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The Many Titles of Clay Siegall

Living in this modern society of the 21st Century, it can sometimes feel like information overload. With so much advanced technology available, the world is literally at your fingertips. The funny thing about living in the “digital age” is that many of the people who are actually doing things to better man-kind, never seem to receive the credit that they deserve. Unfortunately if you’re not a professional athlete, movie star, and musician; you’ll surely be unknown to half of the general public. This is the case when it comes to a guy named Clay Siegall. This guy is the real deal when it comes to cancer research and he’s actually the co-founder for one of the leading Biotechnology Companies in the world. Seattle Genetics specializes in the development and commercialization of advanced breakthrough therapies. These therapies are known as (ADCs) or Antibody Drug Conjugates and they are some of the most successful cancer fighting medications on the market.

Clay Siegall’s role in this success is that he also is the company’s President and CEO. He is well known and respected thanks to his expertise. The guy is a man of many titles as well such as being a scientist, doctor, philanthropist, author, and guest speaker. The good doctor has been in the game for multiple decades that dates back to the late 80’s. The success of both Dr. Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics has finally reached mainstream America. Earlier this year Vice President Joe Bidden stopped by company headquarters on congratulatory purposes and the company was mentioned in Forbes Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in America.

With so many more advanced drugs already in trial, Seattle Genetics will continue to revolutionize this industry and Dr. Clay Siegall is in full control of it all.

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Reversing Lung Disease With Stem Cell Therapy: How Medicine is Helping the Body to Heal Itself

Respiratory disease ranks third, behind only heart disease and cancer, in the number of lives it takes each year. An article on reveals that research offers the potential for a cure or at least more effective treatment methods to improve comfort and quality of life for those affected by chronic lung diseases. Stem cell therapy is providing hope to many in the form of a breakthrough, and clinical trials in the United States and Canada are focused on new ways to target lung disease with this type of treatment.

Very little is known about the full potential of stem cell therapy for either short or long term treatment. What is known is that other treatment options for lung disease have been risky and included many side effects and little hope for a cure. Most modern methods offered to lung patients were designed only to control symptoms and allow people to perform enough tasks to remain mostly self-sufficient. Stem cell therapy researchers hope to do much more. They look for a way to reverse or eliminate diseases entirely and to give patients back the life they once had.

The work taking place at the Lung Institute is different from what is happening in clinical trials. The Lung Institute’s focus has been entirely on treating lung disease one patient at a time. They custom design a treatment plan around the patient based on their current health and their medical history. Each individual has stem cells withdrawn from their body that are used in the treatment to help relieve symptoms and heal damage.

The process is done without major surgery or through the use of medications that come with risky side effects. It encourages the body to heal itself naturally. Patients with a variety of lung diseases have found relief through this form of treatment. This includes those with COPD, chronic bronchitis and emphysema and many other illnesses. A diagnosis of many of these conditions once meant no hope. The patient would have few options other than continue to increase their medication as their lungs failed. That may soon no longer be the case for the majority of otherwise healthy adults.


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Earn Money Online With Josh Verne

Entrepreneurship is the center of all economies. Although that is true, it can be challenging especially during shifting policies or economic recession. That is why men like Josh Verne are instrumental in the field of entrepreneurship. He is an American entrepreneur and businessman who served as the co-president of Home Line Furniture. Vern established an online marketing platform that subtracts purchases from the payroll. With over twenty years experience in business, commerce and internet marketing, Josh has developed several strategies for successful firms and lifestyles that most people can look up to for better lives. This article is perfect for individuals who want to succeed in business and entrepreneurship.



Leader Versus Boss



In management, there are leaders and bosses. Bosses use their titles to have set goals and objectives achieved by their employees. He sits and does what he finds beneficial to him regardless of the employees’ needs. A leader, on the other hand, respects the needs of his people by listening to them before delegating duties. That way, the people will respect him and have things done in accordance. If you want to succeed, be a leader and set goals with your team.



 Win -Win Situations



Do not settle for dubious deals. Always agree to win –win deals no matter how difficult it is to reach an agreement. If you win, your clients win, your team wins and the society gains. Situations may be bleak, and the deal may sound too good but if it is not going to work for your team, do not settle for it. When you demand win-win situations, you will always find a way around it. Your name and reputation will protect your business.



 Listening Verses Speaking



This point is self-explanatory. You have one mouth and two ears. Listen more, to acquire knowledge and ideas and talk less following the proportion of your mouth. The less you say, the more the words for authority.



About Josh Vern



Josh Verve is a successful founder for many firms in America including which he established in 2012. The firm has a huge base in the United States with more people earning money from it online.


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Magnificient ways to falling asleep fast

There are fabulous ways and techniques we all use to falling asleep quickly, but here are some of Wengie’s unique ideas to help soothe and increase our chances of sleep.


Wengie believes that rainy days are one of the most relaxing days to go to sleep. She uses her ear phones to listen to the raindrops noise of her phone in order to help fall asleep faster. The headphones help to ensure that all the outside noise is blocked.


Wengie stated most people believe there is a pressure point in the middle of our foreheads which sometimes people call the third eye. Apparently when you put pressure there, it helps to relieve fear, anxiety, depression and help with insomnia. Many people use jasmine oil and other essential oils and rub it on the “third eye” in efforts to help increase sleep patterns.


People also believe that blinking very fast for at least 60 seconds helps make your eyes get tired which will help improve your sleep. Perhaps the best time to practice this technique would be when you’re in bed while in the dark. After a while your eyes will feel tired and this will encourage you to keep them closed eventually falling asleep.


Wengie also recommends that setting a good room temperature may help people sleep faster. Everyone has a variety of room temperature preferences but,studies show that setting your room temperature to 65 degrees Fahrenheit or 18 degrees Celsius helps you sleep faster. Your body’s primary temperature goes down while you sleep and having your room cool help your body cool down at a faster pace. If you don’t have a thermostat you can dress in light clothes or sleep with your feet outside of your blanket and even place a fan directly towards you.


Wengie recommends a spoonful of honey along with milk or soy milk and little vanilla. Apparently this helps the body relax and helps you fall asleep faster. This occurs because milk has a natural calming agent that helps relax the body without medication.


If you would like to enjoy Wengie’s Magnificient video’s on amazing ways to fall asleep faster simply click on:


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Fyre Festival, an Event like no other

The Fyre Festival is an event that goes for two weeks. It is a must-attend festival because of the vast experience for the goers. Among the things that happen include exploring the great private island of Fyre Cay, which is in the Bahamas. There is also a combination of food, culture, and art. The person behind the festival is Ja Rule.

It is not like other festivals which you have attended before, or you are waiting to visit in future, there is much commitment regarding giving service to guests and VIPs. The cost that you incur is parallel to the great experience.

Amp The Mag exclusively reported that the 2017 Fyre festival is here, and you should make sure that you attend since there are two chances for you to participate in the coveted event. The first chance is from 28th to 30th of April while the second the last chance for the year is on 5th and 7th of May. In these two weekends, there will be concerts as well as a scavenger hunt which will have big prize ticket and cuisines.

The festival is a form of a luxurious experience. It is an event which you should make a point of attending this spring season.

Those who are lined up to perform at the event have not yet been announced, but there is a promise that event will feature a performance for everyone. Every type of performance will be there ranging from hip-hop, rock to pop music. Many stars are expected to perform at the concert. The goal is to bring different artists together and make their fans to have a more personalized experience that they cannot get from other events.

On every weekend, there will have a treasure hunt with prizes that are safe and appealing. There will be hidden treasures that will be over $1 million after combination. They will include money, jewelry and other treasures that have not yet been disclosed. There will be goodies for you that will be worth the time you dedicate for the event.

You need to commit your weekend in this private island, and you will have an enjoyable experience. From music to visiting art installations, talking to hosted social leaders and being on a beach with friends. Get a ticket today, and you will access everything you need.

Learn morw about Frye Festival:


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Chris Burch Makes Prediction about Technology


Over the past few years there have been a lot of different predictions about what will be coming in the future in regards to technology and changes to mankind. One of the most common prediction is that the Internet and smart products will become far more prevalent. There are probably several products that you use today on a daily basis that seem very standard, but will change considerably in the next decade.


This trend is already quite evident to the average consumer. There had already been several every day products that have been enhanced with smart technology. Some of the most common smart products include watches, appliances, and thermostats. There are a couple products in particular that are very likely to be enhanced in the coming years.


One group of people that will benefit from changes in its products our first responders and firefighters. The first responding and fire fighting industry will likely receive a change in the next few years as smart technology by your gloves become more prevalent. These gloves come with an incredible amount of sensors and features that will help to make their job far safer and more effective. When going into a burning building a fire fighter will be able to receive more detailed data on the fire, information about where their teammates are in the building, and even be able to find other people trapped.


Another group of people that will be safer because of smart technology are bicyclists and motorcyclists. These users will be able to take advantage of a new neck brace system that will be a very unassuming thing to wear. However, when it is triggered after an accident, it will act in the same fashion as an airbag to help stabilize the neck and protect the head.


One individual that will continue to focus on and invest in wearable technology over the next few years is Chris Burch. Chris Burch is an entrepreneur and investor that has built a career on investing in technology companies and other organizations that will shape the future. He is well known for having started a variety of different apparel in retail companies and brands which has helped and accumulate a massive personal fortune. Today he is looking for a variety of investment options in the tech space.

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Adam Milstein Named as the Most Influential Jewish

Adam Milstein is an Israeli-America real estate developer as well as a philanthropist. Currently, he serves as Hager Pacific Properties’ managing partner. Driven by the passion for philanthropic, Milstein teamed up with his wife, Gila to establish Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation to strengthen the Jewish community.

Milstein’s Early Life

Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel to Hillel Milstein, a real estate developer and Eva, a homemaker. In 1949 at the age of 18, Milstein’s mother left Mexico for Israel while his father migrated from Argentina to Israel. In 1948, Milstein’s father participated in Israel’s struggle for independence. In 1950, Milstein and Eva married and moved from Haifa to Kyrat Mtozkin.


Currently, Milstein serves as Hager Pacific Properties’ managing partner. Here, he is responsible for providing strategic direction regarding finance, deposition, and accounting. Hager Pacific Properties specializes in construction, rehabilitating, and restructuring of commercial and residential properties. Upon graduating with a degree in Business Administration from the University of South California, Milstein ventured into the real estate industry as a sales agent.

Philanthropic efforts

Milstein teamed up with his wife, Gila to establish a humanitarian organization, Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation to sponsor education for Israelites to connect with their homeland, the State of Israel, strengthen Jewish roots as well as ignite their Jewish pride. Furthermore, the organization empowers Israeli-Americans to strengthen their Jewish roots and Israeli-America ties. Most recently, Milstein founded Israeli-American Council to empower pro-Israeli community.

Adam Milstein also serves on the boards of Birthright Israel, Hasbara Fellowship, StandWithUs, Jewish Funders Network, and Israel on Campus Coalition. Besides, Milstein and Gila provide free books in Hebrew to hundreds of Israeli-Americans in the United States. In 2015, Milstein held the inaugural summit of Campus Maccabees to defeat the spread of anti-Semitism about Israeli-Jewish living in the United States.

As a philanthropist, Milstein is strongly opposed to Boycott Divestment and Sanctions Movement as it threatens both the State of Israel and Western nations. In 2016, Milstein earned the accolade as the most influential Jewish and a top Twitter activist.


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