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Are You A Quitter
Could it be that you were designed to quit? A new study done by Merideth Addicott, Ph.D. and her team, suggests that it may very well be the case. MRI scans were taken of 85 people one month prior to their quitting smoking, then the 85 people quit smoking. For 10 weeks they tracked each new non-smoker. After the 10 weeks 41 of the participants relapsed. Of the 44 smokers that did quit, all had similar connectivity between the insula and the somatosensory cortex. Dr. Daniel Amen whose book you can by on Amazon, says the parts of the brain that control cravings and the part that controls touch and motor control. “Simply put, the insula is sending messages to other parts of the brain that then make the decision to pick up a cigarette or not,” said Addicott. This data lends to the popular belief that the insula is key when it comes to addiction. Joseph McClernon, Ph.D and professor at Duke University said, “If we can increase connectivity in smokers to look more like those who quit successfully, that would be a place to start.”

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Qnet, An International E-Commerce Website

Qnet is an e-commerce website that is based out of Hong Kong. However, it is possible to order their merchandise anywhere in the world. Their offices are also not just exclusively located in Hong Kong. They have offices in Indonesia, The Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, and The United Arab Emirates. The company sells a variety of products, which are all personal products. They sell everything from fashion accessories to dietary products.

Qnet is somewhat similar to in terms of how the purchases are done. All of the commerce is done online. Also, like ebay, the goods can be purchased anywhere in the world. There are no stores set up by Qnet. However, it is different from in that Qnet produces it’s own goods. is essentially an online marketplace where outside sellers come in and sell their goods. Also, Qnet only sells personal products. On, you can find anything.

Qnet not only distributes these products worldwide, it also is engaged in philanthropy. They help the needy right where they are based out of, Asia. The company has donated to causes that promote education such as the Better Nepal Foundation. Also, Qnet helps the homeless in the Madurai area of India. They have also given assistance to squatters in The Philippines. They have partnered with sports teams. One such team is Manchester City, England’s football team. Another is the Marussia Formula One Team. There have been other sporting teams Qnet has partnered with, as well.

As a response to the Indian government’s demands of greater regulation for direct sales, Qnet wishes that there be a governmental moderating agency. This shows that the company is willing to be regulated. They do not seem to be resisting their organization being more regulated by a governmental agency. This says good things about the company. It indicates there is nothing they are seeking to hide, with regard to their sales. Check out more of Qnet’s beneficial products for yourself!

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New Strain of Rabies Discovered in New Mexico

Not much different than the strain of rabies that we have been aware of for decades, but different enough to get noticed. The first new strain of rabies discovered in years was found in New Mexico recently. The discovery was confirmed by the state and federal health officials earlier this week.

Public health veterinarian, Paul Ettestad, finds the discovery exciting. Now the task is for researchers is to find the host animal for this new strain of rabies. The host animal is called the ‘reservoir’ and has yet to be identified.

This new strain was discovered last month when an elderly woman from Lincoln County was bitten by a rabid fox. Tests conducted on the fox at U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lab after the bite took place revealed the fox was a carrier of a new strain of rabies reports Dr. Jennifer Walden of AustinMDMagazine. How the fox got the rabies has not yet been determined, but New Mexico state officials assume it all started with a bat.

Tests will be conducted on the dead bodies of foxes and bats which are found along roadways and other outdoor areas to find out more about this new strain of rabies.

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Lawyers Are Less Happy Than Other Professions and More Prone to Depression and Substance Abuse

You would think that having the prestige, wealth and courtroom drama experience on a regular basis as lawyers often do would make them some of the happiest people around. No so say researchers. They surveyed 6,200 lawyers and found that those who held public service positions such as public defenders reported being more happy than their counterparts with high status, high income positions in prominent firms.

Florida State University law professor Lawrence S. Krieger attributes this happiness gap between lawyers to the psychological model of human happiness – the theory of the three pillars of self-determination – competence, autonomy and a connection to others. The more impressive positions did not seem to provide these factors.

Brian Torchin has noted that depression and substance abuse are struggles many in the law profession find themselves facing. A 1990 Johns Hopkins study found that lawyers were 3.6 times more at risk of depression than those in any other field. And, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that between 1999 and 2007, lawyers were 54 percent more susceptible to suicide than those in any other occupation. In Kentucky alone, CNN reported that from 2010-2014, 15 lawyers took their own lives.

George Washington University now has, with the help of law professor and former Washington law firm partner Todd D. Peterson, a voluntary program to assist students in going in the right direction for their needs with law, if at all. Students talk with practicing attorneys to get a feel of the day-to-day activities involved, along with stress handling techniques and strategies on how to remain positive. Mr. Peterson’s goal is to “do something for our students,” and produce happy, healthy lawyers.

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High Iron Levels Linked With Alzheimer’s Disease

A major new study has looked at the well known link between higher than normal levels of iron in and around the brain and an increased risk of Alzheimer’s Disease. ABC Science is reporting the study took seven years to complete and followed three groups of people with varying levels of cognitive function in a bid to determine if the level of iron in and around their brain changed with their ability to complete everyday tasks. Alexei Beltyukov ( has read that the study shows that those with cognitive function problems have an increased level of iron and a higher risk of suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and memory problems.

The researchers responsible for the study claim the results could lead to a new and more successful way of treating Alzheimer’s, with the current bid to block the production of plaque in the brain failing to be successful. Instead, the researchers hope their study will see the focus of treatments switched to include the chance to block iron levels building up in and around the brain and increasing the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease progressing quickly.

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Cure on the Horizon

The relationship between Cuba and America has been strained for years after the rise and fall of Fidel Castro. In the 1960s, Cuban to US relations were at a standstill. In recent years, the US and Cuba have begun rationalizing ways and modes of communicating amongst each other. This progress is bridging the gap between the two countries. The relationship between Cuba is looking to take another progressive step forward. Cuban scientists have recently released a drug that is claiming to be a cure for lung cancer. American scientists and doctors are hoping to get their hands on the drug in the next few months. The Cuban scientists also noted that the cancer fighting drug could also have other qualities to it. The drug is credited with completely eliminating lung cancer symptoms and sightings in patients suffering with the disease. Cuban and American scientists are hoping to get together in a bio chemical lab in order to test this drug against other cancers. Breast, prostate, and colon cancers are just a few of the cancers that the scientists want to target. The Obama administration has been working very hard to smooth over the rocky relationship between the two countries. Doctors and medical teams between both countries are presently in the works of drawing up a contract that would establish a medical relationship between the two countries. If the relationship continues to progress on the positive side. Scientists are hoping to release the drug to the public in the next few years. Boraie Development LLC are sure there is still research that needs to be done, data that needs to be collected, and test the need to be run. The future for cancer patients, Cuban citizens, and Americans is looking bright.

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Devil Yoga

Some evangelical Christians are very concerned about the ‘power of Yoga.’ The recent story of a man helped to walk for the first time in 33 years by Yoga has a right-wing Las Vegas Church asking the question, where does Yoga derive its power – God or Satan?

Sergio Cortes tells us the Gospels are full of stories of miraculous healing. People are restored to health, returned from the dead and given visions of the divine. John Taylor, a Las Vegas resident, prayed for a similar miracle to grace a member of his church, Mike Persi – who had been confined to a wheelchair for much of his life.

One week later, John’s wife received a video in which a person with injuries similar to John’s had his ability to walk restored through intensive Yoga therapy. Both John and Mike took it as a sign that God was telling them to use the Yoga therapy, that this was the answer to John’s prayer. And born-again Yoga instructor, Mitch Menic agreed. Menic took Mike into his own home where the two of them would complete the intensive therapy.

But members of the church are outraged. “Yoga,” says one parishioner “Makes the body and mind more flexible. Christians do not want their minds to be more flexible. That would make us vulnerable to false teachings.”

To such strident believers, anything not of God is evil. And now they are pressuring Mike to abandon his treatment.

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