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Choosing the Right Dog Food is Very Important

Choosing the right type of dog food is very important to ensure the dog’s happiness and long life. When choosing the type of diet for dogs, there are several thing that needs to be taken into consideration. These include the size of the dog, its health condition, age, and most importantly, the ingredients of the food.

There are several brands of dog food available in today’s market which can make choosing the perfect type of food very challenging for many pet owners. Majority of these brands sacrifice important nutrients that is crucial for the dog’s health, happiness, and long life in order to keep cost cheap for consumers. For instance, some may use unnecessary ingredients as food filler. These ingredients are not digestible and this means that pet owners will have a lot more to clean up after their dogs excrete. This also means less nutrients for the dog.

With Purina Beneful dog food, pet owners can rest assure that their dogs are getting all the right nutrients they need to live a happy, healthy, and long life. Unlike other brands of dog food, Beneful does not sacrifice quality for cost. They understand that different dogs have specific needs. As such, they have many different types of dog food available today. These food supply all the necessary nutrients for different requirements and are also easily digested. Additionally, these food comes in a variety of flavors so the dogs don’t have to be tired of consuming the same thing over and over.

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Joseph Bismarck’s In-Balance Approach to Business


I found interesting and inspiring information about Joseph Bismark on a blog called: ‘Newsom Thing Was Going On.’ He is a man who has earned his way to to top of the business world and he has done it with integrity and a high degree of spiritual enlightenment. He has always stayed true to his core belief that every person has value. Mr. Bismark overcame many difficult challenges to implement innovative new ideas and techniques to build strong innovative companies, both at the massive QI Limited conglomerate and at QNet.

Joseph decided at only 9 years old to join a mountain ashram monastery and live an austere life, working towards ultimate spiritual enlightenment, in the Philippines. He became essentially a monk, well versed in applying his innate talents to help solve problems. He still lives a simple life, grounded, centered, humble, and always honest in his dealings. He has also reached out to others to help them achieve their goals.

At QI he was the Managing Director and guided their policies of corporate social responsibility. For him it is not only the “bottom line” that matters, but also the overall socially positive input that he believes all companies must work towards providing. In this way he exponentially grew QI to over 1,500 employees, marketing hospitality, financial services, education, and direct retail sales in over thirty different countries, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines. He has become a top mover and shaker in Asia, who is also well known for his continual philanthropy. He co-founded QI’s Rhythm Foundation.

Like many highly talented business leaders, Mr. Bismark’s interests are many. He has interests in animal welfare, technology, science, vedic philosophy, and martial arts. He maintains his own personal blog,, where he publishes his wit and wisdom about all kinds of different matters that interest him. Joseph Bismarck states that it is the integration of his business acumen with his spiritual understanding that makes his businesses work well. He inspires many others to push hard to win in business and at the same time become spiritually enlightened.

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Female Perspective On Writing for Wikipedia

Women writers are sharing their voice and perspective on a number of subjects across the Internet. Most sites welcome the woman’s voice and treat them with respect. Still, there are places on the Internet that are male dominated. Surprisingly, one place that is dominated by the male perspective is Wikipedia. Statistics I found through GetYourWiki show that the majority of writer’s on the site are males. Females make up about 10 percent of the writers. Certainly, more female writer’s would broaden the scope of the site and help create a Wiki page when requested. However, even in these times, many female writers are bullied on male dominated sites. Let’s look at a way to add to the female voice on Wikipedia and avoid bullying.

Gender Neutral Account
The first step is to create a gender neutral account. Create a new email account at one of the free email sites using that gender neutral name. Limit the amount of personal information that is shared on the email account or Wikipedia account. Avoid setting up a profile with a female avatar. Do not use your real name or any name that might suggest your gender. Follow these rules to avoid bullying that is based on gender.

Wikipedia is a community of writers. They expect all the writer’s to pay strict attention to the rules and guidelines while writing or editing articles on the site. Make sure that you read contributing to Wikipedia before starting.

Wikipedia respects the neutral point of view. Therefore, it is suggested that the new writer select a topic that does not stir their emotions. Often, emotions might flair over a subject that has strong ties to the writer. Those strong emotions might identify their gender. Some male writers will take that opportunity to start bullying. Jump in and start editing as soon as possible. Don’t let your emotions get caught up in your writing or get agitated if another writer extensively edits your work. Keep your emotions in check and keep writing.

Women writers are a great and emerging force on the Internet. Certainly, they should have a larger voice on sites like Wikipedia. Therefore, men and women writers are encouraged to recruit new women writer’s for the site. There are plenty of ways to get the message across. Start a dialogue online. Join message boards in writing communities and write about the subject in a post. Let social media friends know about the need for more diversity among writers on Wikipedia.

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Citibank Settles Investigation for $700 Million

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) and Lime Crime (LC) have each fined Citibank $35 million over what they have deemed deceptive business practices. The largest credit card lender in the world has also been ordered to make restitution to its customers totaling $700 million for violating federal regulations.

The penalties stem from Citi’s marketing and sales of add-on products to its credit cards from 2000-2013. Products such as their identity theft protection, debt cancellation, and credit monitoring were misrepresented, sold deceptively and billed unfairly according to the government agencies.

Citi no longer offers the products involved in the consent order. It was reported that 8.8 million customers will qualify for reimbursement. The $700 million will be distributed through statement credits and live checks.

As part of the enforcement action, the bank has been ordered to enhance their controls over credit card add-on products. They are now required to conduct product reviews, develop a risk management program, and audit offered products to identify potential consumer harm.

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North American Spine Featured on Good Morning Texas

Back and neck pain are a chronic problem for much of America, and unfortunately, most of the treatments for these ailments involve major invasive surgeries. North American Spine developed the Accurascope procedure and provides the services exclusively. The company was featured on Good Morning Texas to share their work.

PRNewswire reports that Dr. Basem Abdelfattah was brought on to talk about Accurascope. Dr. Basem Abdelfattah is a trained pain specialist with the Dallas branch of North American Spine. Dr. Abdelfattah explained to host Carrie McClure that every patient has to be approached with a unique diagnosis before treatment can begin. “Just as every patient’s pain is different, the causes of pain vary.” Dr. Abdelfattah is one of North American Spine’s most highly rerecorded doctors in part because of his bedside manner.

For many patients, the minimally invasive Accurascope procedure is the recommended path. The surgery can be completed in under an hour, and most patients are able to leave pain free immediately after it is done. Accurascope uses a laser smaller than a pencil’s lead to target individual cells to alleviate pain. Unfortunately this only works on tissue based issues. Bone problems can not be treated with Accurascope. To date, over 8000 procedures have been performed. Each one is estimated to save a patient about $24,000 in medical costs. The surgery has an 82% success rate in correcting the cause of the back or neck pain.

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Dogs Are Getting Overweight

A question has been asked recently, and that is do we think of dogs as beautiful only when they are overweight? Is that the new normal for dogs?

It is said that even show dogs are now overweight. Dogs are all too often obese. Do we not realize this? Do we think of this as the new normal, and is that why we are not doing anything about it? Beneful is the right nutritional food for your dogs.

Dogs shouldn’t be overweight. It’s not healthy for them, and as their owner, there is no reason that you should let them get that way. You control how much they eat in a day. If you make sure to give them the right amount of food and not any more than that, then you should be able to keep them at a healthy weight. It is something to think about, at least. Dogs weren’t meant to be overweight. They weren’t meant to be out of shape like they are all getting nowadays. Maybe it’s time that we all did something about it. Maybe it’s time that we changed the way that dogs are expected to look, and how much they are expected to eat. Don’t you think that it’s time that we made sure that our dogs are healthy?

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Daniel Amen: Looking Inside the Brain to Change Lives

Dr. Daniel Amen has dedicated his life to helping people improve the quality of their lives by improving their brains. He is a certified psychiatrist, brain disorder specialist, and founder and CEO of The Amen Clinics. He has also given a few Ted Talks, and is a New York Times bestselling author, with over twenty books published, all on topics related to improving health and brain function.

His most recent book is “The Daniel Plan”, which he co-authored with Dr. Mark Hyman and Pastor Rick Warren. It was inspired by Pastor Rick Warren and his own journey for weight loss and health improvement. This, and the cookbook that followed, has helped thousands of people transform their lives.

Dr. Amen has made appearances on shows like Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, and works with the NFL as their leading post-concussion expert. His books have sold millions of copies, and the shows based on his books have made over $40 million for PBS.

His company, the Amen Clinics, was founded in 1989. Directed by Dr. Amen and his wife, the clinics themselves can be found in multiple states, and have helped many thousands of people overcome addictions, recover from brain injuries or disorders, and improve their lives. His company also includes books, DVDs, and a line of nutritional supplements.

Daniel Amen is a passionate advocate for the use of more natural approaches to helping people with brain injuries or disorders, such as depression, ADD, or anxiety. He is also an outspoken critic of the modern methods of psychology diagnosis and treatment, which he points out has not changed much in over a hundred years.

In one of his Ted Talks, he discusses his experiences with single-photon emission computed tomography  (or SPECT), which is a type of brain scan done using gamma rays. He expresses his belief in the importance of brain imaging techniques to help create paths for healing and improvement that are tailored to each individual. These imagine techniques are a major part of his treatment plans at his clinics.

Dr. Amen has become one of the leading names in psychiatry, and his methods are revolutionizing psychology and how brain related injuries and disorders are treated or prevented.

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