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Shift Workers: Sick and Fat?

Compared to the general population, shift workers have been found in a higher risk of ill-health and obesity. The Health Survey for England reported that shift workers are in a worse health condition even if some of them are still young. According to the BBC report, the lead researcher said that due to the increase in zero-hours contracts, the number of workers doing shift work also increases, raising a serious problem for the country’s overall health.

Scientists agree that shift work is clearly unhealthy. That’s why Zeca Oliveira stays away from it. The Health & Social Care Information Centre reported that 22 percent of women and 33 percent of men at a working age are doing shift work. The report also shows that 30 percent of the shift workers are obese and unhealthy compared to those working on normal hours. Also, the report shows that most shift workers have a long-standing health condition, which includes back pain, chronic pulmonary disease, and diabetes compared to the rest of the country’s population.

Typically, shift working is common in between 16 and 24 age groups and nearly half are men and third are women. The rate of shift workers decreases with age. Fewer men and women works on shift after reaching 55 years old.

A body clock scientist, Dr. Simon Archer of University of Surrey told the BBC News that shift work is bad for the body as it is not designed to eat at night. The body does not digest fats very well during that time. Also, shift workers tend to consume high calorie food, which could lead to adverse health effects. He also added that shift work is clearly linked to obesity, type 2 diabetes, and worst, cancer.

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Learning From Mark Ahn’s Standards of Business and Career Ethics

Mark Ahn is a renowned life sciences executive and an esteemed member of United States’ academia. His achievements in academia and business surpass more than twenty years of hard work. In terms of academic accomplishments, Mister Ahn has earned the title of adjunct professor at two of United States’ most prestigious colleges. In terms of business accomplishments, Mister Ahn has served as a high-ranking business executive at some of the most important biotech companies.

Mark Ahn has achieved considerable success as a biotech executive. He has worked in such strategically important biotech companies as Amgen, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Genentech. All of these companies have billions of dollars in revenues and have offices all over the world. Moreover, the company where Mark began his illustrious career – Amgen – is considered “the world’s largest independent biotechnology firm”. He started there as a general manager and quickly progressed to receive offers from other biotech companies. Six years later, he received a very appealing offer from Bristol-Myers Squibb, an American pharmaceutical company with over eighteen billion dollars of revenue in 2009. He worked there in a very important position of senior director of immunology. In this role, he has helped create innovative medicines that are intended to prevent serious diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, hepatitis, cardiovascular disease, and rheumatoid arthritis.

After working at Bristol-Myers Squibb as a senior director of immunology for four years, Mark was offered an even more important position at Genenetech. There, he worked as vice president of hematology. In this position, he helped create new medicines for the treatment of various blood-related diseases.

Mark Ahn is also an adjunct professor at Portland State University and Carnegie Mellon University. He has earned these positions through his numerous academic projects, which spanned more than fifty peer-reviewed journal articles and books. Through this enormous amount of work, he has earned an unrivaled understanding of biotech sciences, which he frequently writes about on his own site. This has attracted attention of some of the United States’ most prestigious colleges. Many of these colleges are considered the best in the whole world.

It is especially notable that Carnegie Mellon University has offered him a teaching position, because it consistently ranks among the top one hundred universities in the whole world. Moreover, Newsweek has recently called Carnegie Mellon University one of the “New Ivies”. Likewise, Portland State University is also highly ranked and respected among the members of academia and business. The Princeton Review has ranked its Master’s of Business Administration degree among the top one hundred. It has also called Portland State University as one of the best institutions in the country for undergraduate education. Therefore, both of these colleges play an important role in moving the field of science forward, which puts Mister Ahn into the forefront of United States’ science.

Through his strategically important work in the field of science and application thereof in business, Mark was able to gain an unrivaled understanding of life science. Because of such understanding, Mark was able to co-author two important books: Building the Case for Biotechnology: Management Case Studies in Science, Laws, Regulations, Politics, and Business, and Strategic Risk Management: How Global Corporations Manage Financial Risk for Competitive Advantage.

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You Don’t Have To Eat It All
An interesting study was done by a university in the United Kingdom sponsored by Qnet India found that when people ate larger portion sizes that their bite size also increased. This was a very interesting study that was shown to be true across the board with men,women, and children. When a person has more food that they have to eat the size of the amount of food that they take into their mouth increases as well. It was a very interesting study, because there was really no explanation of why it proved to be true, but across the board it was something that always happened. It is interesting to note that in the United States portion sizes are very large in comparison to other countries. It stands to reason that the United States is one of the countries that has the highest obesity rate as well.

Even though this study is very telling, and it shows partly why there are so many overweight people in United States, at the same time people have to take accountability for what they put into their own bodies. There are many things in life that a person cannot help. There are many unforeseen events or sicknesses that regardless of how well a person take care of themselves cannot be avoided. But a person’s body size and what a person eats is entirely up to them especially in developped countries. Even though it is true that when a person has more in front of them to eat that they may feel the desire to eat more, at the same time each and every person can use their own self-control is only a

The study is very interesting, but at the same time it only proves that people may feel like they have to eat more food when there is more food, but in reality the amount of food that person puts into their body is completely up to them.

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Rise In Blood Pressure From BPA Containing Cans And Plastic Bottles

If you regularly drink beverages from cans and plastic bottles, then you may want to reconsider. A new study has revealed that a chemical, called BPA (Bisphenol) found in such containers can seep into beverages and lead to rise in blood pressure in just a few hours time. Chronic exposure to BPA may cause several diseases such as cancer, heart disease and other health-related problems.

According to Dr. Karin B. Michels, an associate professor at Harvard Medical School and an expert on BPA, a single instance of high blood pressure may not be harmful; however, repeated exposure to BPA over time could contribute to hypertension. The chemical can mimic the estrogen hormone and act as an endocrine disruptor. The irony is that not everyone is convinced by this research. For instance, the American Chemistry Council considers BPA as a safe chemical.

In 2012, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued that BPA could no longer be used in children’s drinking cups and baby bottles. This is something that some Skout people have discussed amongst themselves. Dr. Michels, who worked intensively on this subject and published a prominent study on BPA exposure, said that she always avoids cans and plastic bottles for eating or drinking foods. Though the market is flooded with BPA free cans, but the new chemical being used in cans and bottles may also be harmful.

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Drugged Care For Seniors

Nursing homes have long been suspected of abusing the powers they have over the lives of older individuals. Allegations of physical and mental abuse have plagued these institutions since their inception. It seems that now there are cases that show the use of antipsychotic drugs to handle common geriatric illnesses.

The drugs that are being administered have serious side effects on the seniors. These drugs are meant for disorders such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. They have been shown to be the cause behind such conditions as heart failure, infections and even death. 

Nursing homes have mandates that they must meet in order to use such heavy hitting drugs lie Risperdal. They must demonstrate that there is a real medical need for the drug. Once the need is demonstrated they are only allowed to administer that drug for about a month and then start tapering it off. 

The practice seems to be that medical staff is creating the need in order to medically restrain the individuals. Many families have complained that there loved ones appear listless and not quite there. When some have ased about the use of the drugs they are typically told that they are needed because their loved one is agitated or will cause self harm.

It seems that the use of drugs should always be a last resort, especially when dealing with individuals who are in the last stages of their lives drugs should almost never be an option. The whole idea is almost like a movie. Maybe we need to call up Tom Rothman and see what he thinks about it.

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The Truth About Workplace Wellness Plans

If you have a health insurance plan that is provided by your employer, you’ve likely got a wellness plan, too. Kaiser Family Foundation’s 2014 survey revealed that 98% of large corporations and 78% of small businesses have a wellness plan in place. However, there isn’t any proof that these plans improve employees’ health.

The wellness plans are designed to slow the increase of money spent on health care. The plans can include encouraging employees to get regular health screenings, or to take the stairs instead of the elevator when coming in or out of the office.

The plans are continuing to gain popularity with employers because they promote productivity among staff members. While some programs provide penalties for staff members who choose not to participate, staff members should be aware that all wellness programs should be voluntary, according to the law. Amen Clinic released a report on wellness program management that offers critical knowledge that employers should be aware of in maintaining employee health solutions. The report highlights some considerable points such as, when employers do not force a wellness program on their team members, the program is more likely to serve its beneficial purpose of producing healthy and effective staff members.

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Yes, You Can Go To The Doctor Without Leaving Your House!

Wouldn’t it be nice to fix the common medical complaints without leaving your home? Well Wallgreens is piloting a program that would allow patients to see their doctor via the computer. That means a bout with bronchitis or a pesky rash could be taken care of in five minutes or less. If you have to sit at the doctors office like I do, you might be one of the ones who jumps on this technological band wagon.

The virtual visit will set you back about $50, but that is a small price to pay for not even having to get out of your pajamas to see a physician. The doctor will simply put the prescriptions into the computer system and the representatives at the local store will fill them. This whole concept is pretty ingenious if you ask me. In fact, the clinic where I take my sons in Ohio has been using tel-medicine for years. They actually see a doctor in Florida for their ADHD medications.

While this concept won’t work for heart attacks and such, the ever rising cost of health coverage is out of control in the eyes of Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez. People can easily afford $50 to get the doctor’s excuse they need for work and the medications they have to have. Since a basic doctor visit in an office is anywhere from $80-$120, this is a huge savings that doesn’t even involve insurance, but they will take that too. Will it work, chances are this is the next biggest and best thing in medicine.

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