Vanilla Bean EOS Lip Balm Won my Heart Over

I’ve never really been into lip balm, as terrible as that sounds. Only recently has it become problematic enough for me to search long and hard for a lip balm. Luckily, a friend referred me to the EOS lip balm, minimizing my efforts in finding the perfect product to soothe my lips, refer also to

Choosing a flavor wasn’t easy. They all sounded so tempting, and i’ll admit the orb-shaped spheres were fun and unique. The colors were awesome; i wanted one of each. After sorting through my options, i chose the Vanilla Bean sphere.

Overall, the Vanilla Bean lip balm is amazing. I am addicted to the balm and can never go a day without it. I reapply often because it instantly softens my lips. The Vanilla Bean flavor reminds me of a home-churned ice cream. It’s flavorful and rich, and certainly tasted more like a special treat than a lip balm. Check out this site,

EOS is surprised me in many ways. They were a small startup company a few years ago. Now, EOS is the second-best lip balm brand on the market. Furthermore, they swept the rug out from under Chapstick, the brand that ruled the beauty care shelves for over 100 years. But, after using an EOS lip balm once, it becomes easier to understand how the brand continues to lead the way. Their lip balms work a little too well!

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