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Marijuana Can Still Be Dangerous

Chronic marijuana use can be very detrimental to your brain. That statement may sound a bit obvious, but in recent years marijuana has been celebrated for its medical purposes. I do agree that marijuana can be a helpful drug, but I also know that it can be unsafe in the wrong hands.

A lot of people claim that marijuana is perfectly safe. Marijuana is less harmful than any other drug on the planet, but it is still a drug. Too much marijuana can cause you to have irrational behavior. Many marijuana users will admit this. Mood swings, short term memory loss, and overeating are some side effects of constant marijuana use.

The real problem comes when someone uses marijuana too frequently. Chronic marijuana use can lead to increased anxiety and depersonalization. A lot of people claim that withdrawal does not exist when quitting marijuana. However, withdrawal syndrome does exist when quitting marijuana.

Haidar Barbouti has read that detox for marijuana can be hard, and it can seem impossible without the support of a loved one. When using marijuana medically, remember to be responsible. Do not exceed the doctors prescribed amounts, and do not use your medical marijuana card to exploit the system. There are real patients that need medical marijuana.

The public opinion about marijuana has gone through many transformations, and legalization seems inevitable. For more information on marijuana, visit Buzzfeed.

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Get On A Diet!

Losing weight and staying in shape is one of the hardest battles for the American population. We live in a world where fast food restaurants can be found at the end of every street corner. It’s hard to maintain a healthy diet these days. Fast food is commercialized, and it’s also very convenient.

Many overweight people feel helpless, and they also feel like they will never lose weight. If you want to lose weight, you must first think that you can. Believe it or not, losing weight is not impossible. There are a few things that you can do to start a healthy diet. Cut down on your soda intake, and increase your water intake.

Health-conscious people like Bernardo Chua know that soda beverages are empty calories. Drinking a lot of water will help flush your body. You should avoid fried foods at all costs. Your carb intake should also be monitored. If you start doing these little things, your weight will go down. After you get the hang of your new diet, you should get a little bit more strict.

Six days a week you should maintain a healthy low calorie diet. One day a week you should allow yourself to have a cheat day. All the foods that you were thinking about for that entire week can be eaten on your cheat day. Anyone can do this diet. Just be strong and maintain your diet for six days. For more information on weight loss, visit Buzzfeed.

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Swedish Study Shows A Lower IQ May Cause Heavy Drinking

Study Shows Higher IQ Could Mean Healthier Lifestyle Choices

We all know people drink alcohol for a number of reasons. The medical profession says drinking a glass a wine a day is good for the heart, but once that glass turns into three or four, we run the risk of developing several health issues. Drinking alcohol responsibly is a choice. Haidar Barbouti (Chron.com) has read that a new study in Sweden shows that people with higher IQ scores are more prone to staying within the guidelines when it comes to alcohol consumption.

The study also shows that a poor performance on an IQ tests could lead to riskier drinking habits. The reason, according to the study, is the other factors that go along with low IQ scores. Factors like emotional issues and a poor social background tend to make men more susceptible to binge or heavy drinking.

The Swedish study analyzed 49,321 Swedish men. Adjustments were made for alcohol use in the family, psychiatric issue and social-economic status. One of the researchers in the study wrote, “We found with a higher consumption of alcohol, measured in both terms of total intake and binge drinking in men with lower IQ scores.”

The researcher suggested that one explanation for the results is how the men perceived themselves based on childhood experiences and their social-economic status.

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Marijuana Again Found to Be Safer than Alcohol and Tobacco

According to this recent article that Fersen Lambranho forwarded to me, one man has made a call to action plan-People, really. Stop this pot prohibition nonsense and let’s move on to the really important issues in our country. Again, another study that shows evidence that pot is a low risk substance has now been published in the Scientific Reports journal. And, the new research also indicates that cannabis may be even safer than was previously thought from studies ten years earlier.

This newly presented study measured the risk of death involved with the use of several widely available substances. In comparison with alcohol, tobacco, heroin and cocaine, pot was at the bottom of the risk assessment level and alcohol was at the very top, followed closely by heroin. Of all the drugs studied, cannabis was also the only one that presented a low mortality risk to those who used it, 114 times less lethal than alcohol.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that pot use has no risk whatsoever associated with its use. But, as with anything else we consume, too much of anything can be bad for you. Moderation is the key with weed, just like it is with pop, sweets, red meat and even carrots. Ingest too much and you’re going to see side effects within your body.

These new research results just reaffirm the pot activists argument that is should be reclassified by the DOJ and legalized for medical and recreational use. There is much revenue to be made by the states allowing it, and incarcerating people over possession, to the tune of approximately $30,000 a year, is just plain ridiculous.

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Drink More Coffee, It’s Good For You

Mornings would be substantially worse without the delicious aid of coffee. The hot cup of caffeine allows drinkers to put a little pep in their step anytime of the day. It seems like anything popular is bound to be criticized and coffee is no exception yet a new study gives five reasons that coffee may be beneficial to your health. Imaging advantage suggests drinking coffee every day can reduce the likeliness of of heart disease, type two diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease. There is also no evidence of any negative short or long term health problems. Long story, short drink as much as you usually do or even up your intake because the hot or cold goodness will not only give you the energy needed to get through each day but also potentially provide health benefits. Limiting the amount of sugar and fatty creamers used in each cup is definitely a good recommendation for heavy coffee drinkers so as to not offset the potential health benefits of a black cup of coffee.

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We Can Learn a Lesson from the Diets of Other Cultures

Olive oil has been a staple of the world diet, particularly what is thought of as the Mediterranean diet, for centuries now. It has been observed that people in parts of the world where a higher ratio of unsaturated fats, such as oils, rather than saturated fats like butter are consumed seem to be healthier in general. Various health benefits of certain natural oils have been discovered over time. Olive oil, in particular, has been found to be very healthy. It is associated with lowering cholesterol, normalizing blood clotting and some research shows it to help with blood sugar control. Scientists have now discovered that it quickly kills cancer cells while largely leaving normal cells alone.

We in America would do well to look to the diets of the Mediterranean and East Asia, such as Japan, for inspiration. It can’t be a coincidence that we have higher rates of many chronic diseases than people in certain other parts of the world. The bulk of their diet consists of foods that are simply healthier than a lot of what we eat. We should all consider adding the healthiest aspects of diets from around the world to our daily diets. Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG has learned that getting our fat from healthy unsaturated sources such as oils and eating more fish in place of red meat as the entree on our dinner plates would be a good start.

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Amazing Dolphin Rescue By Burmese Locals

A baby dolphin that was stranded on a beach in Myanmar was the target of a successful rescue by Burmese locals. It took many attempts of trying to lead the dolphin out to a safer area of the sea before the success was finally achieved. These attempts were all filmed as the baby dolphin continually battled the strong waves and was unable to break past for so long until finally a speedboat was incorporated as part of the rescue effort and was then able to break past the tide and into the open safer sea.

Filmmakers traveled on-board where the baby dolphin was placed as well in order to capture the dramatic footage of this emotional rescue effort and success. Despite the large amount of human interaction during the rescue effort, the baby dolphin remained quite calm as if it understood that it could not save it self and that help was in the ocean there with it. Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG has heard that at the finale of the rescue footage the dolphin is shown swimming off on its own into waters where it will have a better chance of survival and not getting stranded again. It has a higher percentage of reuniting with its own kind now that it has found the greater depths where dolphins are generally found. This was some uplifting news in the midst of a media that is constantly pushing stories of violence and despair.

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