Troy McQuagge Wins One Planet Awards for USHeath

In 2016 CEO Troy McQuagge of USHealth Group won the Gold award from One Planet an organization that rewards businesses all over the world for excellence in services. Businesses from all over the world’s nonprofit organizations, corporations, startups, and others can submit nominations of employees for consideration.

One Planet Awards honors executives in several different business categories. Some of These businesses categories are public relations, executive teams, new products or services, and communications. Troy McQuagge said that the awards he received was an honor and recognized all employees at USHealth Group. The team works hard to make affordable healthcare available to consumers. We strive to give them coverage that grows with their needs.He joined USHealth in 2010. He was president and CEO of USHeath Advisors. He lead the sales and distribution team increasing sales immensely. He has increased their agent base by 480 percent and new business sales by 560%. He has over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry and began working for AllState Insurance.

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In 1995 he worked for UICI and assembled a successful sale teams that increased sales. He has a B.A. in Legal Studies from the University of Florida. USHealth Group provides unique insurance coverage for self employed individual and businesses.The One Planet Business awards is an annual event that honors companies and employees from around the world. Their judges are professionals in the industry and peers of the nominees. The judges are a volunteer position and nominations are open to employees in all industries. The winners receive metals that are bronze, silver, or gold.




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