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A Low FODMAPS Diet For Better Gastrointestinal Health

Currently it is estimated that as many as 18 million Americans are experiencing some level of gluten sensitivity. Dan Newlin had stated there is new evidence that is supporting the claim that these people might actually be wrong, there may actually be another food or foods that are causing intestinal distress. FODMAPS stands for fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyols. Each of these words represents a different type of food that is based on a starch or a sugar. Basically these are short chain carbs that are tough to digest.

FODMAPS foods range from beans, ice cream, apples, asparagus and more. The symptoms people often experience from these foods include bloating, gas, constipation and more. It is now being recommended that a diet low in FODMAPS foods could lead to a more comfortable and healthy digestive tract. What basically happens when FODMAPS are consumed by people who are sensitive to them, the small intestines cannot properly absorb these specific carbs. Bacteria will then grow and result in fermentation inside of the body which can be very uncomfortable. The bloating and cramping occurs as water is attracted to the intestines to try and rectify the issue. Many people can tolerate FODMAPS foods in moderation but a diet heavy in these foods is not beneficial. Foods like apples, avocados, peaches, pears and even watermelon could actually be harming you.

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Is Coke Healthy?

In February, American Heart Month, many articles were published with the intent of reaching the public with information on what choices they can make in order to better their heart health. To the surprise to many, Coca-Cola as a snack idea was shopped around in several publications as a sensible snack idea.

Alexei Beltyukov has learned that the suggestion of Coke being the go-to food option between meals could be found in major news papers and nutrition blogs. Despite the validity of these health claims, these series of articles and blog posts were called out by many for what they expose about companies and how they help promote their products in a positive light.

With phrases like “portion controlled,” Coca-Cola and similar companies were able to rebrand foodstuffs often thought of as junk food and soft drinks as healthy alternatives. Focusing on the amount consumed puts the onus of its effect on the consumer, many have claimed.

This is opportune for Coca-Cola as foodstuffs and drinks with high sugar content have come under fire recently as obesity rates continue on an upward climb in the US. In addition to these rebranding efforts, repackaging has been part of their strategy, as smaller cans move to the forefront of their product line.

As reported in the Associated Press, Ben Sheidler of Coca-Cola, expressed that the company he represents is like many others. “We have a network of dietitians we work with. […] Every big brand works with bloggers or has paid talent.”

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The Dorchester Collection of Fine Hotels

Traveling can be a great way to broaden one’s horizons and learn more about the world. People find that traveling enables them to be able to see new things and explore the globe. People may choose to travel for pleasure. They may also need to travel for business purposes. In any event, all of those who are traveling will need a place to stay while they are in transit. Many travelers look for accommodations that allow them to relax and escape from the stress of traveling. A good hotel can do just that. A truly fine hotel can provide for a traveler’s every needs, enabling them to spend less time worrying about minor details and more time enjoying their trip.

One such collection of fine hotels is the Dorchester Collection. Founded in 2006, the ten hotels of the Dorchester Collection provide travelers with the chance to enjoy an upscale lodging experience in many different places. Each hotel has been carefully selected in order to help provide the international traveler with thee best possible experience when staying abroad. All ten hotels are noted for offering visitors high end hotel rooms that are conveniently located in the center of a major city.

All hotels of the Dorchester Collection have been designed to allow the traveler the chance to rest and relax in a pleasant setting. All of the hotels offer full room service, luxurious linens, access to wifi, conference rooms and other important amenities. Many also have other amenities such as on-site restaurants and spas where guests can retreat after a long day spent exploring the local region. All hotels have also been designed to help provide customers with the opportunity to stay in a convenient location that allows them to be able to see many area attractions while at the hotel.

Each of the hotels also places an emphasis on providing for the needs of the international business traveler. All of the hotels have many kinds of amenities that are aimed at allowing a business traveler to conduct business when abroad in the most relaxing setting possible. Travelers can entertain clients at one of the many restaurants located on the grounds of the hotel as well as restaurants that are often a short walk away. A busy traveler can also find rooms here that allow them to bring clients to their room and entertain them while they are staying here.

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Vijay Eswaran looks for ways to make a difference with the power of silence

Helping his fellow business people achieve some sense of focus and acceptance of the world around them has long been the aim of the QI Group founder Vijay Eswaran, with a series of books available detailing the philosophy of the business person and his spiritual beliefs. Vijay Eswaran recently celebrated the 10 year anniversary of his impressive and ground breaking self help book, In The Sphere of Silence, which details his lifelong use of the ancient yoga principle of mouna. This principle has been highlighted by Eswaran as allowing him to embark on a series of business and philanthropic successes since he joined the multi level marketing industry in 1998.

Many business people are distrustful of a meditation principle that requires them to sit in silence for an hour each morning, asking themselves why they should trust the writings of Eswaran. Vijay Eswaran began his company, QI Group in 1998 and quickly established it across more than 20 countries and drove its annual turnover to around $750 million in 2014. Eswaran, 54, has also seen a large level of personal success be achieved as he embarked on a career that has seen his personal wealth be estimated at around $500 million by Forbes Asia, making him the 25th richest person in Malaysia.

Mouna has been used by Eswaran since childhood and has allowed him to focus on the aspects of life that he feels are important to each and every day. A major part of the technique is the removal of the details of life that do not affect our daily lives and we have little control over. Vijay Eswaran believes the knowledge of global events is important, but that thoughts of climate change and global conflicts can reduce our daily effectiveness in business and personal relationships. The 2014 Malaysian CEO of the year claims that an hour of silent meditation allows him to focus on what he needs to achieve each day and in his life. By remaining focused on the details of his life he can achieve what is required without feeling as thought every problem is his own.

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Burger King Removed Soft Drinks from Kids Menu

Without fanfare, without any major press releases, Burger King removed soft drinks from their kid’s menu. Soft drinks are still available with the kid’s meals, they’re just not visibly listed.
In the fast food giant’s own quiet way, Burger King has followed suit with others in the fast food industry and is offering healthier options to its customers. Milk and 100% apple juice is listed on the kid’s menu.
All the fast food chains are feeling the pressure from the public and advocacy groups to provide healthier options to young and old alike. McDonald’s announced recently that they would be phasing out antibiotic-laced chicken from their menu, something that Chipotle’s has already done. Their decision to go with antibiotic-free meat comes on the heals of the ebola virus epidemic which was an antibiotic-resistant viral strain, due in part human consumption and overuse of antibiotics.
Now we discover Burger King has made their move to help win the battle against childhood obesity. Jason Halpern ( has read that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that in 2012, one-third of the children in the United States were obese. A few less sugary soft drink in the little ones’ diet will be a good thing.

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The War On Drugs Ignores The Elephant In The Room

Over-The-Counter Painkillers Get A Free Pass In The Drug War

We all use drugs. Most of us are addicted to them. Let’s forget about the hard stuff for a minute and think about the over-the-counter medications that we take for headaches, joint pain and other issues that impact the quality of our lives.The war on drugs is a fruitless endeavor because we discriminate and judge the drugs around us rather than understand and monitor our need for them. 

The war on drugs is our version of trying to eliminate what we don’t understand. We can’t monitor the use of coke or heroin because the system allows it to flow freely into our lives. The legal drugs that we do monitor are misunderstood thanks to the pharmaceutical companies that attempt to make light of their long term and short term side effects. The government gives them a lot of legal room, and drug companies use it to hide the real story behind the drugs they call safe. 

The crackdown on drugs is a half-baked attempt to win a war that can’t be won. We don’t want to win it. We just want to say we won and ignore the elephant in the room. We continue to use a plethora of drugs, and experts like Daniel Amen say they chip at the quality of our long-term life. But we do get short term relief. We win a few battles, but not the war.

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Investing With BRL Trust

When you are looking at investing your money, you can use BRL Trust to get the best results on your portfolio. The portfolio that you put together with the help of BRL Trust is going to give you much more money than you had when you started. They have access to all the markets all over the world, and they will be able to help you get into markets where you thought you might never go.


There are gold markets all over the world that have many different kinds of prices. You can invest in all these markets to get the best results, and you will make a great deal of money that you would not have made otherwise. Your broker at BRL Trust is going to show you where you should invest, and they will make the trades for you. Also, they are going to show you how you can keep your money in safe places around the world.

American Markets

You can invest in the American markets through the bank if you so choose. They are able to make trades in these markets, and they are going to be able to give you information about the markets. You will be surprised how many stocks you can invest in, and you can even invest in bonds if you choose.

The idea behind investing with BRL Trust is to make as much money as possible. Most people are going to find that they can secure their money much more easily if they are investing in the right ways. You can use the help of the broker to get your investing done properly, and you will be able to use the BRL Trust resources to learn how you are going to make the most money with the cash you already have.

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