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Adam Milstein Named as the Most Influential Jewish

Adam Milstein is an Israeli-America real estate developer as well as a philanthropist. Currently, he serves as Hager Pacific Properties’ managing partner. Driven by the passion for philanthropic, Milstein teamed up with his wife, Gila to establish Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation to strengthen the Jewish community.

Milstein’s Early Life

Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel to Hillel Milstein, a real estate developer and Eva, a homemaker. In 1949 at the age of 18, Milstein’s mother left Mexico for Israel while his father migrated from Argentina to Israel. In 1948, Milstein’s father participated in Israel’s struggle for independence. In 1950, Milstein and Eva married and moved from Haifa to Kyrat Mtozkin.


Currently, Milstein serves as Hager Pacific Properties’ managing partner. Here, he is responsible for providing strategic direction regarding finance, deposition, and accounting. Hager Pacific Properties specializes in construction, rehabilitating, and restructuring of commercial and residential properties. Upon graduating with a degree in Business Administration from the University of South California, Milstein ventured into the real estate industry as a sales agent.

Philanthropic efforts

Milstein teamed up with his wife, Gila to establish a humanitarian organization, Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation to sponsor education for Israelites to connect with their homeland, the State of Israel, strengthen Jewish roots as well as ignite their Jewish pride. Furthermore, the organization empowers Israeli-Americans to strengthen their Jewish roots and Israeli-America ties. Most recently, Milstein founded Israeli-American Council to empower pro-Israeli community.

Adam Milstein also serves on the boards of Birthright Israel, Hasbara Fellowship, StandWithUs, Jewish Funders Network, and Israel on Campus Coalition. Besides, Milstein and Gila provide free books in Hebrew to hundreds of Israeli-Americans in the United States. In 2015, Milstein held the inaugural summit of Campus Maccabees to defeat the spread of anti-Semitism about Israeli-Jewish living in the United States.

As a philanthropist, Milstein is strongly opposed to Boycott Divestment and Sanctions Movement as it threatens both the State of Israel and Western nations. In 2016, Milstein earned the accolade as the most influential Jewish and a top Twitter activist.


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Political Influence is Not Accepted by Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen grew up as part of one of the most important political families in South America and Scandinavia, the human rights activist has ancestors who played major roles in the governments of Norway and Venezuela all the way through to his own parents. For Thor Halvorssen the decision of his own political allegiances is not something he believes is important, but does describe himself as a classical liberal in the views he has formed over his 40 years of life.

The human rights activist believes political backgrounds and leanings are not as important in the work to be completed in terms of the Human Rights Foundation he founded in 2005 as is the need to have a passion for providing human rights to all in the world. In recent interviews the film producer claimed to not know any of the political views of the 12 key members of staff at the Human Rights Foundation, and went on to explain how those working with the group ranged in experience from former lawyers for the Argentinian government, to the former world chess champion Gary Kasparov who is the President of the New York based organization.

Over the course of his career as a human rights activist Thor Halvorssen has often looked to bring information of his campaigns to social groups not often addressed by activists such as himself. Thor has been willing to provide information and make appearances on conservative TV news channels as he feels providing information and inspiring activism in different groups is a key part of the work he is hoping to achieve in the future.

Thor takes this lack of political acknowledgment about the political point of view of the governments he looks to persuade to free political prisoners and discuss human rights with to his everyday work. The founder of the Human Rights Foundation explains many groups do not publicize atrocities carried out by left wing governments, such as Cuba and Venezuela, but Thor Halvorssen feels it is his job to discuss the problems facing people stranded in these countries as much as he does for those living under right wing rulers.


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The Bank to Watch in Texas, 2017

NexBank Capital, Inc. is an American financial company located in Dallas, Texas. It is the 14th largest financial institution in Texas.

The Executive management team is rich in industry expertise, and they focus on providing financial solutions to clients at all economic levels.

The bank has an A health rating, with money market rates of two times the national average. It renders services to its clients through Commercial Banking, Investment Banking, and Mortgage Banking. The bank’s services are tailored to meet the needs of individuals, institutional customers, corporates and financial institutions.

In 2015, NexBank recorded strong consolidated financial results in all the quarters. For four years in a row, the bank attained record levels of assets, earnings, deposits, and loans.

At the closure of 2015, the company had assets worth $2.72B, which was a growth of 48% above the previous year. Loans increased by 42% in the same year whereas total deposits grew by 32% to reach $1.88B.

Year-over-year, the company’s net income reached $53.2M. Its ROAE rose from 23% in 2014 to 35 % in 2015, a net income of $25.6M. In the fourth quarter, the company achieved a Return on Average Equity rose (ROAE) of 37% and a net income of $16.2M, a rise from 33% and $10.2M respectively in 2014.

NexBank SSB, a top regional bank, made a significant contribution to this success and still maintained a well-capitalized status. As at December 31, 2015, the bank’s Tier 1 leverage ratio was 9.34%, and the total risk-based capital ratio was 13.52%.

The President of NexBank Capital, Inc. says that this incredible performance of the bank results from the improvement of the bank’s asset and deposit channels and careful management of risks and expenses.

On November 30, 2015, NexBank SSB acquired the College Savings Bank as part of its long-term funding plan. This move added an extra source of deposits to the bank.

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Court Issues Restraining Order to Laidlaw& Company

Relmada Therapeutics is an institution that offers specialized therapies for individuals suffering from chronic pain. The clinical stage company is found in the US, and its products are used in different parts of the globe. Relmada Therapeutics recently went to court to sue an investment company. According to the pharmaceutical firm, the Laidlaw and Company had breached a contract signed in the past. The US District Court of Nevada reviewed the case and decided to issue an associate injunction and restraining order to the investment firm and its two principles.

By granting the injunction and associate injunction, the court will have Laidlaw and its two principles from spreading misleading information about the pharmaceutical firm. Mathew Either and James Ahern are the two principles of the investment institution, and they have been involved in spreading false information and proxy materials from Relmada Therapeutics.

The U.S District Court order is a sign of relief for Relmada Therapeutics. In the recent past, Mathew and James had breached a contract signed years ago. The company had also been involved in disseminating false information that was considered to be misleading to the general public. This information was ruining the reputation of the pharmaceutical firm. According to Laidlaw reports, they had the full rights to control the pharmaceutical company. Relmada Therapeutics had denied these claims, saying that they are false.

Laidlaw Company is an investment company in the United States. The institution is very popular. However, in the recent past, it has had to deal with numerous court cases and complaints from clients who were served in the past. In most of the complaints from the unsatisfied customers, the company violates the financial regulations. These problems have led to regulatory sanctions, monetary penalties, and other problems. The reputation of the company has been damaged by these complaints and court cases from the public.

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Maintain The Perfect Hair With WEN Cleansing Conditioners

Chaz Dean, producer of WEN cleansing conditioners, is a long time hair stylist and professional in the cosmetics industry. He has long been solving women’s hair problems and developing products for people to use to improve their hair health. To date, he has even worked with a host of different celebrities due to his talents and reputation. WEN cleansing conditioners come in several different varieties for women to choose from, based on their particular tastes and hair types. Though hair type is not too important, as WEN cleansing conditioners were meticulously formulated to work on all hair types under any conditions, including damaged and brittle hair.

Chaz Dean’s ( WEN hair care line has actually been around for quite a while now, surpassing more than 10 years. That being said it is still used today by many women since it is an effective product that is all natural and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg like other similar products from salon. On top of it being affordable, it can replace other hair care products, like detanglers and deep conditioners, and even normal shampoos and conditioners. For best results, it’s best to use WEN by itself, but it can be used along with other hair styling products as long as they are chemical free.

An effective clean wasn’t the only thing WEN was made for however, as an important part for Chaz Dean was to make his product affordable, which is why every bottle of WEN cleansing conditioner can be bought online for $40 dollars or even less from the likes of Sephora, Ebay, Amazon, and more. Combine that with the fact that it is easy to obtain and use at home, and WEN is one of the best products available for women who want to remove the hassle today.

Check out the WEN Facebook page and Twitter account for more information.

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Financial Guru: What Can Be Done To Help Russia

Alexei Beltyukov is one of the biggest financial gurus in the United States. He has created and worked with dozens of companies all over the United States. He also has a very extensive education background. He is from Russia, where he originally started to build his profound career from there.

Alexei Beltyukov has formed various businesses throughout his career. He has founded Endemic Capital and A-Ventures Ltd while he has helped create the Russian Alumni Scholarship of INSEAD. He is also currently working for the Russian government to help the citizens of Russia with the Skolkovo Foundation. As you can see, he is very dedicated to helping upcoming Russia entrepreneurs.

The successful financial guru went to INSEAD back in the late 1990’s to study business. He graduated from the program in 1997 with a Master of Business Administration degree. Back in the late 1980’s, the successful businessman started to study internal medicine where he later graduated with a Doctor of Medicine’s degree in 1994. The businessman has also been a college advocate involved with other universities in the United States.

The entrepreneur has been very involved with the social media community. The entrepreneur has accounts on both Twitter and Facebook where he regularly posts updates about various topics and shares his opinions on the platforms.

Throughout the years, the businessman has been featured in many media outlets since the start of his successful career. His success is well known around the world as he has joined various companies to work with. He is currently working with New Gas Technologies, Foro Energy, and Moscow Exchange. He has been with these companies for a lengthy amount of time and he continues to bring success to these companies.

Alexei Beltyukov has a wide variety of skills and he is fluent in the Russian, English, and French languages. He has experience with emerging markets, private equity, venture capital, start-ups, business development, management, financial analysis, investment banking, and dozens of others. He continues to learn each and every day and he sometimes continues his education to strengthen his skills so that he can continue to perform to his excellent standards.

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Capitol Anesthesiology And Their Outreach Work

Capitol Anesthesiology is a committed practice for all patients, and they offer outreach services in Austin that rival some of the largest charities in the state. This article shares why Capitol Anesthesiology has been lauded for its brilliant work helping the people on the community lead better and fuller lives.

#1: The Practice Performs Outreach Consistently

Capitol Anesthesiology performs outreach on a consistent basis through Austin Smile, Eels on Wheel and Operation Smile. They have their staff participating in as many events as possible, and they are visible in the community where patients may learn of their great work.

#2: Sending Staff Members Overseas

The office at Capitol Anesthesiology is happy to send its staff overseas for assignments with charities such as Operation Smile. They wish to help every child who does not have the right smile, and they will volunteer their time because it helps the world become a better place.

#3: Patients May Get Involved

Patients are asked to join in with community outreach projects at Capitol Anesthesiology, and the family comes together to help in the Austin area. Patients are a part of the greater good at the office, and they are welcome at any time when they wish to help others. Capitol Anesthesiology wishes to engender a familial spirit that has patients willing to help with even the smallest of projects.

The practice is a lovely place to work where the community is seen as a priority. They have created a culture at Capitol Anesthesiology that values those in need.

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