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Obesity is Not a Side Effect of Cannabis Use

Cannabis use is growing rapidly across the nation. It is known to give users hunger cravings, often called munchies. The scientific community has posed the question, Will Legalized Marijuana Lead to Higher Obesity Levels?

A study of nearly 800 adults, like Dave and Brit Morin, was done by NIHS to address the correlation between cannabis use and body mass, fat, and insulin levels. The study asked the participants to confidently complete a questionnaire about their health history and cannabis use, and then monitored the test group via a fasting blood glucose test. Read more about the study here.

While common sense says that using a product that causes cravings will obviously lead to higher levels of fat and insulin in the bloodstream, studies are showing the exact opposite. The study of insulin levels after the fasting blood glucose test revealed that a lower BMI is associated with regular cannabis users.

The psychology community has seen that those who use the plant are usually compensating for a health condition that requires them to want to eat more, and therefore it isn’t a concern. There is a question in the air still if further legalization and use of the plant by otherwise healthy individuals would lead to an increase in obesity. The answers will not be available until further study on cannabis users can be conducted.

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Country Kids Get Asthma Bad Like City Kids

Asthma is a lung disease common in children that causes airways to swell, narrow and even become blocked. Shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing occur during an attack of Asthma. Severe Asthma attacks can result in death.

Until recently, medical experts believed that something in the air of poor urban neighborhoods caused an extra risk forchildren with Asthma who live in these areas. Although many children in poor urban neighborhoods suffer from Asthma, the inner city air is no longer blamed.

Air quality inside of homes is found to be more responsible for Asthma episodes rather than overall urban or rural air quality. Cockroaches, mold and second hand smoke are often found in the homes of children with Asthma symptoms. Bernardo Chua has learned that stress is also considered a contributing factor to the Asthma disease.

Children who live in poverty are far more likely to have Asthma. Most of the conditions which make Asthma worse are more common in the housing conditions poor people are forced to live in, city or country.

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Psychobiolitics May Hold Key To Improving Some Mental Health Disorders

Do you eat happy? No that does not mean if the food you eat makes you feel happy. A new scientific study suggests that diet does affect people’s mood. Psychobiotics are a bacteria food in several types of food that actually release serotonin up to the brain. This creates a mellow, even happy result in consumers. All over the world researchers are putting in long hours to study this very interesting effect that could lead to a decrease into mood regulating drugs. For example doctors may suggest some key changes to patient’s diets rather than prescribing drugs to those suffering from anxiety and depression. Yogurt is one of the food sources of psychobiotics but researchers said that a pill form would be much more effective because of the concentrated dose. Clinical trials are currently underway to determine long term results of a high concentration of psychobiotics affect mental health. Always interested in different ways to stay healthy, Marc Sparks looks forward to more research on this theory.

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Meet Dr. Rod J. Rohrich: Leader in Plastic Surgery Innovations
Usually I blog about happiness and wellness, but sometimes people find they have to take measures to actually physically alter their bodies to be happy. Although, I believe you can find other ways to be truly happy than plastic surgery, it is important to be educated about qualified and certified professionals if you decided to take this step. I recently met Dr. Rod Rohrich, and I felt compelled to share his fascinating career with you.
Rod Rohrich, M.D., FACS, has spearheaded the invention of groundbreaking methods, procedures, as well as technology been used by physicians in the plastic surgery field all over the world. He has come up with a unique group that is exceptionally focused on quality in giving care to patients, study, and training. Over the 2 decades he worked as chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery, this contribution positioned UT Southwestern at the middle of the recent developments in cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedure.

Dr. Rohrich’s encounter and study have added extensively to enhancing the safety as well as efficacy of plastic plus reconstructive surgical treatment. This comprises of; knowing the way the face ages, enhancing facial reconstruction, breast surgical procedure, rhinoplasty, plus other surgical treatments; and improving approaches towards individualized therapies to achieve normal-looking outcomes for patients.

Still with the acknowledgment he has attained in the neighborhood, nationally, and worldwide, Dr. Rohrich has upheld an attitude of treating every patient equally. He has offered treatment to many individuals, varying from corporate managers to soccer moms- giving insightful information that helps them achieve their objectives on the basis of what is ground-breaking, safe, as well as successful in plastic surgical treatment.

He’s featured frequently in media- including Newsweek, Oprah, Allure, the View, the Today Show, CNN, KDFW-TV, Twitter, the New York Times, the Dallas Morning News, plus other numerous media outlets. Dr. Rohrich is constantly named in best doctor rankings- such as U.S. News & World Report, America’s Top Plastic Surgeons, D Magazine’s Best Doctors in Dallas, Texas Monthly Super Docs, as well as America’s Top Plastic Surgeons.

He has had various management positions in the internationally most well-revered plastic surgery associations. This comprises of working as President of American Society of Plastic Surgery, Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons, and Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Rohrich is also a founding associate of the Board of Governors for National Endowment for Plastic Surgery. He presently works as Chairman of American Board of Plastic Surgery’s Resident Review Committee, and worked in the Board of Directors of this organization. He is Rhinoplasty Society’s President- an organization that oversees cosmetic plastic surgical treatment training for doctors in USA.

An innovative tutor as well as scientist, Dr. Rohrich has a patent on the latest breast implant and also has come up with educational models intended for bringing up-and-coming technology to physicians in the specialty of plastic surgery. He has served as Chairman for at least 150 countrywide and international symposia and written at least 1,500 scientific papers regarding plastic as well as reconstructive surgery.

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One Young Man’s Answer to Bullying

One of the things many adults remember from their childhood is when they were bullied. Our children face many challenges today, from poverty and abuse from adults to the tragic results of war. Those facing the most difficult challenges many times have bullying coupled with those challenges.

As Giofrancesco Genoso knows, today’s youth have many more answers and solutions to bullying on their side than the youth from several years ago. The internet is a good place to look for answers to bullying, such as this site: Many of the tips may be useless in some situations, but many will help to a large degree.

Sometimes our children are creative enough to come up with their own answers. In this video, Josh is able to deal with his problem through a simple solution he comes up with. This video illustrates a great idea and is inspirational to anyone who watches it:

As duly noted in most cites on the prevention of bullying, adults can’t always be there for children. But our support and guidance can certainly help them. Never overlook the fact that bullies do what they do for a reason and may need help, also.

Many parents will be shocked and dismayed upon finding that their child is a bully. For those parents, there is help. Simply go to a search engine and type in “My child is a bully” and results will come up.

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Listening To Our Inner Self

Tapping into our inner self can be quite powerful and maybe even change the world. At least, this is what you will read about if you pick up Vijay Eswaran’s popular book “Sphere of Silence”. It is something that will bring about a whole different way of thinking for a lot of people.

This book and its author are currently celebrating it being on the shelves for ten years. It is a major milestone that not every author gets to enjoy. However, this is not the kind of book that every author writes.

Vijay Eswaran says in his book that most people think only of food, shelter, and things of this nature as the necessities to survive. However, he believes that there is more to it than that. He says that tranquility of mind is something that must be a part of one’s life if they want to have a truly full life.

The book draws heavily on some of the principles that are a part of the Hindu faith. These are principles that Vijay learned about when he was a child. Putting them in a book in a way that those who are not of the same faith can understand is critical. This is the way in which Vijay has brought about his ideas to a wider audience.

The book is one that has been widely praised as something that should be read by those who are looking for some purpose in their lives. If they feel that they are a little lost at the moment, this may want to take a look at this book to regain some strength. It provides a different way to look at the world, and a truly interesting way to take in some of the daily struggles that we are all faced with at times.

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Vitamin D Can Help Ward Off Disease

Have you gotten your Vitamin D today? That is what scientists have been researching in relation to the occurrence of dementia in patients. What they have found is that a lack of the vitamin tends to lean to a greater instance of dementia, especially when the patients live in northern regions of the country.

So, if you want to lessen your expose to the possibility of developing dementia, you should take your Vitamin D, or move to the south. The study was geared to develop correlations between different diseases and the latitude at where the patients lived and grew up.

While more research needs to be done in different regions, it was shown to initially link the coldness of the region with dementia risk. What was determined was that it was not specifically the temperature in question that was the predicator of dementia, it was the lack of sunlight.

Sunlight aids the body in making Vitamin D. This is necessary for the body to maintain health and well being (mentally and psychologically). Without direct sunlight for a majority of the year, individuals do not have the ability to make the necessary vitamin naturally, something which is important to Marc Sparks, who you can see more of on his Youtube page.

What was found was that if the patients took a supplement vitamin D tab daily, they were able to ward off the effects of not producing enough naturally. So, if you live where the sun does not always shine, remember the importance of eating right and taking a vitamin supplement.

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