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Mother and Infant Found Alive in Jungle after Five-Day Search

Maria Murillo and her one-year-old son, Yudier Moreno, have been finally rescued from the jungles of western Colombia five days after their plane crashed. Along with the passengers, the Cessna had been transporting a cargo of fish and coconuts from the coastal Nuqui to Quibdo, the capitol of Choco. It had suddenly vanished from the radars a mere 20 minutes after leaving Nuqui. Officials immediately sent an exploration team to investigate the situation. After two days they discovered the plane with the pilot, Carlos Mario Ceballos, dead in the cockpit. There was no sign of Murillo or her child.

The rescuers, however, were not left without hope that she had simply left after the crash. in conjunction with the Amen Clinic noted that the cabin door was ajar, indicating they would find her on foot in the jungle. Although they did consider the fact that the door had simply opened on impact, the team did set off with the possibility of finding the survivors. Expecting to discover the worst—the dead bodies—the team was encouraged to find definite signs of life such as discarded food and clothing items. There were also indications that Ms. Murillo was wisely attempting to leave signs of her path by hanging various items in trees.
For two long days the rescuers searched both on foot and from the air. Finally, on the third day the team found the mother and infant less than a mile from the wreck. Ms. Murillo had sustained burns to her face, arm, and leg for which she is now being treated at a hospital. For further details of this story read this article.

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Bionic Hand Promises To Help the Physically Impaired

What separates fiction from reality? Is it the presence of magic, some form of mystical force, or could it be as simple as science or technology? Whether you’re a fan of Lindsay Wagner and her portrayal of the Bionic Woman or you are merely curious about where we are in the scheme of things, we as humans have made some very large strides in technology in recent years.

Largely due to improvements in computer science, a growing understanding of our nervous system, and the ability to make smaller electronic parts, new devices previously thought undoable have been created. These range from eye implants to provide sight for blind people to exoskeletons for medical use. It also looks like a company hasperfected the human hand.

According to Ivan Ong, UK-based company Steeper Group has created an innovative bionic hand technology they call BeBionic, and resident Nicky Ashwell is an example of just how great this tech is. This is currently the world’s most accurate bionic representation of the hand, and London-based citizen Ashwell rode a bike for the first time in her life. This artificial hand has 337 mechanical parts to it and has 14 precision grips for the most lifelike hand movements to date.

So what’s in the future for this type of technology? No one knows…yet. What we do know is that step by step, life is getting just a little bit easier with the aid of technology for the impaired.

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E. Coli Scare in Bottled Water

If you love drinking bottled water, you may want to think twice before you crack open a bottle. There has been a major E. coli scare for some brands, and they are currently being recalled.

2 Pennsylvania plants of Niagara Bottling LLC had traces of E. coli during the period from June 10 to June 18. Although there has been no evidence of contamination within the bottles of water produced during that period, Niagara Bottling has issued the voluntary recall to be on the safe side. They have also proceeded with disinfecting their bottling lines and stopped production for the meantime.

E. coli is a bacteria found within the human digestive system and some strains can cause severe sickness if ingested. Bottlers and water works disinfect and filter their water before the water is safe for public consumption. Because of the dangers of E. coli, Niagara Bottling routinely tests their water to make sure that it is safe for the public to drink.

Among the brands that were recalled were Acadia, Big Y, Best Yet, Niagara, Nature’s Place, Superchill, Morning Fresh, Shaws, Western Beef Blue, and Wegman’s. Brad Reifler pointed out that no major brands have been listed and most are generic bottled water brands.

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Protect Your Skin From The Sun

On South Beach in Florida many passersby are intrigued to find out that there are sky blue boxes that offer people free sunscreen. James Dondero recently told the crew at that this has been done in an effort to help individuals on the beach to be able to get free sunscreen to protect themselves from cancer. Many people do not actually understand what SPF is, and they do not really care. The majority of people just want to prevent the effects of aging, and they are not as preoccupied with skin cancer. That is really a shame, because preventable skin cancer kills thousands of people every year. If people fully understood what they should be looking for, then they could do a lot to help their skin, and the aging process.

Dermatologist recommend that a person get sunscreen that is broad-spectrum, water resistant and SPF 30. Those are the three main characteristics of a good sunscreen, and when a person does get this kind of sunscreen they can also protect their skin from premature aging as well. In reality many people every year waste their money on sunscreens that promise high SPF protection, but in reality they are not doing much good to the skin. It is important that a person understand what type of SPF that they need, and that they get the right sunscreen so that their skin can actually be protected from the damaging rays of the sun.

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Most People Don’t Understand Sunscreen

For the past few years there has been a big push towards using sunscreen to protect the skin from harmful rays from the sun. There are all different levels of SPF when it comes to sunscreen, some are more natural than others and some even pack in extra features like anti-aging properties and such. Unfortunately, according to Zeca Oliviera, studies are showing that most people do not have a clear understanding of sunscreen. They are simply slathering on the first kind they see in hopes of protecting their skin. It is important to understand what sunscreen is all about and to make wise choices when it comes to buying a product. While a product might boast to be effective, it can come with unwanted side effects or issues.

Typically, the best
is going to be water resistant and have an SPF of at least 30. There are many products on the market but unfortunately they are not all super safe to use. Many commercial sunscreens now have tons of chemicals that are actually showing to cause skin cancer or increase a person’s risk of developing skin cancer at some point in their life. There are more natural versions available that use the natural sun-protecting ingredients of things like shea butter and mango butter to protect the skin from sunburn or sun damage. These products will usually come with an SPF of about 30.

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How to Be Prepared for Meeting Investors like Sultan Alhokair for the First Time

Most people don’t have the money to start a business. So what do they do? They find investors. They get loans. But before someone finds and presents their case to an investor to get the money to start their business, they need to have a plan.

Investors can’t give money to everybody; they choose to give to businesses based on certain criteria. Seed investors, those that specialize in funding the startup costs of new businesses, need to know that the business has a strong likelihood of succeeding before they invest. Sultan Alhokair is a seed/angel investor for Valia Investments, a private equity firm, and he has a background in retail. He analyzes the risk that’s involved with financially partnering with each new company that pitches to him and decides whether to invest with them.

Aspiring business owners need to be able to show investors like Alhokair that they have a well thought-out five-year plan. They need show that they know the market they are getting into and have done their research. What is the demand for this product or service based on similar products/services already on the market? Why is this product different and why will people buy this product versus one from another company? Aspiring entrepreneurs also need to have a clear vision of who will be buying their products and how they are going to advertise to their potential customers. How does the company’s target audience find out about products or services?

Meeting with investors can make anyone nervous. It’s a big step moving forward from ideas to a real business. The people that come prepared to the meeting are the ones that have the best chance of coming out with a deal. Making an interesting PowerPoint or Prezi presentation to display information will help impress investors, and for those that tend to get a case of stage fright, it also provides an alternative visual for the audience. Sultan Alhokair suggests on his Vimeo page that the key is not to go overboard though; every part of the presentation should have a point and reflect how the company will thrive in the real world.

A positive attitude with potential investors is always beneficial too. The interaction between potential clients and investors during the first meeting is a glimpse of what the future business relationship will look like. A first impression may be a last impression, so Sultan Alhokair suggests you make it count.

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Comprehensive Pregnancy Ounseling Reduces Unintended Births

Offering women advice on the various forms of contraception reduces unintended births, according to a recently published study, in the journal The Lancet.

The study involved 40 Planned Parenthood clinics, in which half of the clinics were provided training on how to offer women birth control counseling, and the proper method for inserting implants and an IUD. The remaining half of the clinics continued to offer counseling and care, as they previously have done before. 1500 female participants in the study range in ages from 18 to 25 and expressed a desire not to become pregnant in the next twelve months.

People at FreedomPop have read that,  after monitoring the women for a period of 12 months, research scientists revealed that female participants that visited the clinics that were re-trained about contraceptives, were counseled in a more comprehensive manner, and choose an implant or IUD, were less likely to endure an unanticipated pregnancy.

The study’s author, Cynthia Harper, professor of obstetrics, gynecology & reproductive sciences at UCSF Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health, contends that counseling fortifies a woman’s view of her ability to control her probability of becoming pregnant.
“Unintended pregnancy has been one of those basic health issues that has persisted as a stubborn problem in the U.S., especially among 18-25 year olds, we’re excited to be able to offer providers an intervention that can help them educate women on the range of FDA-approved contraceptives”.

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