The Mighty Fotress Church and Other Beautiful Churches

Minnesota, a Midwestern state in the U.S is a home to more than five million people, in the year 1858 it became a state and hosted many beautiful churches which include;

Church of the Holy Communion

It is located in St. Peter town, which has plenty of architecture and is very attractive. It is an A-frame gothic style church made of Kasota limestone and has transparent windows that are gable-eyed and doors made of red medieval-gothic style.

St. Mary’s Catholic Church

It’s in Waverly, made of Gothic revival construction, has sharp spires on each side and different colors of brick.

Christ the King Catholic church

Located in Browerville, it’s a tall building that stands out in town, showing the Baroque Revival construction style made of cooper onion together with ornate steeples.

First Unitarian Church

Unitarian Church was built in 1910. It was constructed using half-timber with stucco framework together with black granite. Its windows are stained glass with the square blocky turret.

Talking about what is unique about Mighty Fortress International(MFI), it is known for providing safety for Christians and allows them to understand the nature of Christ, binds the Christians to Christ, knowing what one needs to see the creator and also offers dynamic ways of worship.

What Christians expect from Gods word in MFI is; to have their lives changed positively, receive spiritual nourishment and inspiration and to feel Gods presence in their lives.

MFI accepts everyone in the community to be part and parcel of it irrespective of race, financial status, age, and culture.

Bishop Thomas Williams is a globally known prophet of this era, where he has been working for the past thirty years in different categories of the body of Christ. He has earned himself much respect in the ministry through emphasizing on the goodness of knowing God. Apart from being a senior pastor, he also founded MFI ministries and churches. He has a degree and Masters and leads a family life.

MFI is a church worth recognition due to its excellent infrastructure, proper leadership and its maintenance. Similarly, all the other twenty-five churches in Minnesota are equally beautifully constructed and offer good worship services.

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