Eric Lefkofsky is Now Taking His Brilliant Mind to the Field of Oncology

Eric Lefkofsky is a man of means. The seasoned entrepreneur began his trade in college. As a freshman at the University of Michigan, his girlfriend dumped, and Eric resolved to devote his energies to business. He started off by selling carpets. He graduated with a law degree from the University and started building technology startups.

Currently, Mr Eric Lefkofsky is one of the most distinguished billionaires in the US. He is worth a massive $1.81 billion according to Forbes Magazine. Eric made his fortune creating technology ventures. His first venture was Groupon, the startup began operations in the year 2008, and it provided daily deals to customers. Together with his co-founder Brad Keywell, Eric started another venture called Uptake. Uptake was hugely successful having attained a valuation of $2 billion since the year 2014. Eric and Keywell never stopped at the success of Uptake; they moved on yet again to create Lightbank. Lightbank has investments in tens of companies including the online product and service providers BeachMint and dating app Coffee Meets Bagel. Click here to know more.

Eric is now focusing on his startup called Tempus. The enterprise is headquartered in Chicago and aims at providing more efficient solutions to the medical field of oncology. The company has partnered with one of the best institutions of higher learning in Chicago, the University of Chicago. Through the partnership, Tempus will avail genetic, molecular and therapeutic data of 1,000 breast cancer patients to the medical professionals of the university to enable them to design effective therapies.

Lack of data of cancer patients is what has been derailing the fight against cancer. Eric Lefkofsky notes that despite figures indicating that over 50 million individuals have battled cancers, a lot of essential information regarding the patients’ molecular and genetic makeup as well as how they responded to different therapies is lacking. This information gap is what Eric Lefkofsky wants to plug.

Strategic partnerships with other stakeholders in the field of oncology will ensure that information on genetic sequences and molecular profiles of cancer patients is collected and availed for further analysis towards the cure of cancer. This approach can reveal patterns that will demystify the nightmare that is cancer.

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