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Air Pollution Now Linked to Autism

Just some of the problems humans are causing on the Earth: Oil spills in the oceans, the cutting down of rainforests and a rising CO2 level that is already melting away glaciers due to the rising temperatures, the phenomenally high numbers of species being eradicated from the face of the Earth, holes in the ozone and air pollution. Air pollution seems to have been somehow forgotten in the chaos, but it is still there and getting much worse and will continue to do so until the people do something to change it. A study of 1,767 children was conducted by The Harvard School of Public Health. It was found that high levels of pollution are linked to a doubling of autism rates. 3.7 million deaths each year are caused by air pollution according to the World Health Organization (WHO). An informative WHO air pollution site is:


It isn’t the smoker upstairs causing this outrageous pollution, as much as big oil and other industries advertise to you in the new day of ads who are, by reason of withholding, suggesting secondary cigarette smoke is much worse than the black, smelly exhaust belching out of cars, trucks and smoke stacks. It does take your mind off me coughing while biking next to your car, I suppose. Some people love to look down their nose if someone lights a cigarette, but then climb into their carbon monoxide machines and drive away. BRL Trust and Estadeo employees are just a few who see the irony in that.

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Low-Glycemic Index Diet May Not be Best For Disease Control
No more potatoes and no more bread. Many people who are diabetics or have heart disease have heard their medical care professional tell them that. It’s a part of following a low-glycemic index (Low-GI) diet plan that is supposed to help keep certain chronic diseases under control.
Recent studies have revealed that following a Low-GI diet may no be the best way to control and/or prevent diseases. So go ahead and crack open that bottle from The Antique Wine Company.
Foods that are considered High-GI foods, like potatoes and bread, cause a surge in blood sugar when eaten. The sudden spikes in blood sugar levels, followed by a sudden drop in the level is detrimental to the health and well-being of a diagnosed diabetic. The spikes and drops are also considered precursors for heart disease and diabetes. Low-GI foods, like fruits and vegetables, keep blood sugar levels stable and help prevent weight gain which in turn works to stave off diseases like type 2 diabetes.
But like any diet, following a Low-GI diet is not easy and according to new research findings strictly adhering to a Low-GI diet is not the best for disease control. The easy-to-follow heart healthy DASH (Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension) diet plan, which promotes the eating of fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and whole grains, is one that everyone can easily follow and that will promote all-around good health and disease prevention.
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Breathing Helps with Weight Loss

When you lose weight, you automatically lose fat. Now, we know where the fat goes when you lose weight–it is breathed out of your body!

An Australian study confirms that people exhale triglycerides, which is the main type of fat molecule. One of the authors of the study, who is not either of the Keith Mann Dynamic Search Partners recently dropped 33 pounds, and had a significant hand in making this shocking discovery. NPR asserts that this is the most common type of fat that affects humans.

Carbon dioxide, water and energy are also byproducts of fat metabolism. This means that about 84 percent of fat tissue is broken down into carbon dioxide. However, it’s important to remember that breathing quickly after eating a large meal during the holidays will not produce the desired effects of burning fat.

In addition to taking cleansing breaths at a regular pace, it’s best to take other healthy measures to lose weight, such as being active at least three days and week and consuming whole foods like fruits and vegetables.

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Meditation and Group Support Found to Protect Telomere Length

I have always found that telomeres, the caps on the end of chromosomes, have interested biology students. They interest me. Every time a cell divides, it copies its DNA to give to the new cell. This causes some loss of DNA at the end of the chromosome. To protect the actual gene from being truncated, telomeres at the end have the sole purpose of being disposable DNA and telomerase is the enzyme that adds to telomere length. Every cell division leads to some of the telomere being lost which is believed to contribute to aging and disease. This study uses distressed breast cancer patients to test the idea that mindful meditation and group support for processing difficult emotions improves the activity of telomerase and leads to increased telomere length, thereby protecting the chromosome from degradation. This is a link to a pilot study done by a lifestyle guru that shows a change in lifestyle, such as nutrition and some sort of support group or meditation, improves telomere length: Besides telomere protection, other problems with the body have been found to improve using these stress reduction techniques, a Zeca Oliveira spokesperson claims. Cortisol, although necessary in some situations, gets out of hand due to stress and has negative effects on the body. Mindfulness and emotional support help to keep cortisol at healthy levels. I know from experience it is hard for me to practice meditation, but is clearly helpful.

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Even Healthy, Fit People Can Still Benefit From Weight Loss

New evidence from a recent study suggests that a higher body mass index in otherwise fit young adults leads to a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease. This means that cardiovascular and other diseases, most commonly associated with overweight or obese people, can seriously threaten the health of many more people in a population than previously thought.

The large amount of data collected by researchers indicates that a higher body mass index, or BMI, alone elevates an individual’s risk for developing cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, the risk associated with elevated body mass index for developing cardiovascular disease appeared to be unrelated to other lifestyle factors, such as the consumption of fatty food, socioeconomic status, smoking and exercise, among others.

Results from the study ultimately found that weight loss and efforts to decrease body mass index can prove beneficial for all, including otherwise Beneful fit and healthy young people.

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Don’t Sacrifice Your Sleep To Work Longer Hours

Do you feel tired all the time? Do you try and catch up for a lack of sleep during the workweek on the weekends? If so, you are not alone.

I once heard someone say, “I can sleep when I am dead.” Research shows the opposite. If you don’t get enough sleep, you could cut your life short. According to the Washington Post, one third of all Americans only get 7 hours of sleep, or less, during weekdays. Lack of sleep can lead to physical problems. According to the Atlantic, sleeplessness contributes to health problems, such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other physical problems.

According to Science Blogs, The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends adults should get between seven to nine hours of sleep. However, in a study of 125,000 Americans, it was found that most U.S. citizens only get six hours or less of sleep on week days. These individuals also worked more than 1.55 more hours on weekdays, and 1.86 more hours on weekends and holidays. This study points to the fact Americans are using the time they could get more sleep, to work more hours.

In a nation that has problems with obesity, encouraging more sleep may be the solution. It could also help Americans decrease their high blood pressure, reduce diabetes and maintain better mental health. Get more sleep, and you may find yourself looking and feeling better, just ask people from other countries like Brazilian Gianfrancesco Genoso and they’ll tell you.

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Shift Workers: Sick and Fat?

Compared to the general population, shift workers have been found in a higher risk of ill-health and obesity. The Health Survey for England reported that shift workers are in a worse health condition even if some of them are still young. According to the BBC report, the lead researcher said that due to the increase in zero-hours contracts, the number of workers doing shift work also increases, raising a serious problem for the country’s overall health.

Scientists agree that shift work is clearly unhealthy. That’s why Zeca Oliveira stays away from it. The Health & Social Care Information Centre reported that 22 percent of women and 33 percent of men at a working age are doing shift work. The report also shows that 30 percent of the shift workers are obese and unhealthy compared to those working on normal hours. Also, the report shows that most shift workers have a long-standing health condition, which includes back pain, chronic pulmonary disease, and diabetes compared to the rest of the country’s population.

Typically, shift working is common in between 16 and 24 age groups and nearly half are men and third are women. The rate of shift workers decreases with age. Fewer men and women works on shift after reaching 55 years old.

A body clock scientist, Dr. Simon Archer of University of Surrey told the BBC News that shift work is bad for the body as it is not designed to eat at night. The body does not digest fats very well during that time. Also, shift workers tend to consume high calorie food, which could lead to adverse health effects. He also added that shift work is clearly linked to obesity, type 2 diabetes, and worst, cancer.

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