EOS Offers A Vegan Lip Balm

EOS has earned a reputation as it offers its iconic lip-balm that comes in round shaped balms. Now they have done something that is helping them to make a name for themselves but in a unique and different way. They have created a lip product that everyone loves. This is the EOS Crystal Lip Balm. It is in the same shape that is loved by all. Now it is vegan and is clear too. This means that people can see through this lip product. Hence people are simply going mad over this new launch. There are many reasons for this, as has been detailed below.

This little ball balm has become innovative by having a new color that is clear! The Crystal Lip Balm from EOS is completely free of animal byproducts, order here. Till now the only thing that was keeping this all-natural lip balm from being considered as a vegan was its beeswax. This ingredient is gone now. This is why all can enjoy this new product.

The EOS Crystal Balms was launched on the EOS website and sold out on the very same day. It is available for $5.49 each. Such kind of pricing had to make this happen. This product is still available at Walmart, and Target, as well as CVS, along with Walgreens. Also available in amazon.de. The EOS Crystal Lip Balm is not available on the EOS site, but it should be available at these stores in the US.

It is available in only two scents right now. Still it is being considered as a small but strong collection. These scents are the Vanilla Orchid along with Hibiscus Peach. Find out more here on dm.de. They are made with shea, and coconut, avocado, besides several other natural oils. Both of them are vegan as well as wax free. Just 17 ingredients are used here. These include a special shea butter that is transparent.

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