Fabletics Brings the Celebrity Factor Into Play

There are a lot of celebrities that are getting into athletic fashion. Beyonce started a marketing campaign that was connected to the Ivy Park clothing company that she co-founded. When people check the Nordstrom site they can check out this activewear line that was created for females.


Kate Hudson is also another woman that made a decision to get into the athletic clothing industry for women. She has a much stronger lead over many other entertainers in the industry because she is connected to Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. Together this trio has formed Fabletics, and this has been one of the most innovative looks at e-commerce or athletic clothing for women.


The best thing about a website like this is that there are a ton of different garments for people to consider. What the Fabletics brand has recently introduced as a Demi Lovato limited edition clothing line that is coming soon.


This is one of the great aspects of being in entertainment and building a retail clothing company. Kate Hudson was already in place to acquire the middle-aged women that were interested in working out. She is the daughter of Goldie Hawn so there’s also a possibility of reaching older people that are familiar with her mother. Kate Hudson has a far-reaching crowd that she can acquire, but it is far better to acquire someone younger like Demi Lovato to reach a millennial crowd.


This is exactly what she has done, and now it appears that the Fabletics brand may be getting even more exposure because of this.


The great thing about these two young celebrities is the different fans that they bring into the potential customer base. Kate Hudson is able to lure the people that follow her acting career. Demi Lovato is able to connect and grab fans that are interested in her music. Both of these celebrities combined can gain a huge following of women that are looking for fitness clothing.


Kate Hudson is aware that this may be a great strategy in order to compete with Amazon. There are no celebrities that are in place to really promote the Amazon product. Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, has been around long enough to gain a sense of customer loyalty with his Amazon shoppers. He does not believe that he needs this type of paid endorsement from celebrities, but this is definitely a competitive advantage for Kate Hudson.

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