Edward Honig Reputed Cardiologist in New York With Over Six Decades of Experience

The lifestyle of the people these days has become hectic and stressful, and it is what attracts a lot of health problems as well. People need to take care of their health and go for regular health checkups to ensure that the body is functioning smoothly and that any corrective measures can be taken immediately if there are prevalent symptoms of any health issues. Health screenings help in ensuring that the health problems do not get bigger with time and can control any symptoms that might be present. It has the potential of saving lives.

One of the common problems that people face these days during middle age and old age is heart-related issues. It is where the need to go to a cardiologist is essential at a regular interval, especially after the age of thirty. People with the family history of heart diseases must visit cardiologists at regular intervals to ensure that there are no coronary heart disease or blockages that need to be taken care of. Often, many of the symptoms of a cardiovascular disease are subtle and not very noticeable until it becomes bigger. It is why; so many cases of heart attacks are reported these days. Neglecting even the smallest of symptoms can cost a life later on.

If you are in New York, consulting a Cardiologist is highly essential. In a fast paced life, one must not forget giving health its due importance. A cardiologist would check your pulse and blood pressure and prescribe few tests to check the condition and functioning of your heart elaborately, and if any alarming signs or symptoms need to be taken care of. If you are suffering from chest pain on a regular interval, do not take it lightly and consult a cardiologist immediately. A cardiologist would be able to probe further and see what the causes of heart burn or chest pain that you are experiencing are. For people who smoke or regularly drink, visiting a cardiologist is a must as these are the lifestyle habits that can deteriorate the functioning of heart over time. A cardiologist would not only provide treatment and cure for many of the heart diseases but would also tell you ways to keep your heart healthy and make necessary changes in your lifestyle to lead a healthy life.

One of the most reputed and well-known cardiologists in New York City is Edward Honig. He has been practicing for nearly seven decades and is 90 years old presently. As a licensed cardiologist in New York City, Edward Honig has treated thousands of patients over the years successfully and also carried out numerous heart surgeries. Edward Honig presently practices at Glen Cove Hospital – Department of Medicine. Edward Honig has studied medicine at the Duke University School of Medicine. Edward Honig has made a name for himself in New York as a reputed heart specialist and is known for keeping himself updated with the latest in the world of cardiology. Edward Honig carefully listens to what the patients have to say before deciding on what treatment course to pursue.

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