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Eric Lefkofsky’s Contribution in Fighting Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky’s legacy would have been the Groupon Company, but that changed when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. The experience was overwhelming for the couple, and Eric was sent on a new course. In a similar way to how most couples react when faced with cancer diagnosis, Lefkofsky also scrambled for information. In an interview at his office, Eric explained how terrifying the news was, and how unfortunate it was that doctors could not assure that everything would be alright. It was the ideal storm for the entrepreneur who is driven by creating business using data. Eric explained that a company is started when one believes that he has identified a major problem; a problem so painful that you wish to spend time resolving it. From this, Tempus was born.

Tempus has come up with an operating system meant to treat cancer. The technology platform connects molecular and anatomic data with clinical data obtained from medical systems throughout the country. With all these info put in a single place, it allows doctors to develop better, informed, and personalized treatments. For example, a combination of radiation and chemo may be adjusted for patients based on the historical data from patients with related medical backgrounds throughout the country. All these are based upon the different drugs they took and their genetic makeups.

Lefkofsky could have spent his life lavishing on Groupon’s success, but he instead chose to understand health care. He researched a lot and interacted with medical practitioners to speed up his understanding.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Career Background and Contribution to the Community

Lefkofsky is the CEO and co-founder of Tampus. In addition, he is also a co-founder of Lightbank, Chairman and Co-founder of Groupon, and Co-founder of Uptake Technologies. The latter two are an international e-commerce marketplace, and a leading platform for predictive analytics for large multinational industries. Lefkofsky also co-founded the Echo Global Logistics and the InnerWorkings, which deal in logistics outsourcing and technology-enabled transport, and provision of managed promotional and print solutions respectively. Lefkofsky at Twitter .

Together with his wife, Lefkofsky co-chairs the Lefkofsky Family Foundation that aims at advancing high-impact initiatives capable of enhancing the lives in communities in which it operates. He is also a trustee of the Chicagoan Lurie Children Hospital, the Museum of Industry and Science, and the Chicagoan Art Institute.

www.forbes.com/profile/eric-lefkofsky for more .


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A Brief Look At The Advantages Of Using NuoDB

What is NuoDB?

NuoDB is a database software program that is meant to be used on the Cloud.

A Look At One Of The Benefits of the NuoDB Database Software Program

One of the greatest benefits to using NuoDB is that it offers ultimate scalability control. With NuoDB software you can easily scale your database to meet your changing needs. For example, you can easily increase the size or scale of your database temporarily due to seasonal variations or surges in traffic. At the same time, you can just as easily reduce the scale of your database when the seasonal variation changes or traffic drops after a sudden increase.

All of this scaling can be done without having to do sharding, clustering or pre- provisioning IT procedures. These procedures are time consuming, expensive and come with risks that can result in data loss or systems being down. With elastic scalable database software from NuoDB, these complications are eliminated. Your database can stretch more when you need the greater capacity and then resort back to its original state when that demand is longer needed. With NuoDB, you won’t ever have to worry about modifying your database or jeopardizing your data.

Further info can be found on Wikipedia.

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The Ways The Fashion World Is Changing Because Of Don Ressler

The world is changing, and one of the signs of the changing world is the fashion, says Don Ressler. There are plenty of new cuts, styles, colors and fits that are being released not just for women, but for men as well. Men are starting to see some really interesting clothes in this era. However, some might say that the styles that men are getting may be a little feminine. One of the most important aspects of fashion is that it is supposed to bring about unique expressions of oneself. Therefore, people have to be able to figure out and express their own sense of fashion on ApparelNews.net.

Don Ressler has looked at the world of conformity. He has seen the world changing in favor of a more varied type of world. These days one of the messages that are being preached is that of self discovery, authenticity, and self expression. Therefore, people have to make sure that they are living that kind of lifestyle mentioned on eyepain.org. When one manages to live that lifestyle, then he can gain a lot of acceptance for who he truly is. Men and women who know who they are in fashion gain a lot of admiration from people who are unsure of themselves.

While people do take a risk when they are exploring their own style, one thing they realize is that many people do not really care all that much what type of style any given person is trying. After all, it is up to the person to find his own style so that he can be happy with himself. This is where TechStyle comes in. According to Don Ressler, TechStyle is working very hard at bringing forth some of the best chances for men and women to really find something that they like. TechStyle is creating and selling products based on the individual.

Women have gotten to enjoy a lot of the fun new looks that have been brought to them. Men are also beginning to see some of the changes in fashion that is actually capturing their imaginations in a way that gets them interested in fashion all over again. After all, men who take pride in their clothing style are appreciated.

Read more: JustFab raises $85M at what sources say is a $1B valuation

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Specialties of Philadelphia’s Most Respected Litigator: Karl Heideck

Specialties of Philadelphia’s Most Respected Litigator: Karl HeideckAll sorts of complications often mire the process of tracking down a good litigating attorney. So many options to choose from. It’s a costly affair, as well. However, there comes a time in an individual life when they find themselves in dire need of a reliable and an experienced litigator.

These professionals are required each step of the complicated litigation process and here are some ideas on how one ensures they get the best of the best in the field. Without their services, it’s impossible to run a successful business or enterprise. Every deal has some inherent risks. All transactions have to be transparent and in accordance with the law. Avoid penalties by securing lawyers like Karl Heideck. Get proper counsel and arbitration at all times to prevent jail time, penalties and offer hefty fines.

Skills and Experience Matters A Lot!

The trial lawyer shouldn’t have any qualms whatsoever with divulging all their certifications and professional associations. Use that information to confirm their credibility assertions. It’s important to do some online researching before you settle upon a particular legal contractor. Visit their LinkedIn, CrunchBase and Facebook pages to check out the breadth and scope of their skillset.

It helps to retain a lawyer who’s versed in a myriad of diverse legal realms. For instance, Karl Heideck LinkedIn profile shows his primary specialties to be in Compliance laws and Risk Management. His profile also lists the other reputable law firms he’s worked with in the past and present. Once you are satisfied and confident of the credentials, it’s now time to schedule a personal meeting where you get to go over the case details and other aspects like the legal fees involved. Sign a contract with the lawyer with a witness present, and you’re all set to face the judge.

About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is a contract litigation attorney at the Pepper Hamilton, LLP in Philadelphia. The highly-sought-out-after legal maestro attended the Temple University – James E. Beasley School of Law graduating in 2009. He did his undergraduate B.A in English and Literature at the Swarthmore College finishing in 2003.

Follow Karl Heideck on Instagram.

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Patients Have Every Viable Option At Their Fingertips At The Cancer Treatment Centers of America

At Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), physicians now have access to the Clinical Pathways program, which presents all viable treatment options for patients to review and discuss with their oncologist. Patients have access to clinical data, response rate and the quality of life that they should expect during each treatment option, which gives them the knowledge to participate in their care.

In addition, the Clinical Pathways platform aggregates all available treatments for all cancers reviewed by oncologists and oncology nurses, who assist physicians in keeping up-to-date with the latest advances in evidence-based cancer therapies.

As stated in the article, “Cancer Treatment Centers of America® Partners with Allscripts and NantHealth to Launch Clinical Pathways, a Comprehensive and Custom Oncology Treatment Platform,” CTCA consists of five non-profit hospitals in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tulsa that serve adults with cancer who seek mainstream treatments and supportive services to deal with the side effects of treatment. The hospitals are known for encouraging patients to actively participate in deciding which treatment options to pursue.

Richard Stephenson founded the Cancer Treatment Centers of America after being unhappy with the options at cancer hospitals. Stephenson’s mom had cancer and he was seeking comprehensive care for her, which he could not find. He and his family decided to open the first Cancer Treatment Center in 1988, where they offered the latest in cancer treatment along with physical and emotional integrated support services. Patients at the CTCA are assigned a team, led by an oncologist, but also consisting of a mind-body therapist, a nutritionist and a Naturopathic clinician. People travel from all over the world to have treatment at one of the CTCA hospitals, drawn by the organization’s reputation of providing excellent patient experiences.

For more information follow CTCA on Facebook.



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Wengie Fashion And Beauty Youtube Star Draws Her Life

Wengie was born in China, but grew up in Australia. She made her own DIY toys and that’s where her creative nature started. She was very shy and busy, so most of her time she spent on the computer. She worked as a social media consultant, which was a new term at the time and loved it. She had no life because Wengie was super busy with her blog, Youtube channel and job. She met the love of her life and was engaged. He supported her in quitting her job to pursue her fashion and beauty Youtube channel as a career.

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Goetti Is On THe Ball

The air conditioning field in Las Vegas just received another big change. Goetti acquired two new companies to add to their list of other ones that they have taken into their fold. This is all for the best, as the companies could not do as much as Goetti could, and they are happy for the employees that are moving forward with the company.

Everyone seems to be excited about the acquisitions of the two companies, Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air because it will better for everyone overall. They feel that Goetti has a handle on the market, and that they know what they are doing so the transitions should be simple and easy. Goetti also intends to make these companies services available to the commercial sector, which will create an income stream in a whole other avenue than ever before.

Goetti has been in business for 70 years, and they are well-known. They are experts at air conditioning repairs, HVAC management and also installation. Since they are also adept at heating sales, furnace repairs and air conditioning products, they represent the future of a company that will go very far with what they want to do.

The company is one that cares about their workers. They reward them for the hard work that they do because they are experts and experienced at serving in the way that they do. Since they are a company that cares, it looks like Goetti will be doing fantastic clear into the future by making the most of their assets.

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