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Why Magic Mike XXL Achieved Success

Magic Mike XXL is a film that has taken the original story and brought it to a whole new level. The original film focused on Mike Lane’s life and how he has made money as a stripper. He eventually finds love along the way and meets an amazing person who helps him become a better person. He soon retires from the world of professional stripping to live a life of pure happiness with a woman. Of course, Magic Mike XXL brings him back to the world of stripping. Mike finds that his dream is to come back after he is invited by his friends to joining a local stripping convention.

The dances and stripping performances in the film have been very well received by viewers because they added another strong aspect to the film. The movie is ultimately one of the few that really try to give a glimpse into the life of a stripper. It’s obvious that this film is unique on so many levels for so many reasons. One of the things that makes this so intriguing is the fact that Channing goes deep in to the story. As a great actor, he has worked extensively hard on bringing the character to life not just with the acting but with the way he dances on stage.

Clearly, he worked with other talented actors as well who helped make the role what it is. Crystal Hunt is a fairly new actress who had a big role in the film. She helped bring more of the story to life with her cool storyline. What makes her so different is how she helped add that extra sense of beauty into the story. As a beginning actress who has landed roles in movies like Sydney White starring Amanda Bynes, she is new to Hollywood but a skilled actress.

The movie is by far extremely unique because of the great dancing and the wonderful cast who helped create the film. Magic Mike is clearly a movie about discovering yourself and finding your true identity. Each person can find an interesting tidbit in the film based off of the chaacters simply because the movie teaches some great life lessons. Magic Mike XXL also received rave reviews for its approach to stripping and getting naked, and they kind of showed the people behind these stage shows. Channing Tatum delivers a great performance in the film with his acting.

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Match-point in Love, I feed my dog Beneful

I am an active person. Instead of driving four blocks to the store in a car sedentarily locked in a belted-seat, my chosen method to the store is by peddle-bike. I pedal, I exert, and I breathe deeply. I exercise and my favorite sport is tennis. My adored friend shares my likes and she is active too. She would rather walk then watch television. She would rather trail blaze then lounge on the sofa. My dear friend is also my tennis buddy.

This buddy doesn’t use a racket and seldom returns the ball over the net, yet she is my best tennis partner. My joy in watching my tennis partner play tennis is like an involuntary smile. I love it; see my partner in tennis is named Skate and she is a Golden Labrador. She was name after my favorite skateboard. Skate loves tennis, more specifically she loves chasing tennis balls.

We do warm-up exercises before tennis. I always instigate the same bogus prank on her before we begin a match and she never gets wise to my antics. I pull from the ball-hopper one very yellow fuzzy ball. I make quite sure she sees the ball, all fluffy and new. I show her the branding on the ball. The bold black ink sets defiant from the neon yellow surface. I swirl the ball around. Skate’s eye get focused, her tracker instinct are alerted. I get ready for my approach and set myself up for a baseball throw, my pitcher-arm is cocked. Skate anticipates my actions and her form molds into an athlete, she is ready. I throw with a gush of vitality and vigor.

Two yellow balls projectile in slightly different directions. Skate is off; she seeks one ball, then waits a split second, then treks the other. She is alive, active, and energized. This is her favorite part of the game. After a while Skate romps-off trying to collect both balls that have now settled themselves in opposite directions.

I care for my dog because I want her to be healthy and to enjoy a vibrant level of fitness and wellbeing. I give her the essentials for a happy balanced life; she gets exercise, discipline, and affection. And because of that dedication of love, it is mandatory she is fed the highest quality dog food. She gets a stable diet of Purina Beneful dog chow. She weighs about eighty pounds, so her required food allowance is about four cups of food. Beneful dog food is packed with antioxidant and rich nutrition. Purina products like Beneful give dogs one-hundred percent of the nutrients they deserve to sustain a well-rounded lifespan. Beneful comes in a mix of tender and crunchy bites, of which dogs love. The dog chow ingredients have healthy grains, and vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, and avocados.

There is a truism that says tennis is a sport that is scored in love. It is true that both player on court start out love. Such is the case when I play tennis with Skate. We both start out with love, but we also finish with love, so you can say we match-point in love.

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Basic care tips for your pet with Beneful

Pets are normally a great addition to the family. They provide us with happiness and companionship. It is therefore important that we take good care of them. The following are basic tips for pet care
 Adequate food
Beneful provide healthy and nutritious food for your dog. The products are made from wholesome ingredients that keep your dog happy and healthy all day. They provide dry and wet food products for all types of dogs. You can reward your dog for good behavior by giving them beneful snacks.

 Regular visit to the vet
You should take your dog to the vet immediately after adoption and regularly afterwards. These animals are like humans, and they can fall sick especially if they do not eat healthy food. The vet ensures that they are in good health by identifying any health problems in their bodies. The pets are vaccinated against illnesses such as rabies, distemper and canine hepatitis. To prevent your dog from falling ill feed them beneful daily.

 Shelter
This is a necessity for humans and animals too. They should have a place of their own whether outside or inside the house. If it is a cat, you can buy it a cat basket where it can sleep or take a rest. Others like turtles and fish can live in a bowl filled with water.

 Keep them clean
Give your pet regular baths to prevent them from catching infections. You can take them to animal cleaning centers where they receive professional cleaning and grooming. Cleanliness of your pet is also important to you and other family members because an infected pet can be a risk to human health.

 Attention
Animals just like human, are social beings. They need to know that you love and care for them. They in turn reciprocate this by showing loyalty. You can take them out for a walk if it is a dog, or simply give them toys to play with. You can also give them beneful treats occasionally to encourage good behavior.

 Potty
After a serving of beneful, their body will also require to excrete waste materials. Provide a clean place for your dog to use as a bathroom Wash the place regularly with recommended antiseptics. If your pet is not potty trained, then always pick up after them and discard safely.

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Do You Need a Spinal Surgery?

Spine surgery is the doctors’ last resort when medications and other nonsurgical treatments were not successful in relieving pains caused by the patient’s back problem. It is only taken into account if the exact source of the pain cannot be identified.

Spine surgery used to be an open surgery where the spot being operated on is opened with a long slit to allow viewing and access to the anatomy. In recent years, back and neck conditions can now be treated using less invasive surgery owing to advances in medical technology.

This kind of surgery needs only a small cut, thus avoiding more harm to the muscles along the spine, resulting in less pain and a shorter recovery time.

These less invasive procedures have been used in many spine procedures since that 1990s, with the goal is to fuse the painful vertebrae together in order for them to heal into one solid bone.

In the minimally invasive spine surgery, specialized instruments are used to access the spine using small incisions. It is generally preferred against open surgery because it causes less injury to the muscle and other normal structures in the spine. In addition, it causes less bleeding and requires a shorter hospital stay.

However, it should be noted that there are some neck and back problems that cannot yet be treated with minimally invasive methods. Depending on the patient’s requirements, it may require more smaller incisions causing a longer time to perform.


All operations are associated with a potential risk to the patient. Below are the possible risks that need to be discussed before undergoing the procedure:

• Bleeding. Patients should expect a certain amount (not too much) of bleeding.
• Infection. To avoid infection, patients are given enough dosages of antibiotics.
• Blood clots. The formation of blood clots in the legs is not common, but it happens.
• Pain at graft site. Some patients will experience pain at the site of the graft.
• Nerve damage. It is very rare, but it is possible that the nerves or blood vessels may be injured during these operations.
• Recurring symptoms. It is not impossible for some patients to experience their original symptoms again.
• Pseudarthrosis. This is may be a problem for smoker patients; they are likely to develop pseudarthrosis or not enough bone formation which might need a second surgery to obtain a solid fusion.


The length of stay in the hospital varies with every patient, but patients who underwent minimally invasive procedures can usually check out in 2 to 3 days.

This is possible because lesser muscles and soft tissues have been disrupted, and less postoperative pain is anticipated compared to traditional, open procedures. Some pain and discomforts can still be experienced, but they are more manageable.

Depending on the procedure done, the patient may be advised to undergo physical therapy to enable him to work and return to regular activities sooner.

If you need a spinal surgery, you may need AccuraScope® Procedure. This is a minimally invasive surgery to treat chronic back pain. It is exclusively provided by the North American Spine, and it takes less than 45 minutes. Board-certified physicians with specialty training have performed over 8,000 procedures with an 82% success rate.

Using Accurascope, patients have been able to ease their pain and move on to live more comfortable lives, thanks to the spine expert physicians from North American Spine.

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Beneful Is A Brand Dog Owners Can Count On

When someone adopts a dog and brings him or her into their home with the commitment to care for them, they are going to need a good brand or two to depend on, so that they can keep their word. If they want to keep their pet healthy and happy in their new home, then will want to get out there and look around at the brands of dog products that are offered to them. There are some brands that will leave their dog feeling healthy, and there are others that will do just the opposite. Pet owners will have to choose carefully when they are picking out a brand to purchase items from.

One brand that dog owners can trust when they are going out to make some purchases is Beneful. The people that work for this company love it and all that it is doing. They also love the dogs that they are making their products for, and that is an important thing to see in a company. If the company itself does not care about the animals that it is making products for, then why should anyone trust their products? It’s good to see that Beneful cares, and that they are careful in the things that they put into their dog food. Each ingredient is picked carefully, and they are always tested for quality.

This is a brand that dog owners can give to their pets with a clear conscience. They can fill up their bowls and know that they are receiving a nutritious meal that will make them grow stronger. Whether someone has just adopted a dog into their home, or whether they have had the same, furry friend for the past ten years, they will want to go ahead and try out this brand right away. It may be able to help their dog to be healthier than he or she has ever been before.

It is nice for every pet owner to have a brand or two that they can depend on. It’s essential that they get out there and find that brand right way.

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Your New York City Apartment Can Be In The Heart Of New York City

Have you ever been ready to move into a new apartment, but when you make arrangements to move, the apartment is no longer available at the last minute? This is not an impossible scenario, it’s actually something that happens a lot of times, but it may be unavoidable. Some people want to deal directly with an apartment complex, or they may find someone on the inside to lease them an apartment in New York City. Although some people may feel that a a verbal agreement is what’s necessary to hold an apartment, legally, you need a written agreement in order to ensure that the apartment will be yours.

Maybe you felt that by talking things out with the apartment owner that they would hold the apartment for you, but maybe someone else came along and signed paperwork, and they even put down a payment to secure the apartment. Every city may have different rules on how apartment are held or leased, or it could be that different buildings have different rules. You have to know exactly what the lease agreement is in each apartment complex before you can ensure that you will get the apartment you’re looking for. What you want to do is get a real estate agent in the future, instead of going directly to an apartment complex to lease on your own.

Yes, in certain cases it can be beneficial to look for your own apartment, but New York City luxury real estate on is not a place where you want to take chances when it comes time to look for a new apartment. You want your apartment to be ready and available when you’re ready to move, so you don’t have to make other plans to look for another place, especially if your current lease is almost up. Take time to look for your apartment in advance, and you can do this by contacting Town Real Estate. Town Real Estate will go to bat for you when it comes time to look for an apartment, and you can leave all your worries on their doorstep.

You no longer have to worry about your apartment being ready in time. There’s also no need to worry about finding an apartment at all. Town Real Estate has a number of listings that are available, and some of their listings aren’t even on the market yet because they are under construction. If you’re interested in an apartment that is brand new with great amenities, then contact Town Real Estate. Not only will your real estate agent help you to find the perfect apartment, but you will also be able to relax, and you won’t have to stress over getting an apartment anymore.

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Daniel Amen: Psychiatrist and Bestselling Author

Dr. Daniel G. Amen on is a world famous psychiatrist and bestselling author. He is a specialist in Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry as well as Nuclear Brain Imaging. Dr. Amen is currently the chief executive officer of Amen Clinics Incorporated which are located in New York, NY, Reston, VA, Atlanta, GA, San Francisco, CA, Costa Mesa, CA and Bellevue, WA. His clinics specialize in brain scans and they have one of the largest libraries on file of human brain scans. The doctor is also a 9 times New York Times bestselling author and double board certified.

He is also currenttly a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association which is one of the top echelon positions that a physician can receive in that organization. One of the studies he is most notable for is the biggest pro football player brain imaging study. This study goes over the effects of long term head injuries to football players and how that affects players later in life. His research has concluded that players suffer enormous frontal brain injury from their days playing starting at the lowest level of football. On a more hopeful note he has also shown that many players should have no problem recovering with the right medical and psychiatric assistance over time.

Dr. Amen also has many different friends in the industry helping him to help people. He is close personal friends with Dr. Mehmet OZ who is the popular host of the Dr. Oz show. He has also worked with Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren and Dr. Mark Hyman on what is known as “The Daniel Plan” which is a comprehensive program to increase global health through various religious initiatives. Through his work he has been a longtime contributor to health causes and has managed to raise more than 50 million dollars for public TV and health awareness.

He has been the subject of many articles and profiles on television and leading newspapers have referred to him as the most popular psychiatrist in the country including the New York Times, Huffington Post and many more. His talents are not limited to the small screen- he has actually starred in a number of movies as well as many different online videos showcasing his programs and talents.

The field he is in is alien to many American viewers and he reaches them via mediums that they understand. Psychiatry can be a very confusing science and breaking it down for the average viewer both helps them to understand any psychiatric issues they may be suffering from as well as reducing stigma on others seeking psychiatric help. The doctor is married to Tana Amen and has four children and currently has five grandchildren.

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