Horney Birdette Launches a New e-Commerce Site in the US and Plans to Open More Stores in the UK

Australian Lingerie startup Honey Birdette has opened a dedicated e-commerce website for its US customers. The company has also announced plans to expand its UK retail stores from three to 40 by December, 2018.

Founded in Brisbane, by entrepreneur Eloise Monaghan in 2006, the brand has launched the US portal after experiencing an increase of 374% sales online in the last 12 months. The goal of the new site is to boost consumer experience, offer fast delivery, and enhance product returns. In addition, the site offers additional product lines for its customers. Apart from the site, the brand is also planning to open a number of retail stores in the US. Horney Birdette started its expansion program outside Australia when it launched the London’s Covent Garden. It later opened two more stores in Westfield and Leeds’ Victoria Gate.

The company has announced plans to launch 10 more stores in the UK but their goal is to reach 40 stores by the end of 2018.In Australia, Horney Birdette owns 55 stores, and has plans to launch more stores in premium locations across Europe. Horney Birdette pricing starts at £60 for bras, and £35 for briefs. The company is financially backed by private investment firm BBRC.

Horney Birdette Profile

Horney Birdette is an idea that came to life in 2006, when two friends were having discussions over a glass of champagne on the lack of provocative, and sensual lingerie in most Australian bedrooms.

Led by founder, and creative director Eloise Monaghan, the brand has grown tremendously in Australia, UK, and the US. Currently, plans are underway to launch more stores in prime locations across Europe. The brand’s main objective is to give women more options when it comes to buying lingerie and sex toys. The company offers a detailed line of lingerie with focus on sensuality and fun.

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