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New and Deepening Wounds for Hayman Capital

Hayman Capital’s founder, Kyle Bass, discussed his predictions for the upcoming market sales. Bass claimed that the markets have endured about half of the turmoil that is in store for them.

Bass gained notoriety for his singular prediction of the 2008 financial crisis. Since then, Bass has gained further attention for what most of the economically literate community would call ridiculous and irresponsible decisions. Foremost on the list of Bass’s irreconcilable decisions is his support of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Kirchner is a politician and lawyer in Argentina.

Another example of his questionable integrity is his defense of General Motors’ lack of functional airbags and power steering. Bass defended the company by proposing that the deceased victims were somehow to blame for the faulty vehicles.

Even with his questionable past, UsefulStooges shows that Kyle Bass continues to make predictions for the economic sector of the global community. The first recent catastrophe Bass noted is the Operation Carwash debacle which took place in Brazil. The government-run oil producer Petrobas was investigated for illegal inflation of prices. The profits of these activities are suspected to have been used for the personal use of executives as well as the corruption of the political Workers Party. Dom Philips of the Washington Post claims, “some of the biggest engineering and construction companies in Brazil – including the Camargo Correia group, OAS, UTC, and Queiroz Galvão,” were arrested in a single weekend. Bass said the situation in Brazil will not be resolved until all the corruption is removed from the system.

Bass further cited Vladimir Putin’s recent antics as problematic for the emerging markets. Putin has been involved in closed-door meetings with the leaders of Syria and the U.S. with unknown motives. Bass claims that Putin is involved in a “game of global chess.”

Also, China’s yuan is expected to undergo a depreciation within approximately one year, Bass claims, making him “very interested in the currency.”

Due to his decisions which are often considered irresponsible and self-serving, the motives and reliability of Bass’ predictions should be perpetually questioned.

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Healthy Coffee is Here with OrganoGold

Coffee has becoming increasingly not healthy in recent years. Companies have taken over the coffee industry and have started to infuse inferior coffee with all sorts of sugar, fats, creams and just about anything else you can think of. This is all designed to increase sales in a market that requires almost all of their foods and beverages to have a certain degree of sugar and fat. Coffee, in its purest form, is a healthy beverage. it is made by passing water through the grinds of coffee beans which in turn passes on the flavor of the bean into the water. It does not absorb any kind of fat and very little, if any calories. However, companies have taken this once healthy beverage and turned it into a calorie bomb for consumers. That is why Bernardo T. Chua, the owner and head of OrganoGold, has decided to take back coffee and offer up new, healthy coffee that consumers are sure to love and not find the need to dump calories back into the beverage.

Bernardo does many public speeches, and has spoken about how he has spent much of his life searching for new products that simply are not able to be found in other areas of the world. He has always wanted to share the fine products of other cultures with the United States. However, he has also seen the desired taste buds of consumers change. This is nothing new, but it does mean that he needs to compete with the large coffee chains who are topping coffee with whipped cream, chocolate and other sweets. Bernardo Chua has won many awards, and therefore understands the importance of maintaining the impeccable nature of a coffee’s true flavor while also making it enjoyable to consumers. It is why the brand new healthy coffee he is selling with OrganoGold is sure to make both true believes in original coffee and those with a bit of a sweet tooth enjoy the coffee.

There is no need to suffer a large intake of calories while drinking coffee. All that is necessary is finding the right kind of coffee. It is what Bernardo has been striving to provide and now he can.  Follow Bernie on Twitter, and he also has a Facebook fan page.

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Hire Get Your Wiki Writers and Take a Breather As They Create Your Page

Why You Need a Wikipedia Page

In the modern world, having and maintaining an online presence is critical to the success of an individual, business, or non-profit organization. Having a dedicated Wikipedia page can set you above the competition by providing a place where those interested can find current information. Trying to compete from an offline position is a severe disadvantage that prevents you or your company from reaching the top. Research from reliable sources, such as Forbes, indicates that an online presence will eventually replace the standard resume. It is also well-known that small businesses that don’t branch out into all aspects of the online community are not maximizing the possible benefits.

Creating a Wikipedia page, can be a challenging endeavor that detracts from the daily operation of your business. There is the technical aspect to learn. This includes the actual creation, formatting and presentation, as well as the behind the scenes work of uploading and linking. Visibility and search engine ranking will also need to be accounted for, or the page will never even be viewed by the public. Then you’ll need to worry about content monitoring and reputation protection to ensure the page isn’t attacked or subverted by malicious pranksters, referred to online as trolls. If all of that weren’t enough, the information displayed will also need to be regularly edited to keep it free from error, current and up to date. This is why so many people choose to hire Wikipedia writers to take out the headache of the process.

With so much to keep track of, it is usually best to let competent professionals, like the expert Wikipedia writing service, Get Your Wiki, handle the tedious task of creating and maintaining a Wikipedia page. They’ll take care of all the complicated details, so you can concentrate on your business. This is, by far, the preferred method of growing and maintaining an online presence.

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Could George Soros Be Correct About A Return To 2008 Economic Conditions?

There are some who believe that the economic crash which occurred in 2008 was worse than the Great Depression. Many people lost jobs, and the home market took a swift fall downward.

Since then, it would seem that the economy is on an uptick, and can only get better from here. However, billionaire international investor George Soros thinks differently.

During an economic forum that was in held in Sri Lanka, Soros predicted that the global marketplace is on the verge of a crash that will rival the one that happened in 2008. He bases much of his prediction upon the devaluation of the Chinese form of currency, the yuan. Because China is such a major player on the global scene, any changes in their economy yields effects that ripple throughout the world. Therefore, if their currency loses value, the entire global marketplace is affected.

George Soros believes that the Chinese yuan has decreased in value because of the change in production in that country. What was once an economy that was largely based on exporting manufactured products that were created within country lines, has become one that consumes more imports and is service based. Because production naturally has more value than consumption, Chinese currency has lost some of the value that it once had.

The prediction made by Soros should be taken seriously. He’s a man who has spent decades studying the global marketplace, learning which areas to invest in. As a result, he has amassed a great deal of wealth and knowledge.

If a crash is on the horizon, it’s best to take measures to protect yourself as soon as possible. Whether that involves cutting back on spending so that you produce more than you consume, or speaking with a financial professional, who can give you advice concerning where best to invest your money for the highest likelihood of return.

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Autism Rocks and Solo Capital
One of the three main characteristics of a successful businessman would be tenacity, perseverance and determination. One of the attributes that would be a close second would probably be their individual generosity. Do they have a tendency to give back? That is an important question to answer and will definitely help the businessman gain a number of future clients. Sanjay Shah, who is the CEO of Solo Capital, is an individual who is not only dedicated to the superior management of his hedge fund but he is also dedicated to a number of distinct charities. He is the founder of Autism Rocks, which raises funds for research into the disorder.

Most individuals usually do not begin to support an issue until it hits home, and in Shah’s case he had a son who was diagnosed with autism. Naturally, Shah wanted to support the cause of autism research but he just wasn’t sure how to accomplish it. His dream of contributing to autism research probably would have been something he put on the backburner. However, one day the world-famous rapper Snoop Dogg showed up at his Dubai home. Sanjay Shah immediately had an epiphany. Why not allow superstars such as Snoop Dogg and others play fundraisers for his cause? From that moment on Sanjay Shah knew the strategy that he would take in order to support his cause.

Shah decided to become the founder of a charity called Autism Rocks, which raises funds for autism research by inviting mega rock stars and other high-profile musicians to do benefit concerts. Shah says that it has been an incredible journey, but one he will not soon forget. He has had many notable names help him with the project, including a concert with Prince and Lenny Kravitz in London and a couple more concerts with Elvis Costello and Joss Stone in Dubai. To date, the charity has raised tens of millions of dollars to aid researchers in their work to determine the causes of the disorder.

You can follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.
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George Soros Discusses Serious Concerns Over The Collapse of the EU

George Soros is making some very harsh predictions about the future of the European Union. The billionaire is spreading warnings about the collapse of the European Union. He did not use words like “recession” or “depression”. Soros is suggesting the EU may outright collapse. Considering the size of the EU and the various economies interlocked with it, a collapse of the EU could lead to a global meltdown.

In an interview published on the CNBC website, Soros noted that the current migrant crisis in Europe could lead to a collapse. There are two major reasons why a collapse could occur. One, the crisis threatens the European Union’s policy of the free flow of people across borders. Closely connected to the free flow of people is the free flow of money. Soros does not want to see policies that restrict either, but those policies may be unavoidable unless the current chaotic situation in Europe is better managed. He implores Germany to take the necessary steps to instill better management.

Soros is simply making predictions about a possible collapse. Doom is not yet impending. Still, someone of Soros’ stature is worth listening to.

George Soros is involved with many different business endeavors. Any person whose net worth is well into the billions of dollars is going to have his or her hands in numerous financial institutions. If there was one source of Soros’ fiscal achievements, it would be his incredible success in the foreign currency market. Trading in currency is what made him extremely wealthy. Soros understands many of the different factors that go into the health of a nation’s currency and economy. As such, his insights into the woes of the European Union are worth examining.

Soros is also known for his philanthropy work and his involvement in world politics and global affairs. An inaccurate assumption about Soros is he is retired from various financial matters and business interests. Soros is very much still plugged into the global economy. He keeps close tabs on trends. His advice on the situation in the European Union is based on an informed opinion and careful thoughts prior to speaking publicly.

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A Few Facts About Brian Torchin That You Should Know

Brian Torchin is a true veteran when matters related to the healthcare industry are concerned. He is a respected healthcare recruiter who began his career by opening and managing offices in Philadephia. Brian is the current President of Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC and has been able to expand the company’s base to include Asia and Europe as well. Different with very many medical recruiters, Torchin is fully aware of the healthcare industry having been a physician of chiropractic practice.

Having the knowledge in what is required to maintain a good quality chiropractic facility, Torchin and his Health Care Recruitment Counsellors, LLC staff imagined a goal in which they could be in a position to provide their healthcare clientele with the best quality staff possible. As reported on their Twitter, the company staff has additional availability during weekends and nights to all their clients so as to be in a position to ensure quick and very effective communication with clients and physicians.

His company offers a variety of services to potential medical practices for clients looking for employees so as to make sure their services run smoothly. The company has a very positive reputation for helping hospitals looking for therapists, chiropractic specialists and many other specialists find the desired professionals.

Before referring employees to a client, the HCRC professionals conduct thorough consulting, background checks and even staff training to ensure that the clients get only the most qualified medical professional. Torchin is also a regular guest writer on the company’s website who gives tips on different topics in the medical arena. He has given various tips regarding how to find potential employers in sites like LinkedIn and many others. As much as the company is all about its clients, it also goes to the extra mile to urge their clients to do the same.

Torchin’s company is a one stop shop for all matters related to medical employment. To date, the company has been able to assist both candidates and employers identify their search criteria. With time, the company has been able to create a very large database of active physicians, and it works very hard to see to it that it gets even more so that they can fill the openings when they arise.

Clients and colleagues describe him as having the ability to give the most comprehensive solutions to clients. What drives him is the passion to see to it that clients are in a position to at all times provide solutions that exceed the client’s expectations.

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