Lime Crime Releases New Product For All Its Unicorns

Fellow Unicorns it is finally that time! The Lime Crime web store finally has released their line of Unicorn Hair Dyes for all of us unicorns to try. As with every new product release from Lime Crime, I jumped on the opportunity to try their new product out first and I can thankfully say the new dyes are easily my new favorite product from Doe Deere’s collection. Lime Crime’s eye shadow palette still comes in a close second place though.


My First New Color Using The New Unicorn Hair Dyes


As you we all have come to expect of our favorite indie makeup line, the hair dyes follow the same standards as all of the other amazing products available from the web store. That means these dyes are 100% animal cruelty-free, naturally sourced, and of course perfect for all of us unicorns.


Coloring my hair has always been a love/hate kind relationship as I love the way my hair looks when it’s dyed vibrant and strange colors but the damage that the dyes I usually use wreak on my hair makes me almost decide to go all natural with my normally red hair. Almost.


Though unlike the other dyes I’ve used in the past, the Unicorn Hair dyes condition hair as it treats it so after my first wash my hair not only looks beautiful but feels amazing too.


Using The New Anime Unicorn Hair Dye


Second to my love for all things bright and fashionable is my love for anime, truth be told the reason I started dying my hair was my first cosplay. So it was without a seconds hesitation that I ordered the Anime Unicorn Hair Dye from Lime’s Crime web store. After going through my coloring ritual of putting on old 80’s new wave and making a cup of tea, I went about turning my hair into a bright blue anime vision. True to its name the anime dye actually had me looking like the newest member of sailor moon.


If you would like to try out Lime Crime’s newest product, and you totally should, visit their web store.

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