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Doug Levitt loves working on the Greyhound Diaries

America is a wonderful land. The country is filled with amazing people that also have millions of amazing stories to share. The media does their best to cover most of these stories, but unfortunately, many of these stories go overlooked. The media simply cannot keep up with everything, and the majority of the stories that get covered are from the well off. Millions of people have their stories go entirely unheard. Doug Levitt is a brilliant journalist and he knew he could bring brilliant stories to the forefront.

Levitt started his career as a foreign correspondent. He jet-setted around the world covering many different subjects. Doug loved covering the diverse stories from around the world, but he longed to return home to America. Doug desperately wanted to cover the stories of people throughout the country who were going unheard. He longed to record the stories of the poor throughout the country, but he was not sure how he would do it. Ten years ago, Doug decided to go back to America and finally complete his dream project.

Doug decided he would record the stories that too often go ignored. He jumped on a Greyhound bus, and the Greyhound Diaries were born. Doug would sit near people on every bus and ask them about their lives. He would record every story and he translated the stories into several different media formats. Doug would write poems, songs, and essays that featured the stories he found. Doug would publish each work to his own blog, The Greyhound Diaries.

At first, The Greyhound Diaries was exclusively read by Doug’s small circle of friends, but over time the blog became incredibly popular. People loved reading the stories that were going uncovered by the media, and Doug’s songs touched a special spot in each person’s soul. Doug has released several EP’s featuring his amazing songs. Doug loves working on the project and he plans to keep doing it for years to come.

The poor among us deserve to have their stories told, and Doug Levitt is committed to finding every story. His project should remain popular for years to come.

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Kenneth Goodgame Provides Rare OEM Leadership Expertise To American Firms

Operations Management is a complex field to master. Unlike other specialties, it requires knowledge of subjects that includes finance, accounting, operations, statistics, marketing and almost every major business field. It is even harder to become a leader in operations management because people tend to rely on vast expertise of leaders to give them accurate insight into the dynamic world of business. Even a single wrong decision in operations management can mean an end to a profitable year. This is precisely why there are few corporate leaders in the field of operations management. Among these, Kenneth Goodgame is a very well-known name in the corporate world of the United States.

Ken started his industry career in 1984. With the passage of time, he achieved great success by proving expertise in every sphere of the operations management. Perhaps, his success can be attributed to his love for understanding the dynamics of work environment and business productivity. Apart from working at his full-time job, he continued to study and gain expertise in the field by committing himself to work on various other technical projects.

Currently, Kenneth Goodgame is one of the few professionals in the United States who have helped companies create Millions and Billions of OEM expertise. Based on his vast experience in the hardware industry, Ken is able to oversee almost all key management aspects of operations from marketing to supply chain. In the past years, numerous businesses and individuals have relied on his experience to guide them regarding various success metrics that also includes employee engagement and key performance indicators. Actually, Ken always believed that firms cannot survive without understanding their performance issues. As a result, he devised quality assurance systems and performance metrics to offer insight into the weaknesses of individual firms. Beside working as a consultant, Ken also ensures that he delivers a complete package in the form of leadership, quality improvements, cost analysis, composed negotiations and productivity enhancements.

Nowadays, he works as the Head of Merchandise at True Value Stores. The brand is known for its excellence in hardware inventory. In fact, Ken has helped the True Value brand by turning low-performance teams into a sales powerhouse. He has also initiated several new inventory management program for the brand.

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Brown Modeling Agency: Bringing Top Quality Modeling Talent to Austin

Becoming a fashion model requires more than simple beauty. A unique blend of personality, talent, and genes are a must. Never ordinary, models are also rarely classic beauties. It is their uniqueness that allows them to catch the eye and stand out from the crowd. A well-placed birthmark or unique pallor combined with the traditional tall, slender figure make for fashion model superstardom.

Models are frequently discovered randomly in public places by talent scouts with a good eye. However, those who have a passion for modeling can also present themselves to an agency. It is best to do this by either attending an open call or sending the agency a portfolio of shots that allow the viewer to get a feel for what the model looks like in their most natural state. It is okay to wear some natural makeup, but getting a clear picture of a model’s natural attributes without adulteration is ideal for talent scouts. The photographer, designers, and makeup artists need a beautiful, clean slate to work their magic. When models-to-be only present high fashion, highly made up shots to a talent scout it is difficult to impossible to determine what the blank slate looks like. It also makes it more difficult to see the unique traits that make a person “model material”. This is one reason that so many models are found in ordinary situations, such as during a shopping trip.

One popular talent agency known for having a high rate of success with placing models in fruitful careers is the Brown Agency of Austin, Texas. Justin Brown, president of the Brown Agency, is a former model himself. Since 2010, the youthful Justin Brown has worked diligently to develop a world class modeling agency in the heart of Austin, Texas. This unique venture has been wildly successful, catapulting the Southern agency to top of the field. Models selected by the Brown Agency have gone on to work with companies like Loreal, Toyota, and Louis Vuitton. Models from the Brown Agency are often participants in high-profile events and can be seen on runways all over the world.

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Why Raj Fernando Work Only with the Best

The trading floor at the NY stock exchange is usually bustling with activity. In contrast, the scene at Chopper Trading is usually relaxed. The company has 150 employees. There is a number of after work activities that are sponsored by the firm. Because business can be stressful, Raj wants to keep things as relaxed as possible for his workers.

His hiring methods are also unique. He does not simply pick employees in record numbers and then fire most at the end of a training program. He wants to recruit employees who will stay with the company until retirement. He decided upon this model the day he founded his company. He wants employees to feel like it is a partnership. His company employs people who bring positivity to the workplace.

His aim is not to find an employee for chopper trading. He wants the company to fit the employee. As a result, he ensures to give a good picture of the company. Thus, potential employees know what is required of them. It is crucial that employees understand the company. Raj does not want someone realizing that he or she is in the wrong place after turning down many other offers.

After recruitment, potential employees are given an extensive tour of the company. They get to experience the open atmosphere under which they will work. The interview process ends up being long and exhaustive. The company looks at more than just the CV. They want to find subjective traits that make a person perfect for the job. He will usually pose brainteasers for students, to test how sharp they are.

He is the founder of He is the founder of Chopper Trading and also an expert in financial markets. Raj is also a major policy influencer in America. He is a member in a number of boards that are concerned with policy setting in the United States.
Mr. Raj studied at the University College of London. He also studied at Beloit College, graduating with a degree in Economics and Finance. He worked hard after college from a low position to the soaring he has achieved today.

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Things You Never Knew About The Professional Journey Of Eric Pulier

Just like many professionals in the business world, Eric Pulier has done projects that have been directed at alleviating problems ailing societies. Apart from being a successful entrepreneur and technologist, Eric has used his skills and resources to support organizations that are working to save lives.

He is a member of several foundations like the Painted Turtle Foundation, which is working to help children with chronic illnesses lead normal lives. He offers both monetary support and his time to ensure the foundation easily achieves its goal in restoring hope among those battling chronic illnesses.

Eric Pulier is a hard working individual and this is clearly evident in his educational background. He has pursued two degrees, one in computer programming from MIT and another in American Literature and English from the Harvard University. Both of these degrees were pursued between 1984 and 1988, meaning he put effort to complete them at the same time. Despite the heavy load, Eric graduated with high honors and from there he proceeded to other projects.

Projects and career
His first project in 1991 is the establishment of People Doing Things, a technology-based company that was founded to address the problems ailing different sectors. He pursued several projects before he landed an invitation to head the 1997 technology exhibition that would feature in the presidential inauguration.

This was a major achievement since the project went on successfully and marketed him to the world. One of the most remarkable parts of the project is the live streaming that allowed people to interact with shuttle astronauts.

To pursue his knowledge in literature and language, Eric has been offering information in the form of articles and journals addressing the main issues ailing the business world and technology. His works have featured in popular media like the Forbes Magazine.

Pulier has been active in the philanthropic world and his effort has contributed to the achievement of success among many people. He supports the Painted Turtle, an organization that was founded by Lou and Paul Newman to support children with chronic diseases. He has also designed programs that have connected those battling chronic diseases and the financially disadvantaged to help them get solutions to their problems.

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James Dondero of Highlands Capital Forms Partnership to Improve Lives

James Dondero is an experienced alternative investment manager. He is the current president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management. James is also an avid philanthropist. Most of his charity is done locally in the community where he lives. He was in search of a partner to assist him to manage his annual charitable giving, which is about $3 million each year. Eventually, he found such a partner in Mary Jalonick. She is an experienced expert in donor services. She is currently the CEO and President of the Dallas Foundation.

James Dondero wanted a charitable organization rooted in the community of North Texas, which as exactly what Mary’s organization offered. Eventually, they were able to create the Highland Dallas Foundation Inc., which meets Mr. Dondero’s requirements. Much of Mr. James’ giving has been to veterans. In addition, he supports a number of education and healthcare initiatives. The collaboration with the Dallas Foundation has enabled him to extend his charitable giving to the Perot Museum, The Zoo, and The Bush Presidential Library. Mary Jalonick has praised James’ strategy, which allows for financial security for charity organizations.

In collaboration with the Dallas Foundation, James has hired Linda Owen. She will be responsible for overseeing the charitable work at the Highland Dallas Foundation Inc. James has hailed the hiring of Linda as an important step in improving the positive impact of his charitable giving.
About James Dondero

Dondero is the current president of Highland Capital Management. He has over 30 years of experience in the equity and credit markets. He is an expert in high-risk and high-yield investments. His company has been responsible for developing a number of important financial tools. He is on the boards of a number of major companies such as MGM studios.

James Dondero is a major philanthropist. He supports a number of major initiatives, most of which are centered on his North Texas community. He is also quite decorated academically. The University of Michigan was where he studied, where he graduated with the highest honors. He graduated with dual honors in Finance and Accounting. He also has the right to use the title Chartered Financial Analyst.

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John Goullet Provides Excellent IT Solutions

Every IT firm may incur problems at some point. That is why Diversant Leadership Team offers solutions to IT companies. John Goullet is a well-known entrepreneur who has generated various solutions to IT companies. He began his IT career as an IT consultant in early 1990. In 1994, John Goullet started his IT solutions firm called Info Technologies. He founded Info Technologies with the aim of providing IT solutions to Fortune 500 Companies in the state. In a span of five years of operation under his leadership, Info Technologies bagged a profit of approximately $30 million earning the eighth position in Inc Magazine universally. In 2010, John Goullet joined Gene; the chief executive officer of DIVERSANT Inc merged Info Technologies with DIVERSANT Inc to form DIVERSANT LLC where he served as a principal.

After joining Info Technologies with DIVERSANT Inc to form DIVERSANT LLC, John Goullet served as director having mastered the market trends of the IT firms. He continued to practice his IT expertise while offering solutions to IT companies in the state. John continues to generate ways aimed at meeting the challenges faced by most IT firms. DIVERSANT has a selected board of directors to guide senior executives in daily operations. The board contains industry leaders, business experts, and managers who offer counsel and advice on strategic planning and commercial development. The board members hold regular meetings to address day to day challenges as well as reward performing employees.

John serves as a member of the council in various organizations in the IT industry. He is the chairperson and principal of DIVERSANT LLC. Mr. John founded Info Technologies Inc in 1994 where he served as the chief executive officer and advisor. Before he founded his firm, he served as a computer consultant and IT staffing manager. John focuses on transforming market trends while developing innovative ideas for IT solutions. He identifies problems and matches the personality of the clients with work. John attended Urinus College where he graduated having achieved IT skills. His commitment to comprehending IT climate conditions continues to nurture most employees in IT firms.

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