Rona Borre Carved Out Her Place in Chicago’s Business History

The Chicago skyline may not have a building in place for Rona Borre as they do for Mr. Wrigley, but by now it is certain that her name is no longer unknown. After leaving a large staffing firm where she had just shattered all sales records, Borre started her company in 2001 and named it Instant Alliance.  For more reading, visit

She started out in the back bedroom of her Chicago condo, and today her downtown Chicago office speaks for itself, check on this, for a related article. She now works with Fortune 500 companies, the University of Chicago, and the Argonne National Laboratories, among others. Borre is known for the quality of her placements as she spends a seemingly inordinate amount of time and effort getting to know the management team of her clients’.  Watch video clips of Borre on

This gives her all the information she needs to get just the right person in the right position in that company. She focuses on financial and technological people for the most part because these are the people who are most wanted by growing companies.

Borre has amassed people who think like she does, and that is to find out what you are going for and then work like crazy to make sure that it happens. It becomes a team effort, and because of that everyone can share in the glory of its success.

Borre is in demand for speaking engagements, and she has been interviewed by every television and radio station in the Chicago area.

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