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San Francisco Declares War on Sugar

Alexei Beltyukov just told me that in a unanimous vote, on Tuesday, city supervisors in San Francisco passed into law a control on the labeling of sugary beverages. Eater reports that bottles of soda and sports drinks must now carry health warnings on their labels. Any beverage with over 25 calories or more of sugars are subject to the new law, but fruit juices and milk are exempt.

While San Francisco, unlike Berkeley refused to add a tax to the unhealthy drinks, they hope to bring awareness to the negative health issues of these drinks that bring about diabetes and obesity by adding the warnings to any advertisements on public transportation and billboards. ABC News reports that for some advocates sugar is the new tobacco, and that the state beverage industry may sue to block the ordinance and cites it as being unfair as well as having free speech issues. The ordinance awaits the mayor’s approval or veto sometime next week.

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Artificial Sweeteners Make You Fat

Health experts discovered that those popular artificial sweeteners are doing you more harm than good. Coffee drinkers and tea drinkers might start their day with a cup of their favorite hot beverage. They add artificial sweeteners to improve the taste. Usually, because they are trying to save a few calories. The fact is that just about everyone on the planet consumes artificial sweeteners without really knowing it. Health experts warn that the stuff is in the popular foods that we eat and the drinks we consume. Most candy, cereals, gum, cakes, cookies, and diet products include the artificial sweeteners. Furthermore, the sugar substitutes are responsible for causing a number of health concerns. Read more about those concerns here.

Artificial Sweeteners Make You Fat
According to Kevin Seawright, researchers discovered that replacing your regular sugar with an artificial alternative might not be a good idea. Switching to an artificial sweetener might make an individual more prone to a number of health issues that include obesity. Certainly, obesity is a major health concern in this country. Obesity is a growing problem for the young and the old. Consequently, it is vital for people to take a proactive approach and take a second look at the ingredients that are included in their favorite foods and drinks.

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Price Gouging the Uninsured

A recent article in the Washington Post, referencing a research paper from Johns Hopkins University, highlights a disturbing practice being perpetrated on the public by some healthcare institutions. Sam Tabar noted that the study found that some fifty facilities are making a standard practice of marking up the price of healthcare by a thousand percent, and in some cases even more. The report shows that half of these hospitals are owned by a single for-profit healthcare company.

This study raises some very serious and practical questions about the nature of healthcare. Treating our critical care institutions as a business, like any other, has produced these predatory practices. Under these conditions, we not only need to be concerned about our natural human frailty, and susceptibility to injury and illness, but we also have to worry about our healthcare provider recklessly emptying our pockets as we recover.

The healthcare industry needs to be accountable for running efficiently, but that is not the only factor that should guide our care providers. Institutions responsible for the care of the weakest and most vulnerable of people need to conduct themselves, above all else, with the highest level of compassion. This story represents a complete systemic failure on that important principle.

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Unfair Advantage: Why Women Live Longer than Men

You only get to live once, that’s a fact. Through battling obesity and watching your general health for any red flags, you’re well covered. Engadget says something as simple as gender be a driver behind a longer life?

A recent study is asking the vital question. In a study centered on centenarians, those who live past the 100-year mark, 95% of this group is female. Why is this so?

Life expectancy has reached a new high and continues to rise as our technologies and attention to health continue to soar, but men are simply at a disadvantage from birth to death due to several factors. While still in the womb, men are more vulnerable to prenatal infection than girls and develop slower physically.

Second, women are less gutsy than guys are. The third leading cause of death for men is through unintentional injuries. This could be due to the fact that with men the frontal lobes of the brain that deal with risk develop at a slower rate than with women. Men are willing to take more risks than a woman would.

Men are also less centered on their health, which ends up hurting them in the long run. Males visit a doctor 24% less than the opposite sex and many don’t even have a physician that they see on a regular basis.

While the evidence is backed up by science, don’t center on how short your life may be regardless of gender. Be determined to maintain your wellness with a healthy lifestyle. You just may see your 100th birthday guys!

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Dan Newlin, from the Beat to the Courtroom

Dan Newlin now resides and practices law in Sand Lakes, Florida, outside of Orlando where he graduated from the Florida State College of Law in 2000. Prior to his ambitious career as a personal injury lawyer, Dan Newlin was an officer of the law, so he acquired first-hand experience in the area of law and order. He served New Chicago in the Indiana Police and Fire Department for five years from the age of 20. After serving in Chicago, he accepted a position with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department in Orlando.

From Officer of the Law to Practising Law

During the 10 years that Newlin served in Orlando, he received several accommodations, including going above and beyond the call of duty and exceptional work with the Marshall’s office. His final position in the force was the honored position of Sherriff’s Detective. Dan Newlin served with dignity and a focused outlook, and he decided to enhance his career by becoming an attorney. He was accepted into Law School in 1997 and graduated in 2000, and he has been taking the legal community by force ever since. Mr. Newlin handles every case with an aggressive sense of power and determination to win for his client.

Practicing Law with an Aggressive Edge

Dan Newlin has been practicing law for 15 years, and he tries personal injury cases with passion. His agency has developed an excellent group of personal injury lawyers along with 75 other employees. Without taking a moment to rest, Mr. Newlin opened offices in Chicago in 2014, so he now manages offices both in Central Florida and in Chicago, and he is winning cases; his offices have won over $150 million for his clients.

Mr. Newlin focuses on personal injury and wrongful death cases, and both offices concentrate on injury and accident cases, which includes medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, DUI accidents, train and truck accidents, construction site accidents, worker’s compensation and wrongful death.

The law offices of Dan Newlin are extremely successful, and Mr. Newlin is to be accommodated for his diligent and persuasive defenses. He practices what he has learned by personal experience as well as in formal law school, and it makes all the difference for his clients.

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Infectious IQ

A recently released study shows that cognitive ability is adversely affected by infections. The Danish Researchshows that those hospitalized for infections show an average of a 1.76 lower score on IQ tests. And those hospitalized repeatedly for infections, such as urinary tract or skin infections, show a 9.44 points lower score than average. The study showed a clear correlation between the number of infections and cognitive ability in testing. “We can see that the brain is influenced by all types of infections. Therefore, it is important that more Handy research is conducted into the mechanisms which lie behind the connection between a person’s immune system and mental health,” says Michael Eriksen Benrós, lead researcher. This research begs the question, what else in our brain is effected by our immune systems? And how may we better treat things such as mental illness? Only farther research can answer these questions.

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Two NFL players decided to one up their understanding of the world

Two NFL players decided to one up their understanding of the world by experiencing it from an entirely different angel altogether. The two linebackers William Hayes and Chris Long were riding a bus when Hayes asked Long if he thinks he could spend a day as a homeless person. Hayes said that he wanted to try it and of course as Long is his best friend he wouldn’t let him do it alone.

According to an article found on reddit and written by, the two friends who come from very different backgrounds went through with their experiment and they decided to do it without cameras or anything else watching them this time. On Cubix Latin America Street, they found that people hated them and glared at them and also tried to make both men feel uncomfortable where ever they were. They both were so appreciative to get home that night as anyone would imagine.

The two of them were not recognized out there during their time out there, it was surely was a interesting thing to try out. Hayes grew up in a family that didn’t have much money or resources and Long was raised in a home where he had everything since his parents were both successful lawyers and all of that. Despite their differences they are still best friends and do a lot of fun things together, and they don’t let their backgrounds dictate what they do.

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