Eric Lefkofsky Takes the Lead in the Fight Against Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky is a businessman that has had tons of success in his career. He had created, built from the ground and founded many startups that now are huge corporations. One of these is the e-commerce network Groupon.

The man co-founded the research center Tempus, where he acts as the group’s CEO, a place where scientists and scholars gather together with a unique, common objective: From a technological system that can collect data from patients and use that extensive information to medicine’s advantage. Their biggest goal as a startup is to develop a tool to research and help cure cancer.

Tempus has recently announced that they will be using their system to help the University of Chicago and their Professors in identifying patterns in patients that medicine can use to treat breast cancer.

With the technology of Tempus and the research laboratories and infrastructure of the University, the front of knowledge of breast cancer is going to improve for the next couple of patients that get diagnosed.

Tempus uses their system to identify molecular characteristics in patients that have been victims of cancer, and then organize all that data together. This allows for a bigger sample of typical patterns seen among individuals with the disease.

By understanding the relation of the cell characteristics and the outcome of the treatment of the breast cancer, scientists will be able to form better guesses on the best treatments for different patients based on what has worked and what hasn’t. Eric Lefkofsky Facebook page.

The Tempus technology will act like a very technical search engine where physicians and specialists will be able to find information similar to the patient they are treating and analyze the possible outcomes and treatment decisions that will eventually lead to a successful therapy.

Announced in March 2017, this will definitely improve the cancer treatments and therapies that medicine currently works. Eric Lefkofsky made it all possible when he decided to found the research center and help science reach its full potential faster and with better tools.

Mr Eric is married to his wife, Liz. The couple has already donated a lot to contribute towards researchers in developing a cure for cancer, being the fight that they have chosen to help with. The couple has already given $785,000 to the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center to incentivize them. Eric’s name stands in the list of the people that most contributes to the develop of a cure for one of the worst diseases in the world.

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