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George Soros’ Opinion on How to End the Asylum Problem

George Soros is a sharp entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the founder of the Soros Fund Management LLC, which is a very profitable business. He witnessed his birth country being occupied by the Nazi and how the Battle of Budapest made his Jewish family fear for their lives. George Soros’ political stand of being a capitalist was shaped by his childhood experiences. Soros attended the London School of Economics and was a student to Karl Popper, the philosopher.

Mr. George Soros moved to New York to commence his profession in finance. He was very ambitious and could not be satisfied with working for other people, and he, therefore, founded the Soros Fund Management, which has since been very successful. Mr. Soros has been involved in charity activities since the 1970s, and George Soros established the Open Society Foundation to endorse political activities, social and economic transformations.

George Soros published an article on the Marketwatch about a solution to the asylum problem. He suggested that the fact of the European Union not having a joint asylum policy had transformed the growing number of refugees from a controllable problem to a political crisis. Member states focus more on their individual interests thus substantially affecting asylum seekers. The EU should have a comprehensive emergency response strategy that goes beyond the borders of Europe to manage asylum-seeker numbers and the absorption capacity of Europe. It is less costly to manage possible asylum seekers close to their current location.

Syria is currently in a crisis, and the Syrian population needs to be given priority, but without forgetting other refugees. The European plan should be supplemented by a worldwide response that would deal with the refugee problem and distribute the burden over many states under the power of the United Nations

The comprehensive plan had six sections according to George Soros’ opinion. First, the EU needed to admit at least a million refugees per annum by distributing them equitably, to have a predictable future. The asylum-seekers should also be offered 15,000 euros each by the EU to cover their basic needs in the first two years.

Secondly, sufficient funding must be provided to support 4 million refugees living in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. The EU should help in creating jobs for the refugees by setting conducive trading environments that can attract investors. An annual 8 to 10 billion euros pledge to the frontline nations, should be made by the EU with the rest being contributed by the US and the rest of the world to support refugees in Europe.

One Asylum and Migration Agency should be built by the EU, and eventually, a solitary EU border guard to do away with the current incompetent 28 independent asylum systems. The agency would make a joint rule for entrepreneurship and employment. An efficient return strategy that respects human rights will be created for refugees who do not need asylum.

Proper means of taking asylum-seekers to their destination countries from Greece and Italy should be set up to calm the panic. Safe avenues should then be spread to frontline areas to reduce the number of migrants who cross the Mediterranean Sea unsafely. There should also be global criteria of treating migrants and refugees made from the EU’s financial and operational arrangements.

The EU should finally mobilize private institutions such as churches, NGOs, and businesses to sponsor the programs of settling asylum-seekers. This program will require adequate funding, human and IT capabilities to balance the refugees and benefactors. An authentic European policy should be created to end avoidable panic and human suffering.

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Dick DeVos’ Philanthropy towards the Education Sector.

Dick DeVos is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist who contributes significantly towards education. He worked at Amway, which is a family business, and held many executive positions including the company’s presidency, where he served from 1993 to 2002. Dick has worked as an executive in other bodies such as The Windquest Group and the NBA’s Orlando Magic at which, he was the President and later acquire it in 1991.

Mr. DeVos is married to Betsy DeVos. In 1989, the couple founded a charity organization which they named, Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, with the primary purpose of community development. He has also been a frontrunner in numerous community activities. He founded the Education Freedom Fund, which granted over 4000 scholarship to the disadvantaged children in Michigan. Dick has spearheaded numerous downtown reactivations in Grand Rapids and developments in health care such as the 75 million dollar downtown arena and the 130 million dollar heart hospital.

Dick DeVos’wife Betsy DeVos has pushed for reforms in education as a political leader and a philanthropist. Dick and Betsy DeVos helped needy children to pay their school fees at the Potter House Christian School through scholarships. In 1990, Dick joined the Michigan State Board of Education through which he conducted massive reforms in the education sector. He facilitated the passing of the pioneer charter-school bill of Michigan with the support of his wife in 1993. The couple led an amendment of the Michigan constitution to allow tax money to be used for the expansion of schools. Betsy is the chairperson of the American Federation of Children, an organization that works to drive school vouchers and tax credits through legislation and create better options for destitute children who are not able to move out of poorly performing public schools.

Other people who have participated are in education reforms, and philanthropy include Chester Finn, John Kirtley, Fred Klipsch and Thomas Carroll. Chester Finn founded the Fordham Institute that is based in Ohio. The foundation led the rewriting of the messed-up Ohio charter-school law. Fordham Institute also participates in the funding of projects that support needy people and educational reforms. John Kirtley also took part by founding the Children’s Scholarship Plan in Tampa Bay that offered 700 bursaries worth 1500 dollars each.

Fred Klipsch, a business person who ventures mostly in electronics, founded the Institute of Quality Education in 2006, which deals with policy development. He also established the Hoosiers for Quality Education that deals with politics and education. He has been able to raise millions of dollars to help in paying school fee for the needy. Thomas Carroll helps in reforms by working with the New York-based Foundation for Opportunity in Education. Helps in linking donors with different schools, charitable reformers and students from needy backgrounds.

Connect with DeVos on LinkedIn.

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Four Excellent Types Of Beneful For Your Dog

Beneful is a very well known brand of dog food in America and elsewhere. It has been designed to provide dogs with good tasting food that is also nutritious. It also does both of these things quite well, to say the least. For that reason, it has become extremely popular. In fact, there are many millions of dogs eating it every day. Beneful is available in a variety of different types of stores, ranging from pet food stores to corner stores. It also is available in many grocery stores like Wal-Mart. In addition to being widely available, it also comes in a variety of different flavors. It also is available in different forms that are meant to cater to different types of dogs. It is alzo available online:

One commonly consumed type of Purinastore’s Beneful is Beneful Originals. Beneful Originals is meant to cater to the nutritional needs of full grown dogs. The nutritional content is aimed at benefiting the health of adult dogs without health issues. In addition, it is designed to be very flavorful. It contains natural meat, and it also has genuine vegetables. This gives it a good taste, and it also boosts the nutritional value of it.

Beneful also makes another type of dog food, called Incredibites. Incredibites is geared at healthy adult small dogs. It also contains genuine meat and vegetables. This both enhances it’s nutritional value and taste. Incredibites comes in a variety of different flavors that appeal to small dogs.

There also is a brand of Beneful that’s designed for overweight dogs. This brand of Beneful is called Beneful Healthy Weight. It contains a lesser amount of calories that other types of Beneful. It also contains less calories than the vast majority of dog foods on the market. However, it doesn’t fall short in terms of the nutritional value. In fact, it is packed with the nutrients your dog needs. It contains natural materials, such as genuine vegetables and meats. It does have less calories, but it is no less flavorful.

There also is a brand of Beneful that is geared at older dogs. Beneful Senior Dog has all that is needed to provide good nutrition to elderly dogs. The nutritional content is designed to help protect against age related damage. In addition, it has all the nutrition that is needed for the general health of your dog. It also contains natural materials, such as meat and vegetables.



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Recap: The Capital Restructuring-Madison Street Capital Video on Youtube

Madison Street Capital has been providing custom solutions for corporate funding to its clients for years. With the help of its highly diverse network of funding sources, the company has been able to establish a reputation for themselves that not only showcases their adaptability but also their dedication to the success of their clients.

Middle market companies have long felt the pull of what has quickly become a global market oriented business world. Most of the time, it is hard for business owners to find their own corporate funding sources, especially since the majority of the contacts they require are a closely guarded secret. Madison Street Capital has made a name for itself by making corporate funding accessible to both startups and already established businesses. In doing so, they have been able to build a network of potent investors, ranging from both asset based and credit based lenders to angels and venture capital groups.

Clients choose Madison Street Capital for many reasons. Some of these reasons are the highly educated expert staff that is always willing to answer questions. The company knows that education is the key to making informed decisions on, and they also know that the ability to make informed decisions is a key trait to any successful business owner. When clients come to them with questions, they find the answers waiting for them. The staff is knowledgeable with practical experience in handling everyday business practices such as mergers, acquisitions and more.

Madison Street Capital does more than just corporate financing, as can be seen through their willingness to educate their clients. Both new, fledgling startups and seasoned, profiting businesses have found Madison Street Capital to be their helping hand. Throughout the years, Madison Street Capital has helped many businesses with their business needs. The company has helped orchestrate some of the most profitable mergers this turn of the century, and is quickly becoming well known for its debt restructuring strategies.

Madison Street Capital

During its time, Madison Street Capital has set new standards of excellence for the rest of the world to learn from and adhere to. Their ability to create customized strategies on that not only benefit their clients’ businesses but also puts them into a position to carry on the progress has helped turn the company into a world leader. Every business owner is different, and so is every business. Madison Street Capital shines when it comes to creating custom strategies that are not only effective, but also sustainable.

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Ricardo Guimares was born in royalty. He is the son of a mining titan and the grandson of the founder of Banco BMG.His granddad Antonio Moura Guimaraes founded the bank in 1930, Ricardo Guimares joined the group from the simple post of an office assistant and rose to become the CEO in 1980.


The story of Ricardo Guimares is as rare as they come. He joined BMG in 1980 and did his undergraduate while still at the bank. He completed his degree in 1988 from the UMA.It was in Business Administration. He was then promoted to became the CFO in 1988 and vice president in 1996.Ricardo became the CEO IN 2004.He is assisted by Marcio Alaor at that post.


Ricardo Guimares come from an affluent family no doubt. He has risen through sheer hard work and shrewdness nonetheless and is an iconic example of hard work. It is this reason he has received prestigious accolades like the Grand collar of the legislative merit in 2204 and honorary degrees from Town Hall in 2011.Ricardo is also a hedge fund manager who has started Ricardo 11 fund. It seeks to commercialize images of players and build the brand. It now has a funding of $ 20 million. He has tons of football experience. He was the chairman at Clube Atletico Mineiro for five years, and it is his favourite club.


Ricardo Guimares has appeared in numerous blogs to share his business expertise. He says Brazilians have good business ideas but lack the willpower to implement them. They are very creative but lack actual guts to do the hard work. It mostly comes down to hard work and dedication. The country was ranked slightly behind the USA with a score of 138.8.


Banco BMG is now 85 years old having been founded in 1930 by Antonio Guimares; It has grown to become one of the largest in the country and provides efficient services for the people. It is well known for its cheap loans and extensive distribution network. It has 3000 branches spread across the entire country. It also has 50000 employees.


Under Guimares, the bank has become a giant in Sports sponsorship. It has the highest returns for every dollar invested in the industry. Banco BMG regular floats bonds in the international market to help raise capital. Read more here…..

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There Is No Vaccine For The Viral Infections That Plague More Than 100 Countries A Year According To Medical Advisor Sergio Cortes

The viruses carried by the Aedes aegypti mosquito have a lot in common, according to one of Brazil’s top medical advisors, Dr. Sergio Cortes. The viruses that infect millions of Brazilians every year usually produce symptoms that last 2-7 days after an incubation period of 4-10 days, according to a Dr. Cortes website post. The two most common viruses, dengue and chikungunya cause a fever that can reach 104°F, and the severe headache, pain behind the eyes, and nausea and vomiting can last for days. Some infected people usually complain that their swollen glands and joint and muscle aches and itchy rash seem to last longer than 7 days.

In 2013, Dr. Cortes went to Xerém, Duque de Caxias to see how dengue spreads after a major flood. Xerém was destroyed by the flood, and the Aedes aegypti mosquito was hard at work breeding in the pools of water that were everywhere. According to a post by, State Ministry of Health Director Cortes and his medical team helped stop the spread of the virus by providing antibiotics and bottles of sodium hypochlorite to the survivors.

In 2015, Dr. Cortes was the acting Chief Medical Officer and Executive Director of Rede D’Or São Luiz in Rio de Janeiro, according to a post. Dr. Cortes was asked to visit the Northeastern region by the Ministry of Health to assess reports that the Zika virus was spreading in areas around the city of Recife. Dr. Cortes and an emergency medical team discovered a small outbreak of a virus that hadn’t been a health issue in Brazil before 2015. Not much was known about the Zika virus. Some local doctors were misdiagnosing the virus. They thought it was the dengue virus because the symptoms appeared to be dengue symptoms. The doctors in that region knew that severe dengue can cause deadly complications due to fluid accumulation, plasma leaking and respiratory distress.

But Dr. Cortes had done research on the Zika virus and knew there was no vaccine available. Cortes knew that the people around Recife were being infected with Zika instead of dengue by the Ades aegypti mosquito and there wasn’t a cure. Dr. Cortes sent a tweet that the Zika virus was related to a spike in the number of microcephaly cases in the same area. The threat of babies being born with underdeveloped brains and skulls was turning into reality in that region of Brazil. More than 745 confirmed cases of microcephaly were reported from August 2015 to February 2016.

You can follow him on Linkedin.


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Igor Cornelsen: Brazilian Stock Market Executive

Igor Cornelsen currently works with the Bainbridge Group that deals with investing in the stock exchange. They also deal with foreign exchange markets and commodity trading. He is an avid investor and had been a career banker for a long time before retiring. He is renowned in the financial market all over the world. However, he established himself as an expert in the financial markets back at his home in Brazil. He rose to the position of being a prominent top banker in the industry. During this time, Igor Cornelsen managed some of the biggest banks in the country. In doing so, he was also indirectly responsible for maintaining a substantial percentage of the nation’s entire gross economy.

At the moment, he lives his retirement in South Florida a location that complements well his golfing hobby that he relishes. However, he dabbles back into the investment world from time to time to give advice and guide newbies into the market. He also offers financial advice to people through different media platforms. When he is not playing golf, Igor consults for the banking industry as well as stock market investments. He performs these tasks with ease and eloquence Owing to the vast experience that he draws from working in financial institutions throughout his entire career.

According to interviews that were given to news outlets like Brand Yourself and DisQus, Igor indicates that having an understanding of the market needs in a sound economy and the forecasted outlook is crucial in weathering the turbulent storms. The advice to banks that want to weather the storm is to narrow their focus and understand the dynamics of the market they are operating. There are few pointers given the number of big player banks that matter and the consideration of the China factor. The trade relations with China are inartistically tied as a stronger economy in China means better prices for raw materials being sourced from the country.

Apart from advising banks on where to put their money for better returns and growth in the long term, Igor also encourages individual and corporate investors in the manner they should navigate the financial, stock and commodity markets. He gives three specific pointers to the need to invest in passive incomes that are seen to come from stock and commodities markets. For the starters, there is no direct involvement on the part of the owner. Second, if the right choices are made, there is an assured continuous flow of income. Lastly, there are minimal resources that are required in the beginning.

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