Law, medicine and economics might not seem to have too much in common at first. If I had to make a connection between them it’d probably only be that they’re among the more complex subjects within our culture. But this is exactly why a recent legal dispute between Laidlaw & Company and Relmada Therapeutics caught my attention. It involved all three of these disciplines coming together to form a very interesting story. But it’s also a story that’s been capped off by a temporary restraining order and associated injunction. The reason behind it is that apparently Laidlaw has been issuing misleading information. But misleading information and information in general tend to be related. And I was quite curious to get more information about what was going on. Looking at Laidlaw’s site made things a bit more clear. They have a long history of investment within the medical industry. It might even be fair to say that this is one of their major focuses. So investment in a company like Relmada seems to be the norm for them. And even more so, I think it’s easy to imagine that a company like Laidlaw might be rather insistent on how things are done. Any company with a long history tends to develop patterns and strict operating criteria. And Laidlaw’s history dates all the way back to 1842. But to get a more recent view of Laidlaw, I looked into the company’s principal’s. This is Matthew Eitner and James Ahern. This continued to paint an even more clear picture of things. Both men had a small biography attached to the site. And both seemed to share many of the interests of Laidlaw as a whole. And one of the biggest aspects was a dedication to and interest in the medical industry. To me, this suggests a company that really does care about helping the medical industry. but perhaps also a company that might have somewhat overly strict ideas about how this needs to proceed in any given situation. Sources: […]

One of the most important living investors in history has recently made […]

Laidlaw and Company is divided between the “Company” (Relmada Therapeutics) and its […]

Nutrimost uses a Combination of Wellness and Accountability for Successdul Weight Loss

In order to lose weight, the winners know that they can’t use the one-diet-fits-all plans. To keep the pounds off, they have to turn from the bad habits they had when it came to the way they were eating and develop a way of life that is healthy, yet delicious. They also know that if they could do it on their own, they wouldn’t need Nutrimost.

Nutrimost is not a diet, but a way of life that allows the individual to lose weight safely and quickly. There are thousands of crazy diets out there, but Nutrimost works where other programs fail. Each program is designed to fit the individual. No two people are alike, physically or mentally, so why should one diet fit everybody?

Nutrimost is a national company that launched this revolutionary concept for safely losing weight in Connecticut in 2014.
Nutrimost uses state-of-the-art technology to develop a weight loss program for each person. The program designs a unique wellness plan for the individual to successfully lose weight.

Many are reporting losing 40 lbs. in 40 days with no drugs, hormones, days of starvation and no exercise if you don’t want to. The program also does not include pre-packed shakes and foods that you are required to purchase for your meals. Nutrimost is a program that combines nutrition and communication with a licensed physician and a dedicated staff to assist you daily. The high level of success with the Nutrimost program is attributed to this winning combination.

Go to for more information. The personal testimonies from individuals who have lost 30, 40, 50 even 80 lbs. will inspire you to reach your goals.


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NutriMost Says Healthy Living Illegally Used Their Promotional Video


NutriMost is one of the fastest weight-loss systems in the country. Invented by Dr. Ray Wisniewski, NutriMost has grown in popularity because of its ability to help people to lose as much as 45 pounds in 40 days. Plus many users also report significant improvement in their health. That’s because NutriMost helps people to lose weight by helping to reset the hormones to their natural harmony. The result is a metabolism that is able to quickly burn up excess fat and leave people looking and feeling healthier than they have in years.

The first step for people using the NutriMost system is to have a scan performed using the proprietary NutriMost Resonant Frequency technology. This helps to identify what needs to be done to get rid of the excess weight. An individualized program is then created based on the person’s weight-loss needs. By resetting the hormones and flushing out the unwanted fat, the NutriMost program enables people to take the weight off and keep it off, usually for the rest of their lives. That has helped to popularize the NutriMost system and give overweight people hope. Plus the person using NutriMost has their weight-loss program monitored by a physician.

Recently NutriMost took its rival Healthy Living to court for using a NutriMost video. The lawsuit was filed in Manhattan Federal Court. NutriMost alleges Healthy Living altered a NutriMost promotional video, posted it on the Healthy Living website, used it to promote Healthy Living products, and ignored NutriMost’s cease and desist order. The video, which had quotes and testimonials from Dr. Wisniewski and NutriMost customers, has since been removed. NutriMost management is asking for $300,000 in damages and wants the court to make sure Healthy Living never posts the video again. No ruling has yet been made in the case.
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Goettl Air Conditioning Owner Works His Magic for Navy Veteran


Ken Goodrich, a businessman with a knack for turning businesses around, has turned around the life of a veteran that has taken interest in the HVAC industry. It isn’t everyday that people that are entering school are getting help from business owners, but Goodrich saw the need and he extended a helping hand with Goettl Air Conditioning.

Goodrich has stated that he believes that people that from come from the military will often make good employees. This is true because they have they have learned how to be on time. They have mastered the art of following instructions. I think that those are the two building blocks that make it possible for so many workers to transition from the military to civilian life.

With Nick Hughes, the scholarship recipient, he chose to take the scholarship in a non-traditional form. He chose a method that consisted of getting the scholarship in the form of tools. That gives him the ability to actually do some work. He knew that he could not afford all the tools that were associated with the HVAC industry so this is a great help for Hughes.

Ken Goodrich has become one of the most successful air conditioning company owners because he has quality control in place. He is currently opening up a new office in Las Vegas, and this shows that the company is growing. Hughes was a cook during his time in the Navy, but he has excelled in the HVAC program and he is currently working.

I think that Ken Goodrich is an inspiration to all that are witnessing his generosity. This also gives more attention to the Goettl business. Right now Ken Goodrich is planning to provide 100 new jobs for HVAC techs with the new Las Vegas office. This is another way that he is helping people.

Learn more here:
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InnovaCare has the Good Health Care Treatment Plan for you

The Medicare Advantage plan

It is a medical insurance program in the US. The program is employed by several health care providers to cover medical emergencies in hospitals or give health coverage or both. The two common types of the program are;
1. Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)

2. Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs)

The plan does similar work as the Original Medicare but through different strategies. Although, the Medicare Advantage program has more advantages over the Original Medicare since it offers extra covers like dental care, hearing, and Vision care. If one wishes to have an unnecessary medical attention he/she has to pay for the medical cost although there are legal ways to appeal. The government pays the Medicare Advantage plan; it, therefore, does not claim the Medicare Centers.

Read more: Rick Shinto – Innovacare Services Company LLC

InnovaCare is the best healthcare provider in North America

It provides health care through Provider Networks and the Medicare Advantage Plan. InnovaCare Health has entirely focused on coming up with better and cost-effective health strategies. It operates two popular Medicare Advantage Plans in Puerto Rico;
1. MMM Healthcare, Inc. (MMM)
2. PMC Medicare Choice, Inc. (PMC)

They are the two leading plans most recognized in the US. They have registered 230000 members already. MMM was the first Medicare Advantage to be installed and used in Puerto Rico. Both the MMM and PMC are working to promote the physical and emotional health of their members. 90% of the patients they have helped have rated the Medicare services as excellent. The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) is an organization that sets the standards for healthcare plans and providers in Puerto Rico. InnovaCare Health earned Commendable Accreditation from the NCQA, which gets awarded to programs that met the high standards set by the organization.

InnovaCares offers additional Physician Practice Services

They have employed their Physician Practice program in one Medicare organization called the MSO of Puerto Rico, Inc. MSO is the top most medical service organization in North America. The team strives to offer quality, efficient and cost effective services to patients.

The leaders of InnovaCare, Inc.

1. Richard Shinto

He is the current CEO and President of InnovaCare. Rick Shinto has an experience of over twenty years in the Health and Medical department. He previously served as the President of Aveta Inc. and other organizations such as NAMM California, the Medical Management for MedPartners, and Cal Optima Health Plan. Richard is also an author of several articles which touch on different healthcare topics. He has a medical degree and an M.B.A from prominent universities in the US.

2. Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope is the current Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare, Inc. She had previously served as the Chief Operating Officer in the company. Like Richard, Penelope Kokkinides has an experience of more than twenty years in the Health and Medical department. She is also an expert in coming up with clinical systems and managing health care operations. Penelope has two masters’ degrees and a bachelor’s degree from well-renowned Universities in the US.

The two work hand in hand with several other professionals and a board of director.

Learn more about InnovaCare Health:

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An Experience With WEN by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner

A writer for Bustle recently took it upon herself to try WEN by Chaz Dean, an all-in-one cleansing conditioner for seven days to see if the product lived up to the hype it has gotten recently. McClure, the writer and woman testing the sephora endorsed product, takes us through a week of her using the product, and outlines her experiences with Wen by Chaz. For the first half of this testing period, she kept to her normal hair care routine she had been following using other hair care products, probably normal shampoo and conditioner. However, for the second half of the testing period, McClure changed her routine in order to better suit the effects and benefits of WEN by Chaz, and the results were amazing. In fact, the results were amazing each day, she noticed considerably smoother, shinier, and cleaner feeling hair, stating that she was basically amazed at how good her hair felt right after using it. Unfortunately, she noticed a pattern that occurred most of the days she would shower in the evening, while her hair would be perfect and feel amazing right out of a shower, the next morning when she woke up her hair felt slightly greasy. It wasn’t until she began showering in the morning, which for her hair type seems to work best with WEN by Chaz. Since showering and washing her hair in the morning, McClure’s hair has felt clean and looked incredibly shiny throughout the entire day and is getting her plenty of compliments. It is clear that her hair type needed to be washed in the morning or it would grease up over night, and I think it’s apparent that the change in routine is worth it for McClure due to the amazing results of WEN by Chaz.

Original Article:

Results Here:


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Darius Fisher: Award Winning Executive for 2016

Darius Fisher, President and co-founder of Status Labs, was recently chosen to receive the PR World Awards “Business Development Individual of the Year” award for 2016. The honor will be officially presented to him at the 206 SVUS Red Carpet Awards Ceremony Dinner to be held on Monday, June 27 in San Francisco, CA.


This prestigious award is presented every year to highlight the world’s best in corporate communications, public relations, marketing, investor relations and business development.


Status Labs, with offices in Austin, New York, and Sao Paulo, has built a sterling reputation in the digital management online marketing and public relations areas. Fisher reports that the company’s goal is to help their clients consistently appear in the best possible light in search results. The company has the staff, the ability, the resources, and the expertise to handle everyday client concerns in their digital space. Status Labs is also fully capable of handling any digital crises that might be crucial to preserving a client’s reputation.


Fisher attributes his company’s great success to the establishment of awards for outstanding performance, incentives for meeting and exceeding sales figures, and by including a community service component to his staff in order to create team-building opportunities. Status Labs serves more than 1500 clients who are situated in more than 35 countries. Performing their duties at such a high level has allowed the company to record an astounding revenue growth of 939% for the period between 2012 and 2015.
To avoid future digital emergencies, Darius Fisher offers a number of worthwhile tips to the public: (1) Don’t reveal your phone number or address online. (2) Keep your media settings (twitter, Facebook, etc.) on private. (3) Change passwords often. (4) Google yourself to see how you appear to others and (5) Refrain from posting anything that could prevent you from looking like anything but the best “you” possible.

More information for Darius Fisher:

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Doe Deere Is Making a Difference in the World of Makeup Entrepreneurs

The world of makeup executives is often a lot less exciting than one would imagine. There’s far more men in suits who come to the position with no passion or interest in the product than one might expect. But there’s also the occasional star who comes to the world of makeup due to a real passion for the product. One of the best examples of this is a woman by the name of Doe Deere.

It’s clear right from the start that Doe Deere has a real passion for makeup. Part of this can be seen simply from the reasons she created her company, Lime Crime, in the first place. It’s both a product and a company which she created out of a feeling of necessity. She had a heavy focus on design in school. And later took that into the realm of live performance on stage. This created some high expectations which she consistently felt weren’t met by the makeup brands currently on the market. She felt that the only way to get the effects and strength that she wanted from her makeup was to create it herself. In doing so she was able to create something that went far beyond what she found on the market. She had been able to create a type of makeup that could stand the stress of live performance. But it also delivered a variety of dynamic looks and statements which she insisted on in order to create a signature style. As more and more people became interested in getting some for themselves this evolved into a real brand of makeup. And she found herself not only creating the makeup, Lime Crime, but also creating a company around it.

It’s clear that Doe Deere entered into her career out of a sense of passion. But one of other other notable things about her is the fact that she’s brought even more passion with her into the role of CEO. Not a lot of company heads spend time voluntarily interacting with customers. But Doe Deere can often be found writing articles or answering questions that are posed by makeup enthusiasts. Again, much of this comes down to the reasons she founded Lime Crime in the first place. She entered into the position out of a real passion for makeup. And this leads her to a position where she’s determined to create the best makeup out there and also ensure that everyone can use it to the best effect.


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