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George Soros Discusses Serious Concerns Over The Collapse of the EU

George Soros is making some very harsh predictions about the future of the European Union. The billionaire is spreading warnings about the collapse of the European Union. He did not use words like “recession” or “depression”. Soros is suggesting the EU may outright collapse. Considering the size of the EU and the various economies interlocked with it, a collapse of the EU could lead to a global meltdown.

In an interview published on the CNBC website, Soros noted that the current migrant crisis in Europe could lead to a collapse. There are two major reasons why a collapse could occur. One, the crisis threatens the European Union’s policy of the free flow of people across borders. Closely connected to the free flow of people is the free flow of money. Soros does not want to see policies that restrict either, but those policies may be unavoidable unless the current chaotic situation in Europe is better managed. He implores Germany to take the necessary steps to instill better management.

Soros is simply making predictions about a possible collapse. Doom is not yet impending. Still, someone of Soros’ stature is worth listening to.

George Soros is involved with many different business endeavors. Any person whose net worth is well into the billions of dollars is going to have his or her hands in numerous financial institutions. If there was one source of Soros’ fiscal achievements, it would be his incredible success in the foreign currency market. Trading in currency is what made him extremely wealthy. Soros understands many of the different factors that go into the health of a nation’s currency and economy. As such, his insights into the woes of the European Union are worth examining.

Soros is also known for his philanthropy work and his involvement in world politics and global affairs. An inaccurate assumption about Soros is he is retired from various financial matters and business interests. Soros is very much still plugged into the global economy. He keeps close tabs on trends. His advice on the situation in the European Union is based on an informed opinion and careful thoughts prior to speaking publicly.

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A Few Facts About Brian Torchin That You Should Know

Brian Torchin is a true veteran when matters related to the healthcare industry are concerned. He is a respected healthcare recruiter who began his career by opening and managing offices in Philadephia. Brian is the current President of Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC and has been able to expand the company’s base to include Asia and Europe as well. Different with very many medical recruiters, Torchin is fully aware of the healthcare industry having been a physician of chiropractic practice.

Having the knowledge in what is required to maintain a good quality chiropractic facility, Torchin and his Health Care Recruitment Counsellors, LLC staff imagined a goal in which they could be in a position to provide their healthcare clientele with the best quality staff possible. As reported on their Twitter, the company staff has additional availability during weekends and nights to all their clients so as to be in a position to ensure quick and very effective communication with clients and physicians.

His company offers a variety of services to potential medical practices for clients looking for employees so as to make sure their services run smoothly. The company has a very positive reputation for helping hospitals looking for therapists, chiropractic specialists and many other specialists find the desired professionals.

Before referring employees to a client, the HCRC professionals conduct thorough consulting, background checks and even staff training to ensure that the clients get only the most qualified medical professional. Torchin is also a regular guest writer on the company’s website who gives tips on different topics in the medical arena. He has given various tips regarding how to find potential employers in sites like LinkedIn and many others. As much as the company is all about its clients, it also goes to the extra mile to urge their clients to do the same.

Torchin’s company is a one stop shop for all matters related to medical employment. To date, the company has been able to assist both candidates and employers identify their search criteria. With time, the company has been able to create a very large database of active physicians, and it works very hard to see to it that it gets even more so that they can fill the openings when they arise.

Clients and colleagues describe him as having the ability to give the most comprehensive solutions to clients. What drives him is the passion to see to it that clients are in a position to at all times provide solutions that exceed the client’s expectations.

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Autism Rocks Uses Start Power To Raise Money
The Autism Research Centre (ARC) at Cambridge University may have hip hop artist Snoop Dogg to thank for some of its funding.

A chance encounter between the famous rapper and Sanjay Shah, CEO of Solo Capital, resulted in the creation of one of the most star-studded charities, Autism Rocks. After receiving Snoop Dogg at his Dubai home, Shah was inspired to get back into the music business but this time he would do it for charity.

At that point Autism Rocks was born. The charity has put on several concerts to raise money for autism research featuring music superstars such as Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Elvis Costello and Joss Stone. All the proceeds form these event go directly to the Autism Research Trust (ART). ART is one of the the main supporters of the ARC, which works tirelessly to understand the cause of autism.

Sanjay Shah has worked in the financial services industry for most of his adult life. He has been employed by some of the largest financial institutions in the world, including Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse and Rabobank. After the financial crisis of 2008 Shah decided to start his own company and Solo Capital was formed.

Solo Capital currently has over 100 employees in offices in both London and Dubai. Before founding Autism Rocks Shah set up monthly donations to ART from his personal accounts to help fund autism research. Autism research has a personal interest for Shah as his son, Nikhil, saw diagnosed with autism in 2011.

The first Autism Rocks benefits concert featured Prince and took place in London in 2014. It was a private concert for 700 people. While admission was free each attendee was was expected to give at least $8,000 to ART. That concert raised of $280,000 for autism research.

So far Autism Rocks has raised over $4 million for autism research and they show no signs of slowing down.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Is A True Top Doctor In Texas

It seems like no big deal anymore for a young girl to go out and have plastic surgery, and some even aspire to get plastic surgery performed by the time they turn 18 years old. Although some may look down upon the fact that young girls want to have surgery performed at such a young age, many feel that there is nothing wrong with changing one’s look, especially if they feel to do so. Some may choose to plump up their lips, while others may feel the need to make other parts of their body bigger in size, such as their breasts, their butt, their cheeks, or their arms.

No matter what type of surgery a person chooses to get, they’ll want a great doctor to perform the surgery, especially if they want an easier recovery time, and if they want better results after the surgery is performed. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a surgeon in the state of Texas who is not only at the top of her game but the top of her field. There are many plastic surgeons in Texas, but not all of them have the knowledge or skills that Dr. Jennifer Walden has, which makes her one of the best surgeons in the country. Dr. Jennifer Walden performs a wide array of surgeries, which can help many who are looking for a change in their body.

Whether a person wants a rhinoplasty, labiaplasty, breast augmentation, fat transfer or any other type of surgery, it’s likely that Dr. Jennifer Walden can perform it. Dr. Jennifer Walden has been featured in one magazine after another because of her knowledge about many plastic surgeries as well as the other types of information that she can give to those who are interested in plastic surgery. Dr. Jennifer Walden also has a website that has a lot of information that is helpful for anyone who wants to see before and after pictures as well as learning about the types of surgeries that she performs. In Texas, there are only a few top doctors, and Dr. Jennifer Walden is definitely a top Texas doctor.

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Sergio Cortes Leads Family Health Program In Brazil
A recent article on the Niteroi website detailed the installation of a new health director in the region, the new family health program and a visit from federal health director Sergio Cortes. Sergio wanted to install a new health director for the region who would lead his new family medicine program. This article explains how Sergio Cortes is designing the future of medicine in Brazil.

#1: The Country Must Progress

Sergio is keenly aware that the Brazil must progress into the 21st Century, and countries from around the world will be watching. The Olympics are coming soon, and the people of Brazil will have more visitors and new citizens than before. The family health program is a step in the right direction as families may receive medical care all at once. Sergio knows that the world is watching, and his programs will help provide Brazil with a better image.

#2: Sergio Travels The Country To Promote His Programs

Sergio is not a federal official who stays in the capitol all year. He is committed to leaving the capitol as often as possible to meet with doctors and health directors around the country. Sergio is a doctor himself, and he wants to hear from people who are offering care every day. Sergio is not satisfied with creating programs at the capitol that he does not supervise himself. He has become something of a celebrity who travels the country to help people in need.

#3: The Family Health Program Comes To Niteroi

The family health program is a new initiative from federal government that allows parents to bring their children to the doctor for a joint appointment. Families that cannot afford traditional health services may come to an office of the government to receive care from a doctor. The entire family may visit the doctor at once, and the Brazilian government is covering these families who need help.

The design of government health programs was created exclusively by Sergio Cortes, and he is currently traveling throughout Brazil to promote his programs. He wants families to have basic access to health services, and he is installing health directors who will help further his mission. Brazil must do quite a lot to bring its health services into the 21st Century, but Sergio is leading the way as the federal health director. His travels promote better services, care for all families and a welcoming environment.

You can follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.
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Helane Morrison Is Spurring Change In The Business World

Diversity is one of the keys to achieving success in the financial world. A diversified portfolio is more likely to stand up to fluctuations in the global financial markets, than a portfolio that is heavily invested in only one category. The same concept, that is diversity can also be applied to the workforce of a company. Diversity in the workplace in terms of the gender of the employees, their educational background, area of expertise and of course personality also play a crucial role in determining the success or failure of a company and its profitability. Hall Capital is one such company that demands equality and diversity and they are doing great things to change the workplace for the betterment of all employees. Read the full article here: http://www.bizjournals.com/sanfrancisco/print-edition/2013/05/03/hall-capitals-leaders-foster-culture.html

Why is a diverse workforce more likely to be productive and more profitable than a homogeneous one, where the employees are all similar in background? Just as in nature, where diverse genes contribute to the success of the offspring, diverse employees contribute to the success of their company in unique and individual ways. Research has shown that a diverse workforce is more likely to come up with new ideas and products to make make the company more profitable and operate more efficiently.

Helane Morrison is a businesswoman who now works at Hall Capital, a leading San Francisco Bay Area, investment firm with total assets in the range of $24 billion. She is a major advocate in the promotion of a diverse workplace environment and the inclusion of women in top financial service positions. Mrs. Morrison believes that including people of different backgrounds and education and including women in top management positions in finance will only benefit companies. I agree wholeheartedly with her statements. There is no doubt in my mind that a variety of backgrounds and ideas can help improve a company rather than hurt it, as was the prior mentality of old days. 

Helane is now a major figure in Hall Capital of San Francisco. She is currently a managing director at the firm, a special consultant and the head compliance officer at Hall Capital. Morrison is also known for her previous work experience not only as an incredible litigator, but as regional director of the San Francisco SEC division. Here she began her career-long dedication to a workplace focused on compliance, justice and honestly. She has made it a point to call out her peers who do not comply with these ideals and holds herself and her team to the same high standards.

Her observation that Hall capital has a diverse workforce and is rapidly increasing in profits seem to go hand in hand. The company’s inclusion of woman in top positions attracted her to Hall in the first place. She has settled in well and the company has benefited from her expertise, which includes experience in journalism, law, government and financial regulation.

Helane Morrision is promoting and empowering woman by letting employees at big firms know that diversity and inclusion of woman will only benefit them. Only time will tell though if more companies adopt the approach advocated by Helane and others like her. The figures support her idea, that inclusion of more diverse people in a company will benefit it. 

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The economy today is tight, and many people are targeting towards making profits no matter the cost. It is no different in the dog food manufacturers‘ world. As a dog food manufacturer, there are several standards that have to be met for the food to be acceptable for consumption by any dog. For example, in America, the association of American feed control officials are the determinants whether the food is fit for dog input or not. According to AAFCO, the nutritional value of the food must be balanced. Most companies nowadays aim at making their produce better than competing companies. But even with the competition companies like Freshpet Company and Mars Petcare and Mars Cesars among others add additional natural ingredients to their dog food produce to ensure that it’s balanced. According to European Union regulatory standards, the pet food must as well be suitable for human consumption. With companies such as gourmet, the produce is tested by humans before it is released into the market. We also see in fresh pet produce the food is cooked just like it is for a human. Some of these companies have been able to meet the AAFCO standards as well as the European Union standards. Companies such as Beneful company, which produce different types of dog foods have a lot of work to do to ensure that their all these brands have nutritional balance. According to AAFCO, seven of the Beneful dog food types have met the set regulations. With most of their diet being dry foods they have to ensure its fit for all kinds of dogs as well. Beneful dog food products on Amazon, other than providing balanced nutritional value to dogs they should be good for growth. They also should ensure the growth of the dog remains healthy. The ingredient in Beneful, Dog food products, allows the product to be fit for dogs in all stages. It means that the food provides the dog with all necessary elements for growth and also for maintenance in the adult stage. Therefore, the food is a choice for all types of dogs. The article is a recap of http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20151122/business/151129983/

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