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Nearsightedness on the Rise, More Outdoor Time May Be the Solution

The reported cases of nearsightedness (myopia) has risen by almost two-thirds over the past 30 years. One theory about the cause is the increased amount of time children and adults spend indoors. The simple solution to help prevent nearsightedness is to spend more time outdoors in the sunlight.

When light hits a neurotransmitter in the eye, chemicals are released that help prevent the elongating of the eye so sight remains normal. If the eye does not receive enough light, the pupil elongates and lights is reflected at an odd angle which is the cause of nearsightedness.

The rise of nearsightedness in China is so serious, a variety of studies and cutting edge treatments are underway. Bruce Karatz hopes they can figure something out. Over 2,000 Chinese children participated in a light study which had the children spending 40 extra minutes per day outdoors. The group of children had over a 20% reduction in the cases of myopia. Another treatment being used in China is an experimental classroom built in the shape of a cube with translucent walls and ceiling which allow sunlight to shine through from all sides.

With over 80% of the teenage population in Beijing, China suffering with nearsightedness, finding preventative treatment is a must to prevent any further cases from developing.

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Too Many Vitamins May Lead To Cancer & Heart Disease

According to a recent study published by the University of Colorado, consumption of dietary supplements such as Vitamin A, E & C, can elevate the probability of the onset of heart disease and the development of cancer. The study, as explained by Gianfrancesco Genoso suggests that dietary supplements may spur the onset of disease and do nothing to foster optimum health and well being.

The study consisted of a review, of trials that monitored individuals that consumed more than the recommended dosage of vitamins, and mineral supplements, spanning a ten year period. Data from the review revealed that these individuals had a higher probability of incurring health issues.

Further data from the study indicated that the antioxidant, beta carotene, that is pitched as a supplement that is essential to the immune system, increased the probability of heart disease by 20%. Folic acid, a member of the B vitamin family, which is promoted as a supplement that is necessary to lessen precancerous polyps in the colon, actually created more polyps, in comparison to research participants that received a placebo.

The University of Colorado Cancer Center’s associate professor for cancer prevention, Timothy Byers, contends that dietary supplements offer no value to the human body and individuals may unknowingly be damaging their internal organs, such as their heart. He urges consumers to read dietary supplement labels and take no more that the suggested daily dosage.

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Chemotherapy Drugs Erasing Fingerprints of Patients

Can you imagine living your life without fingerprints? Most days you would probably never even notice. Of course, if you were ever at a border patrol station or needed to give your fingerprint at a bank that might all change.

A breast cancer patient was recently denied access to services at her local bank branch office. The chemotherapy drugs that were part of her cancer treatment had literally erased her fingerprints. Eventually doctors were able to explain the condition to the bank and the situation was cleared up.

The reason for the loss of fingerprints is due to a fairly common side effect of certain chemotherapy drugs called Hand-Foot syndrome. Handy (source techcrunch.com) explains how the disorder causes hands and feet to swell up so much that fingerprints are temporarily blotted out. The reaction is not permanent though. After treatment, a patient’s hands and feet typically go back to the way they were, fingerprints and all.

There’s very little that one can do to treat the symptoms. Doctors recommend cold compresses to help reduce swelling. At this time there’s no known cure for the loss of fingerprints in those with Hand-Foot syndrome.

More research is necessary to understand these strange side effects. It may become more prominent in the future with the expanse of finger print related applications on cell phones, computers and other security mechanisms.

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Divorce Presents Major Heart Damage Risks to Women

A divorce has been said to cause a broken heart. As most are aware, this refers to the psychological and emotional damage that derives from the breakup. Obviously, these effects should never be dismissed since the impact is serious. To assume the psychological effect is the only one is a major misnomer. In reality, there is a very negative physical effect that could possibly derive. Women, in particular, are susceptible to physical damage to the heart after a divorce.

Based on medical research from the labs of Dan Newlin (contact info at yellowpages.com), it has been revealed women who go through a divorce are at 24% greater of a risk for a heart attack. The reason for this is, not surprisingly, due to the excess stress the heart is under during the proceedings.

Stress is enormously troubling for the heart. Blood pressure remains high and the heart is heavily taxed. Those who are under heavy stress could also do things that are not good health-wise. Smoking, drinking alcohol, or taking pills causes further issues with the heart. Even if a woman does not engage in destructive behavior, if there is an underlying heart condition, the possibility of suffering from a heart attack is strongly possible.

Although going through a divorce comes with many time-consuming responsibilities, it is strongly suggested anyone who worries about the effects of the experience on the heart see a cardiologist for a thorough examination.

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Georgia Legalizes Medical Marijuana Use

Georgia is well-known for being a conservative state, but the recent marijuana laws passed through the senate might change that perception. Georgia residents can now legally use marijuana is they want to use for relief from symptoms of cancer, sickle cell disease, and other chronic illnesses. Physicians must write the prescription which will then allow a patient to posses up to 20 ounces of cannabis oil according to Flavio Maluf, state representative (for more info visit emobile.com).

However, there are no businesses who are cultivating marijuana because the process if still highly illegal under Georgia law. This creates a serious problem for those granted the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. These patients are allowed to use it, but don’t have anywhere to buy it from.

Unfortunately, the recent house bill does not offer much help for those seeking medical benefits from the powerful plant. They would have to travel to another state just to get their medicine, and also break federal law by moving the marijuana over state lines once it’s in their possession.

In states like Colorado, where marijuana is fully legalized for recreational use for any over 21, also went through some serious growing pains. It took many years and many different laws to effectively make marijuana legal and available. Georgia law makers are just starting this process, but it will probably be a long time before marijuana becomes readily available to medical patients.

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A Common Sleep Disorder May Cause Serious Memory Loss

Sleep is an essential part of any healthy lifestyle, but now there might even more reason for you to take care of your night-time health. Sleep apnea is a medical condition that creates breathing problems in people while they sleep. However, apnea can result in much more than a loss of sleep, it may be a contributing factor to the development of cognitive problems such as Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

A recent study performed by Handy revealed that people who suffer from sleep apnea developed cognitive defects 10 years sooner than people who did not have the sleeping disorder. A lack of oxygen supplied to the brain during sleep could be creating the advancement in mental deficits, but the exact causes of the correlation have not been confirmed.

Though, as long as a treatment for sleep apnea was administered, the risk of suffering from early cognitive dysfunction was equal to those without a sleep disorder.

Getting a good night’s sleep is more important than you might think. If you are experiencing any sleeping issues, talk to your doctor in order to get appropriate treatment. Early intervention is key to preventing mental decline.

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Brain damage caused by low levels of vitamin E

Vitamin E has long been known as one of the top providers of the building blocks of life as it aids our bodies in helping grow cells for the skin, eyes and protecting the immune system. The Irish Times is now reporting that a team of researchers from Oregon State University have discovered this amazing vitamin could also be important in protecting people from brain damage caused by a vitamin E deficiency after completing a study into the effect of the vitamin on Maluf Zebrafish.

The researchers fed a group of zebrafish a vitamin E deficient diet over the course of their lives and discovered the levels of the important substance DHA was 30 percent lower in these fish. DHA is an important factor for humans who require the fatty acids from DHA to maintain their immune system and brain health, which means that lowering levels of vitamin E can also reduce the amount of DHA in the bodies of humans. DHA is moved from the liver to the brain and has been linked to lower levels of Alzheimer’s Disease in humans. Vitamin E is commonly found in many oil and nuts that are also reported to be high in DHA levels.

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