Jeffry Schneider Ironman Success

Jeffry Schneider is a CEO who has achieved success in the corporate world. Apart from being a dedicated corporate leader, he has a special interest in staying fit. Some of the areas where he has worked as a corporate leader include the banking sector, investment, and securities management, among other sectors. He is a leader who knows it is necessary to maintain good health for maximum output at the business scene.

He has been a dedicated professional who has been able to climb ranks in the corporate world since 1992 when he joined Alex Brown. One of the things that sets him apart from most CEOs is his determination to stay fit. From time to time he has been heard encouraging his team members to work out and eat the right foods. He has also finished several triathlons, including:

New York City Marathon 2005
In a triathlon, your endurance is tested to the maximum. You will have to develop skills such as running a marathon, swimming and riding a bike. Very few people can master the three exercises. But, apart from running a successful business, Jeffry has participated in several triathlons. In the New York City Marathon of 2005, his overall race time was 04:27:24.

Ironman New Zealand 2009
He did not give up after finishing his first triathlon race. In 2005, Jeffry Schneider participated in the Ironman New Zealand competition. Some of the records he achieved include a swim time of 100:07:01 and bike time of 200:05:56. For the run time, he took 05:37:39.

Vineman 1/2 Ironman 2006 – Sonoma County, CA
It is also another triathlon where he participated and achieved great success. He is a living example a busy man who can get involved in workouts. He took swim time of 00:37:28.1, bike time of 03:05:27.6 and run 01:51:25.2 to finish within 05:44:22.8.

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