EOS Knockoff Flavors Have Nothing on Soft Cucumber Melon

Right out of the special collections that EOS is so famous for comes my new favorite flavor from the Evolution of Smooth Company. Soft Cucumber Melon tastes fabulous and smells sweet and cool. It makes my lips feel really nice and so smooth. It even comes with one of my other favorite flavors. The Spring 2017 special edition is just pure fun.

Millennials love the round colorful things. They collect them and love them enough to make videos about them. Some collect them in a specific order and display them to enjoy in their rooms. Like nail polish, it’s been one of the best collectibles in years.

I’ve bought several that have not been opened yet. I typically but two of each of the new releases. I buy one, then if I like it, I will buy another of that same release flavor. You can buy them at That way, I can line them up and enjoy them for years to come. I’ve even considered buying like a pack rat the favorites that EOS has made. That way I have them if EOS ever goes under. It won’t though. It’s here to stay.

Hop over to for more exciting details.

Consider the competition. They have begun to release special editions of their own lip balms in special editions. They even copy cat them. Those copy cats don’t have anything on EOS special editions though. For me, it will always be EOS. I’ve even begun to buy their other products as well. They are all great, check it out!

Ask any Millennial will testify, if they like the product line, that they will always love the EOS flavors and continue to buy them for life. After all, if Chapstick managed to create a blah product line, that’s till sells years after, why can’t EOS do the exact same thing. It’s meant to be like fate in life.

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