A Brief Look At The Advantages Of Using NuoDB

What is NuoDB?

NuoDB is a database software program that is meant to be used on the Cloud.

A Look At One Of The Benefits of the NuoDB Database Software Program

One of the greatest benefits to using NuoDB is that it offers ultimate scalability control. With NuoDB software you can easily scale your database to meet your changing needs. For example, you can easily increase the size or scale of your database temporarily due to seasonal variations or surges in traffic. At the same time, you can just as easily reduce the scale of your database when the seasonal variation changes or traffic drops after a sudden increase.

All of this scaling can be done without having to do sharding, clustering or pre- provisioning IT procedures. These procedures are time consuming, expensive and come with risks that can result in data loss or systems being down. With elastic scalable database software from NuoDB, these complications are eliminated. Your database can stretch more when you need the greater capacity and then resort back to its original state when that demand is longer needed. With NuoDB, you won’t ever have to worry about modifying your database or jeopardizing your data.

Further info can be found on Wikipedia.

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