoid further conflict. This has helped to nurture a community of professionals with a reliable record and great code of conduct. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is also a distinguished lawyer who has offered great support and information that has allowed many to understand their rights as citizens.

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QNET Continues To Establish Itself Globally

QNET is one of the largest direct selling companies in Asia. The company offers a variety of products to over 100 countries and is one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies in the world. QNET sells a wide variety of goods and services including weight management, personal care, luxury and collectables, fashion, education and nutrition.

Qnet was founded by Vijay Esweran in 1998. Originally known as GoldQuest, the company initially made numismatic coins. By 2006, Qnet had acquired the British telecommunications company QI Group. The company branched out to market nutritional products and Prana Resorts and Spa the same year.

The QNET follows a multi-level direct selling marketing strategy. The company has thousands of independent representatives who sell products and receive a commission. The professional marketing strategy has proven highly successful over the years. Independent representatives receive year-round bonuses and higher than ordinary income achievement due to the multiple ways to earn.

QNET has offices in Indonesia, Thialand, Taiwan, United Arab Emirites, Vietnam and Philippines, just to name a few; they also have a number of support centers and affiliate offices. The company’s global vision is to contribute to the global community by way of its life-enhancing products. QNET has received a number of awards for global excellence and prides itself on being a company you can trust.

In 2014, QNET became the direct selling partner of the Manchester City Football Club. This high-profile move has secured QNET’s place on the global stage and made the brand a household name in many countries. Because of the company’s deep commitment to social responsibility, the company has established the Vijayaratnam Foundation. This charitable group has many chapters to help the poor, homeless and destitute around the world. Aside from being a global leader, QNET has cemented its place among companies considered the most charitable in the world.

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Brian Bonar a True Man of Business

For over 20 years now Brain Bonar (68), has been shaping the face of business. His esteem history includes over seeing the high growth rate of companies like IBM in Asia and the USA. His business aptitude as helped the growth of business in the European markets as well.

At present Bonar resides has the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Secretary, Treasurer of the issuer, and Chairman of the Board for Trucept, Inc.

Bonar has been described as being “popular” by his peers, while his popularity may be up for debate, there is no debating his successful resume that includes overseeing operations for companies like Dlrada Financial Corporation, and others like it.

Bonar has impressive technical background that includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering from James Watt Technical College, and as well a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University. Understanding Bonar’s educational background in engineering helps to explain his ability to “build” business structures that are strong enough to with stand the storms in the market place.

Bonar began his career as procurement manager for IBM. After 18 years with IBM, Bonar signed on as Director of Engineering for QMS. There he managed a staff of over 100 people. Bonar’s next stop landed him Adaptec, where he was Sales Manger. At the next stage of Bonar’s career he tried his hand at entrepreneurship and started his own company called Bezier Systems.

It took several other stops at corporations before Bonar landed at Dalrada Financial Services where he was able to direct the corporation towards a period of growth.

Bonar received the Who’s Who in America in 2000. In his spare time Bonar enjoys golf, boating, and quality family time.

In business Bonar specializes in mergers and acquisitions. His success in business has been accredited to the combination of his technical aptitude in in engineering and his architectural creativity.

Bonar is able to produce success for Trucept. Trucept helps to bridge gaps for small and medium sized companies by offering task management, including the management of payroll, human resources, and employee benefits. Trucept allows business to focus on their everyday operations, by taking care of some of the more daunting task in business for them.

Trucept handles task such as creating packages for benefits, and poising companies so they can better address their tax and payroll needs. Trucept also specializes in risk management. Risk management is an important step towards starting up a business, and maintaining the success of businesses.

If today’s market report that finds Trucept Inc. trending upwards at 66.67% with a volume of 1.2m. If this is any indicator of what the future holds for Trucept with Bonar at the helm than the future looks bright for both Trucept Inc. and Bonar a true man of business.

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Creating A Better Park For Dogs

The Beneful Dream Dog Park program was made several years ago in an attempt to help dog owners and their dogs come together, bond, and spend quality time with each other. The beauty of these dog parks is that there are locations for them to run and enjoy different activities. Beneful has recently spent the fifth year anniversary of he his amazing dog park program to help further improve and create other dog parks. During the anniversary, they made it know that they are going to partner up with community leaders, fundraising groups, and anybody else willing to help on crafting future dog parks. Creating A Better Park For Dogs The fundraising is going to further improve not just this dog park, but actually others and imoroving others that need a quick upgrade. Keeping a dog park up and running and looking spotless is not always that easy, especially when there aren’t much resources to help keep them along. The right knowledge, experience, and a good amount of funds will help it stay maintained and improve, but you need plenty of people backing it up with funds. Beneful has actually spent the salt several years crafting news dog parks throughout the nation. They have made four different dog parks in different cities throughout the US, and they continue to try do raise more money to do more and improve current parks to make it a safer and better environment for everybody. Beneful is a wonderful brand that has been working endlessly hard on giving grat food but also great living environments for animals everywhere. They know exactly what they are doing when it comes down to raising healthy dogs and giving them a fun place to enjoy. They will continue their efforts until they raise enough for improvements and a new dog park.

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