Cancer Treatment Centers of America Announces Better Patient Care wit a New Partnership

NabtHealth and AllScripts are teaming up with Cancer Treatment Centers of America in a new ground breaking partnership groundbreaking partnership with the launch of Clinical Pathways. The cutting edge partnership will provide an extensive platform for ontological treatment that will be personalized for each cancer patient. This new collaboration will give cancer doctors the best options available for the best treatment for cancer patients. The recommendations will be based on information collected from the incorporation of AllScripts Sunrise™ and the eviti® platform.

eviti®, a clinical support solution from NantHealth, provides seamless access to the workflows with electronic heath records at AllScripts Sunrise™ which, in turn, will give direction for the best ontological treatments available.

The Clinical Pathways’ operating system (NantOS) is the effort of top oncologists and the system is able to provide these specialists all possible treatment options for their patients. Protocols included in the research are based on all cancer, therapies, regimens and recommendations for care, all in accordance to the highest of standards set by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

There are many advantages that Clinical Pathways has to offer. Some of them include comparisons of different treatments, customized patient care, computerized order entries, access to latest data, and real time updates, reducing time and error with more traditional processes.

The eviti® and Allscripts integration give oncologists access to the Evidence-Based Medical Library, which contains more than 2,700 of the latest and most effective cancer treatments appropriate for the patient. Both patients and physicians will benefit greatly from Clinical Pathways’ integrated solutions systems.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a hospital network based in Boca Raton, Florida, with five hospital systems in Tulsa, Chicago, Phoenix, Atlanta and Philadelphia specifically for adult cancer patients. Cancer Treatment Centers for America’s mission is to offer personalized treatment options because every patient’s condition is treated as a unique case.

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